Samacheer Kalvi Class 10th Prose Chapter 6 The Last Lesson Solutions

Tamilnadu Board Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Prose Solutions Chapter 6: Tamilnadu State Board Solution Class 10 English Chapter 6 Prose – The Last Lesson.


Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Prose Solutions Chapter 6: Overview

Board Samacheer Kalvi
Class 10
Subject English
Unit (6) Prose
Chapter Name The Last Lesson


Samacheer Kalvi Class 10th Prose The Last Lesson Question Answer Solution







(a) What kind of news was usually put up on the bulletin board?

Answer: All the bad news such as lost battles, the draft, orders of the commanding officer were usually put up on the bulletin board.


 (b) What was the usual scene when school began every day?

Answer: Usually when the school began there was a great bustle, which could be heard out in the street, the opening and closing of desks, lessons repeated in unison,and the teacher’s great ruler rapping on the table.


(c) Other than the students, who were present in the class?

Answer: Other than the students, the village people, old Hauser, the former mayor, the former postmaster, and several others were present in the class.


(d) Why did Mr. Hamel say it was the last French lesson?

Answer: Mr.Hamel said that was the last French lesson because the order had come from Berlin to teach only German in the schools of Alsace and Lorraine.


(e) What was Franz asked to tell? Was he able to answer?

Answer: Franz was asked to recite for theparticiple all through. No, he was not able to answer because he got mixed up on the first words.


(f) Why did Mr.Hamel blame himself?

Answer: Mr. Hamel blamed himself because he had often sent Franz to water his flowers instead of learning his lessons and also he gave him a holiday when he went for fishing.


(g) What did M. Hamel say about the French language?

Answer: Mr. Hamel said that the French language that it was the most beautiful language in the world,the clearest, the most logical. He also added that they must guard and never forget the language.


(h) How many years had M. Hamel been in the village?

Answer: M. Hamel had been in the village for forty years.


(A) Answer the following questions in two or three sentences:

(1) Why did Franz dread to go to school that day?

Answer: Franz dread to go to school that day because M. Hamel had said that he would question them on participles and he didn’t know the first word about them.


(2) What were the various things that tempted Franz to spend his day outdoors?

Answer: That day was so warm and bright.The birds were chirping at the edge of the woods; and in the open field back of the saw mill the Prussian soldiers were drilling these scenarios tempted Franz to spend his day outdoors.


(3) Why was the narrator not able to get to his desk without being seen?

Answer: When the narrator went in the school he saw something different than the usual. The school was quiet and through the window he saw his classmates, already in their places. He had to open the door and go in before everybody.


(4) What was Frank sorry for?

Answer: Frank was sorry for not learning his lessons or going sliding on the Saar. He also felt sad because M.Hamel was going away and he would no longer see him.


(5) Why were the old villagers sitting in the last desk?

Answer: The old villagers wanted to show respect so they sat in the last desk. They felt sorry for not gone to school more. It was their respectable actions that showed gratitude toward their master who had served them for forty years.


(6) What were the thoughts of the narrator’s parents?

Answer: The narrator’s parents preferred him to put to work on a farm or at the mills as source of little more money.


(7) Why does M. Hamel say that we must guard our language?

Answer: M. Hamel said that we must guard our language because he believed that when people are enslaved, as long as they hold fast to their language it is as if they had the key to their prison.


(8) M. Hamel was gazing at many things. What were they?

Answer: M. Hamel’s heart was heavy at the thought of leaving the school. He was gazing at

his garden outside the window and his class in front of him, the walnut-trees in the garden and the hopvine that he had planted himself twined about the windows to the roof.


(9) When and how did M. Hamel bid farewell to the class?

Answer: M.Hamel stood up in his chair when the trumpets of the Prussians, sounded under their windows. He wanted to say something but his voice chocked and without uttering a word he turned to the blackboard and wrote Vive La France which means Long Live French.


(B) Answer the following questions in about 100-150 words:

(1) We appreciate the value of something only when we are about to lose it. Explain this with reference to the French language and M.Hamel.


Answer: The Prussians defeated the French and the districts of Alsace and Lorraine fell into the hands of the Prussi

Answer: To take away the identity the oppressor sent out the order to teach only German in the schools. This deeply affected M.Hamel who taught French for forty years. He had a special bonding and affection toward not only the French language but also toward the village and the people living in it. On the day of his last lesson everyone came in the class to show their respect and gratitude toward their master. The old villagers felt guilt for not going to school and taking education. It was at Hamel’s farewell they realized they are losing a person who served them for 40 forty years. Even Franz realized that he should have been more attentive in the studies and studied hard. The realization came at the worth of losing M.Hamel, this emotion made them sad.


