Samacheer Kalvi Class 10th Supplementary Chapter 7 A Dilemma Solutions

Tamilnadu Board Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Supplementary Solutions Chapter 7: Tamilnadu State Board Solution Class 10 English Chapter 7 Supplementary – A Dilemma.


Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Supplementary Solutions Chapter 7: Overview

Board Samacheer Kalvi
Class 10
Subject English
Unit (7) Supplementary
Chapter Name A Dilemma


Samacheer Kalvi Class 10th Supplementary A Dilemma Question Answer Solution







(A) Read the given lines carefully and identify the character / speaker:


(1) I suppose you think me queer. I will explain. Uncle Philip


(2) Don’t come back. It won’t hasten things. Uncle Philip


(3) He thought it simply a cruel jest. Tom’s father


(4) He did not desire to do so. Professor Clinch


(5) He would think it over and come back later. The collector


(B) Based on your understanding of the story, answer the following briefly.

(1) What did the uncle do as soon as he bought a stone?

Answer: When the uncle bought a new stone, he carried it in his pocket for a month and now and then took it out and looked at it and then he added it to his collection in his safe.


(2) What did the uncle bequeath to the narrator?

Answer: The uncle bequeathed an iron box(safe) to the narrator.


(3) What was the condition laid by the uncle to inherit his property?

Answer: The condition laid by the uncle was that he should open the box with trust and belief and if does not have trust then the box will be blown.


(4) Why do you think Tom happily looked forward to the expenditure for his uncle’s funeral?

Answer: When uncle told about rare gems in the safe, Tom though that he would become rich, so he happily looked forward to the expenditure for his uncle’s funeral.


(5) Write a few words about the mechanism used in the iron box.

Answer:  The iron box had an interesting mechanism. It would act with certainty when one unlocks it, and explode ten ounces of his improved, supersensitive dynamite. It is to be opened with trust and only then it will be fruitful, if there is doubt then it will be blown.


(6) What was the counsel offered to the narrator?

Answer: The counsel offered to the narrator was to stop thinking about the box.


(7) Why and when was the narrator shocked?

Answer: When the narrator opened the box he found an iron box which shocked him. He wondered whether it had gems or was it just a lie.


(8) What was the doctor’s warning to Tom?

Answer: The doctor warned to Tom that he was in danger of losing his mind with too much thought about his rubies.


(9) Why didn’t Tom dare to assign the task of unlocking the box to someone?

Answer: Tom himself scared of trying to open the box so he thought it was wrong to ask someone else to open it because he would risk his life in it.


(C) Answer the questions given below in a paragraph of 150 words.

(1) Describe briefly the contents of the letter written by Tom’s uncle.

Answer: Uncle Philip was a bachelor and declared his nephew Tom as his only heir. He bequeathed him an iron box. On it was a letter. He wrote in that letter that the box contained large number of very fine pigeon-blood rubies and a fair lot of diamonds. There were hundreds of pearls. He mentioned in it that he didn’t leave the precious gems to the charity. The most important thing that the letter had was that the uncle mentioned about the mechanism of the box.It was an interesting one. It would act with certainty as he unlock it, and explode ten ounces of my improved, supersensitive dynamite. If he bears doubt while opening it, it would explode. But if has belief and trust it would be easily opened and he would be rich. He advised him to open the box with care and affection.


(2) Explain the efforts taken by Tom to open the iron box? Did he succeed? Why?

Answer: Tom tried every possible thing to get the iron box opened. To being with, he thought of exploding the box but soon the idea was dejected because then all gems would be gone. Then he consulted professor Clinch, he told him that it was silly thing. Then his doctor, Schaff advised him not to overthink about it else he would lose his mind. Then he started reading books on dynamite hoping that from the books he would get some idea. His father too thought that it was cruel act of his brother and asked Tom to stop thinking about it. He thought about it so much that his fiancée thought he had gone mad and broke their engagement. Finally he gave up. He gave the pearls and rubies to Society for the Preservation of Human Vivisection.


(D) Fill in the blanks with the right option and write down the summary of the story ‘A dilemma’.

(1) The narrator was sent for, by his uncle when he was on his deathbed.

(on his deathbed / on his travels / in his workplace)


(2) The uncle had collected precious stones .

(jewels / stones / articles)

(3) His uncle announced Tom as his heir and wanted him to pay for hisfuneral .

(rented house / marriage / funeral)

(4) Leaving an iron box for Tom, his uncle instructed him not to shake the box.

(throw / carry / shake)

(5) The letter read that the box contained a sensitive dynamite.

(a sensitive dynamite / jewels / money)

(6) He started thinking of all possible ways to open the box without being killed.

(wounded / killed / maimed)

(7) He planned to explode the box at a safe distance but dropped the plan in fear of losing the rubies.

(home / a safe distance / a waste land)

(8) His consultation with Professor Clinch did not yield him any fruitful solution.

(Uncle Philip / Professor Clinch / Susan)

(9) He failed in his attempts to open the box. His efforts to read about explosives led to (hopes / confusions / suspicions) and he had to change his name and occupation.

(name and occupation / lodgings / appearance)


(10) At last, he bequeathed the box to the Society . (his offspring / his friends / the Society)

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