Samacheer Kalvi Class 6th Term 3 Play Chapter 3 The Jungle Book Solutions

Tamilnadu Board Samacheer Kalvi 6th English Term 3 Play Solutions Chapter 3: Tamilnadu State Board Solution Class 6 English Chapter 3 Term 3 Play – The Jungle Book

Samacheer Kalvi 6th English Term 3 Play Solutions Chapter 2 The Jungle Book

Samacheer Kalvi 6th English Term 3 Play Solutions Chapter 3: Overview 


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Chapter Name

The Jungle Book


Samacheer Kalvi Class 6th Term 3 Play The Jungle Book Question Answer Solution




1.) Mother wolf – 3

2.) Sherkhan – 1

3.) Man cub – 4

4.) Father wolf-5

5.) Tabaqui 2



  • My close buddy is a Tigress
  • Bagheera
  • In adventures
  • Right
  • A place for animals
  • Lover of the jungle


Reading scene 1

1.) The characters are Tabaqui,mother wolf,and father wolf.

The human characteristics exhibited by them are

Father wolf -responsible

Mother wolf- protective

Tabaqui- cunning


2.) Father wolf takes rest in the daytime and hunts in the night.The mother wolf protects its Cubs in The Cave and Tabaqui searches for food during this time.


3.) No he did not receive a warm welcome from the pack of wolves.


4.)  A messenger


5.)  The mother wolf talked about shere Khan. she said that shere khan  had only killed cattle in his life as he was lame in one foot.


6.) Shere khan is about to go on a hunt. The wolves did not panic because they were brave enough.


7.) A. Father wilf- the chief of the wolves

B.) Tabaqui- Begs for meat and thanks for meal

C.) Mother wolf- with a grey nose,feeds her cubs

D.) Shere khan- the big one from waingunga river with a lame foot


I.) Read the situation given. Write the response of the subject in a sentence.

Tick the correct box to identify the kind of sentences.

1.) While eating ice cream – Children are eating ice cream –declarative

2.) What did the teacher notice? Interrogative

3.) Can you please give your order? Interrogative

4.)  Please introduce yourself imperative

5.)  The Taj Mahal is very beautiful. Exclamatory

6.) Please show me your tickets.Imperative

7.)  What are you writing? Interrogative

8.)  What can I do for you? Interrogative



II.) Look at the pictures given below. Arrange the jumbled words into a sentence. Write the sequence of the sentences according to the pictures in the blanks given. Pick the adjectives from the sentences and write them below the picture.

1.) Madhu invites her close friends for her birthday celebration which is in Sunday

2.)  Her parents decorate the house with colorful balloons and attractive cartoon

3.)  Her parents order a round and big cake

4.)  Madhu wears a long pink frock on her birthday

5.)  she and her parents welcome their guests with a broad smile

6.)  Madhu’s friends present her with a wonderful doll

7.)  Madhu and her parents are happy and enjoyed the day


III.) Frame as many sentences as possible from the substitution table given below.

1.) I hate playing cricket generally

2.)  We often enjoy watching chess

3.)  You like playing hockey occasionally

4.)  They prefer playing kabadi usually

5.)  Samritha often enjoys watching tennis

6.) Kavish likes playing carrom  daily

7.)  Samritha hates watching volleyball generally

8.) I like coaching cricket daily

9.)  We love watching Kho kho sometimes

10.) Samritga Prefers watching football generally

11.) Kavish enjoys playing tennis usually

12.) Kavish Likes coaching volleyball usually

13.)  I dislike watching fencing generally

14.)  We wish watching basketball sometimes

15.)  They dislike playing cricket usually

16.) Samritha Enjoys hockey often

17.) We prefer playing squash rarely

18.)  They wish playing table tennis every day

19.)  You like playing badminton usually

Kavish Likes watching hockey sometimes


IV.)  Read the sentence, insert appropriate articles in the blanks and circle the noun phrases.

1.) An . “intsresting story in the library”- noun phrase

2.) A. “wonderful picture”-noun phrase

3.) An. “awful concert”- noun phrase

4.) A. “salad of raw vegetables “- noun phrase

5.) The .”huge statue”- noun phrase


V.) Complete the dialogue by using suitable adjectives in the blanks.

First,many,few,long, excellent,all,good,much


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