(2) Give an account of the last day of M.Hamel in school.

Answer: M.Hamel’s last day in school was full of emotions. He conducted his last lesson in the classroom where everyone was present to honor his service. He didn’t want to leave the school. He remembered everything that he did in those forty years. For the one last thing he wanted to take everything in his heart. He started gazing at the classroom, his garden, the walnut-trees, hopvine. His heart was sunk in deep emotions yet he managed to take his last lesson well. When he heard the Prussians, sounded under their windows, he stood up in his chair and tried to speak. He was so much gripped with emotions that when he tried to say something his voice chocked. He didn’t say anything and wrote Vive La France which means Long Live France and with his heavy heart to bid everyone adieu.



(C) In column A are some of the idiomatic phrases from the essay. Match them with equivalent single words in column B:

go far succeed
blow up Explode
show up Reveal
call on Require
break off Finish
knuckle under submit


(D) Frame sentences of your own using the above idiomatic phrases.


(1) She has gone far in the field of music.


(2) The truck blew up when the door was opened.


(3) I invited my friend for lunch, but she didn’t show up.


(4) He called on the principal on the stage.


(5) When I was giving my presentation I became nervous and broke off.


(6) The thief knuckled under the police.


(E) Given below are some idiomatic phrases. Find the meaning of it using the dictionary:

(1) put on- To wear- She had put on her best clothes on her birthday.


(2) time out-A brief pause or break – I want to take time out from my busy schedule.


(3) come in- To arrive- The bride came in on white horse.


(4) walk away-To avoid- You cannot just walk away from your problems.


(5) try again- Do something again- You have to try again if you fail once.



(F) Listen to the article titled “Remembering Nel Jayaraman”

Student A :(interviewer) – Vanakkam sir. For what cause do you organisefestivals ?Student B :( NJ) – I organise these festivals with a difference. I present seeds to all the participating farmers.

Student A :(interviewer) – Oh ! That’s really good, Sir. What do you expect in return ?Student B :( NJ) – In return I expect them to have double the harvest next year.

Student A :(interviewer) – Where did you organise the NEL festival ?

Student B :( NJ) – I organized the NEL festival at Thiruvarur.

Student A :(interviewer) – Can you mention how many people congregated for the meeting ?

Student B :(NJ) – 5,000 people congregated for the meeting.

Student A :(interviewer) – What did you distribute to the farmers?

Student B :(NJ) – Idistributed traditional paddy seeds to the farmers.

Student A :(interviewer) – How did you commute to each these villages?

Student B :(NJ) –I commuted to these villages by cycle or by bus .

Student A :(interviewer) – Ayya, Do you plan your schedules ?

Student B :( NJ) – No, I don’t plan my schedules.

Student A :(interviewer) – How could you remain so cool an clam sir ?

Student B :( NJ) – I have an alternative for everything I do.

Student A :(interviewer) – Where was your heart and soul ?

Student B :(NJ) –My heart andsoul was in the fields.

Student A :(interviewer) – People say when your popularity grew, you spent less time in the field ?

Student B :(NJ) – No, It is wrong. In fact I spent more in the fields.

Student A :(interviewer) – What is your message to the world ?

Student B :( NJ) –I believe if you workselflessly for the society, it will give back.

Student A :(interviewer) – Thank you, Sir. Nandri

Student B :(NJ) – Nandri.




Fill in the blanks.

(a) Festival of Light is the festival which fills our hearts with delight.


(b) The joy of giving is referred to as a festival of sacrifice.


(2) What kind of joy is unfurled during the festival of sacrifice?

Answer: The joy of giving is unfurled during the festival of sacrifice.


(3) How can we make our life worth living?

Answer: By giving things joyfully and celebrating them well one can make life worth living.


(4) What does the poet mean by ‘Festival of flowers’?

Answer: ’Festival of flowers’ means that everything around is brightened up with colors.


(5) When are we in a state of trance?

Answer: At the time of festival of dance, we are in a state of trance.


(6) What do the people do when the festival of Music is celebrated?

Answer: People sing the joyous lyrics in the festival of music.


