Samacheer Kalvi Class 6th Term 1 Prose Chapter 3 A Visitor from Distant Lands Solutions

Tamilnadu Board Samacheer Kalvi 6th English Term 1 Prose Solutions Chapter 3: Tamilnadu State Board Solution Class 6 English Chapter 3 Term 1 Prose – A Visitor from Distant Lands.

Samacheer Kalvi 6th English Term 1 Prose Solutions Chapter 3: Overview 


Samacheer Kalvi




(3) Prose

Chapter Name

A Visitor from Distant Lands


Samacheer Kalvi Class 6th Term 1 Prose A Visitor from Distant Lands Question Answer Solution


A.) Work in pairs. Tick the best option.

1) a) potatoes

2) b) Did not understand his mother

3) a) shops


B.) Answer these questions.

1.) The Portuguese first brought vegetables to IndiaIndia.

2.) Vasco da Gama came to India from Portugal in search for pepper.

3.) Ammameant that these vegetables were originated in foreign countries like South America and Portugal and they were introduced in India by the foreign travelers.



E .) Add ‘r , ‘er’ or ‘or’ to get the name of the person who does the activity. Take turns in class to make sentences with the words you have formed.

  • User
  • Buyer
  • Sailor
  • Watcher
  • Operator
  • Foreigner
  • Baker
  • Writer
  • Governor
  • Actor


F.) Complete this table with the help of the given example.

  • France
  • China
  • America
  • Srilanka
  • Spain
  • Burma
  • India
  • Thailand


G.) Listen to some interesting facts about spices and choose the best option.

1.) vitamin c

2.) pyrus

3.) 480

4.) upset stomach


H.) Work in pairs. Take turns and speak about spices.

Saritha: Hi Divya, how are you?

Divya: Hi, I’m fine Saritha.

Saritha: What did you have for breakfast?

Divya: I had dosa with onion chutney.

Saritha: Do you have knowledge of where onions origin from?

Divya: Ya, I guess it originates from Central Asia.

Saritha: Do you know chilli too has come from somewhere else?

Divya: Is it from the country, Portuguese?

Saritha : Yes you are absolutely right.

Divya: Many of the spices as well as vegetables came from foreign countries



I.) Correct the order of the words in bold and write them in the blanks.

1.) The little green chilli

2.) Many brave sailors

3.) The big brown dog

4.) The most common spice

5.) The long mud path


How to make it

1.) Wash the rice until the water runs clear.

2.) Drain the water and keep the rice aside.

3.) In a medium sized pan, bring water to stove and boil it.

4.) Add the salt, stir, and then add the rinsed and drained rice.

5.) Reduce the heat, cover the rice, and let it simmer on low heat for 20 minutes.

6.) Check after 15 minutes to see if all the water has evaporated. If it has, the rice is cooked.

7.) If not, replace the lid and let the rice simmer for 5 more minutes.

8.) Remove from the pan and serve.


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