(7) What makes us happy and free, according to the poet?

Answer: By sharing the word of love we can be happy and free.


(8) Find out the rhyme scheme employed in the fourth stanza.

Answer: abab


(9) Pick out the rhyming words from the first stanza of the poem.

Answer:  Harvest-best, light-delight.


(10) Write down the words that alliterate in the poetic lines below.

(a) Festival of Flowers

(b) That spreads treasures on a tree



(I) Create posters for following


(1) You are Raja/ Ranjani. Draft a poster to create awareness about the harmful effects of using plastics, in not more than 50 words


Stop using Plastic

Make change drastic

Harmful effects

  •  It harms animals
  • It harms the environment



  • Carry cotton bags
  • Don’t litter plastic

One small step can make big difference.


Raja/ Rajani


(2) Say ‘No to Drugs’ – Design a poster for it in not more than 50 words. You may use slogans/ phrases.


Say No to Drugs

Say Yes to Life

Say No to addiction

Say Yes to Living

Say No to Drugs

Say Yes to Health

Say No to Drugs

Say Yes to save life


(3) “ Save our Earth” is the need of the hour. Draft a poster with attractive slogans/ phrases for the same in not more than 50 words. Use attractive drawings.

Save Our Earth


Earth is our place

Let’s not make it home of waste.


Earth is our mother

Let’s not hurt her


Let’s take an oath to save our mother earth

For she has given us the birth.


(4) You are Sita/ Sudhan. Design a poster in not more than 50 words to focus on not wasting water. Be creative.

Save Water

Water is life

Life is water

Have you imagined what life would be without it?

Don’t just imagine, think and act on it.

Water is life. Save it.

Water is money. Save it.


(5) Good handwriting is the index of an individual. Design a poster on the importance of good handwriting. Use catchy slogans or phrases. Your poster should not exceed 50 words.

Good Handwriting

Good handwriting attracts the eyes

It makes look everything look on the notebook nice


Good handwriting invites many praises

Your position in the classroom raises


Good handwriting is the symbol of pride

It looks beautiful as a lovely new bride.


Handwriting defines your personality.

Take efforts and have amazing reality.


(J) Draft Letters for the following


(1) You are Ajeet, living in a remote village in Tirunelveli. You participated in a health camp organised by your school. You were surprised to observe that most of the residents were unaware of health and hygiene. As a concerned citizen, write a letter to the editor stating the need to organise such camps focusing on the importance of health and hygiene.



Venugopal area,




The Editor,

The Tamil Nadu Times,

XYZ street



Subject- Regarding organization of health camp.

Through your daily I would like to request to organize health camp. Recently our school organized a health camp. I was shocked to see how some residents didn’t follow even the simple hygiene. They don’t live a hygienic life and that could be harmful for their health. If we take some initiative to do something for the maximum awareness it would make their lives much better. By organizing such camps, many people will be benefited and lead a healthy life. It is important to spread the need of cleanliness among the people.

I kindly request you to publish this so that those who are interest will think about it and organize camps.

Thank you

Yours faithfully



(2) You are Sanjay. Your colony utilises solar energy to light the common areas. You find many friends of your colony forgetting to switch off the lights in the common area. As a responsible citizen, write a letter to a newspaper, echoing the importance to conserve and preserve solar energy.




The Editor,

Chennai Times,




Subject: – Regarding conservation of solar energy

Through your daily I would like to highlight the importance of conservation of solar energy. The sunlight is a renewable source of energy. There are many ways people are using this energy for their use but sometimes these people act in a selfish way. The relevant example is of our colony where we make use of solar energy to light the common areas. But some of my friends forget to switch off the lights when not necessary this makes me angry . I feel we all should act responsibly and should not do such things. We must preserve natural energy sources.

I would like you to publish this and create awareness among the people so that they have the habit of conserving our priceless energy sources.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully


(3) You are Sadasivam. You recently visited your native town in Vellore. You happened to accompany your grandmother to your family temple. You were shocked to notice the poor condition and maintenance of the temple. Write a letter to the Editor of local newspaper highlighting the poor condition of the temple. Also give some suggestions and request the HRC to take steps to improve the situation.



The Editor,

Vellore Times,




Subject:- Regarding maintenance of Mata mandir.

Through your daily I would like to seek help regarding maintenance of Mata Mandir. Recently I have been to Mata mandir which was once the pride of Vellore. But I was in shock when I saw how it is not the same temple as it was before. It made me feel sad to see how the condition of such beautiful temple is different now. It had strong four pillars of which now one is in bad condition. And not only this, the benches on which people used to sit is also not in good state.

I would like to give some suggestions to HRC that they should quickly assign people to get the work done. Also they can get some donations from the people who are ready to give. I request you to publish this and make HRC take quick steps toward it.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully



(4) You are Sudha. Your neighbour has a pet dog that barks continuously. Write a letter to the Editor of a weekly newspaper of your locality, highlighting the nuisance and noise pollution created thus. Also suggest ways to solve the problem.


The Editor,

Chennai Times,



Subject:-Regarding noise pollution

Through your esteemed daily I would like to publish about the nuisance of noise pollution. Often we consider that loud voice or djs/dolbies are the reason of noise pollution. But here is what we make a mistake, we forget the nuisance that also contributes to the noise pollution. Let me tell you how, our neighbor has a pet dog. It barks day and night and has become pain in our neck. We did request the neighbor to find solution on it but our request fell on deaf ears. Its bark not only irritates us but also it creates a disturbance in studies.

There are some ways we can avoid it. Firstly we can have a separate kennel a bit away from the colony so that it can have its space and also the residents would be at peace. I request you to publish it and create awareness as much as possible. It would be of great help if you too add some suggestions.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully



(5) You are Raja. The street lights of your area do not work properly. As a responsible citizen, write a letter to the newspaper enlightening them about the problem and also suggest ways to brighten the area.


The Editor,

Times of Chennai,



Subejct:- Regarding the problem of street light

I would like to highlight the need of street lights through your daily. The area where I live does not have proper street light. At times it becomes difficult for older people and children. They are the most sensitive ones and in the dark many accidents might take place. I feel to avoid this we must tell the local authorities to look into the matter. And we residents must come together to solve the problem.

I request you to publish this in your daily.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully




A) Fill in the blanks appropriately

(1) Mahatma Gandhi is the father of our nation.

(2) There are ten dogs in my street.

(3) They have to write the exercises neatly.

(4) Butter milk is good for health.

(5) Fruits are good for health.



(B) Fill in the blanks with the appropriate verb:


(1) The quality of dal is not good.


(2) The horse carriage is at the door.


(3) My friend and teacher has come.


(4) Are your father and mother at home?


(5) Honour and glory is his reward.


(6) The ship with its crew is sailing good.


(7) Gullivers Travels is an excellent story.


(8) Neither food nor water is found here.


(9) Mathematics is a branch of study.


(10) Fifteen minutes is allowed to read the question paper.


(D) Identify the non-finites in the following sentences and underline them

E.g., Children love eating chocolates


(1) Roshan dreams of becoming an architect.


(2) We must aim at fulfilling Dr APJ Abdul kalam’s dream to make India the most developed country by 2020.


(3) Taking the children to the museum is Seema’s responsibility.


(4) Having finished the work, the manager decided to return home.


(5) Travelling with her family, Tara enjoyed every minute of it.


(E) Replace the underlined words by a participle in the following sentences:


Example: When young people wear soiled clothes on formal occasions to show rebelliousness. Ans: Young people wear soiled clothes on formal occasions to show rebelliousness.


(1) While Sudha was climbing the stairs, she tripped and fell down.

Answer: On climbing the stairs, Sudha tripped and fell down.


(2) After her evening prayers, my grandmother went to the temple.

Answer: After completing her evening prayers, my grandmother went to the temple.


(3) Since he is a king, he can order everybody.

Answer: Being a king he can order everybody.


(4) They took the last wicket and walked back to the pavillion.

Answer: Having taken the last wicket they walked back to the pavilion.


(5) When he saw the train in the platform he rushed

Answer: On seeing the train in the platform he rushed.


(F) Fill in the blank with the correct alternative:


(1) Having played on the flute, Krishna returned it. {played/having played}


(2) We wish she continues being healthy. {being /be}


(3) The doctor advised him against wandering in the sun. {wander / wandering}


(4) I like drinking rasam. {drinking / drink}


(5) Having used the scissors I returned it to her. {using / having used}


(G) Tick the correct sentences:



Correct Sentences:-

(1) I had desired to eat a cake.

(2) My son is fond of music.

(3) Sreena avoids eating fruits.

(4) Bravery is not picking a quarrel.

(5) It is easier said than done.

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