Samacheer Kalvi Class 10th Prose Chapter 3 Empowered Women Navigating The World Solutions

Tamilnadu Board Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Prose Solutions Chapter 3: Tamilnadu State Board Solution Class 10 English Chapter 3 Prose – Empowered Women Navigating The World.


Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Prose Solutions Chapter 3: Overview

Board Samacheer Kalvi
Class 10
Subject English
Unit (3) Prose
Chapter Name Empowered Women Navigating The World


Samacheer Kalvi Class 10th Prose Empowered Women Navigating The World Question Answer Solution


Warm Up


(1) Discuss with your friend the role of a women in building a family. What are the roles played by her?

Answer: A woman has to play many roles. She has to deal with many people in her everyday life. When a woman plays strong role in her family. She is strong base that forms a strong building. She takes everyone into consideration and takes care of everyone. Because of her a family remains strong in every situation. She plays the role of strong pillar not only in a family but also in a society. From being daughter to daughter-in-law, she plays every role with immense determination and dedication. She binds every together in a family. She looks after everyone and treats everyone alike.


(2) What do you think of the status of women in the modern society.

Answer: In modern times, women work equally with men. There is no such field in which there is no active role of women. In these times, women are taking education and they are not just stuck in the household work but they also go out and work. Not just this, but women are taking active part in adventurous field too. They are pursuing their dreams and living their life the way they want.


(3) Compare the status of women in the past with the present.

Answer: Women in the past were stuck in only homes and would to household chores. But now many women prefer working and don’t get stuck only at home. The present women manage home and their work life. Women in the past had many restrictions and would step out only if needed. But now the present women have much freedom as compared with the past ones. The women in the past didn’t have access to education but now there is vast option of education for women.


(4) What is the role of women in the modern society discuss.

Answer: Just like men, women too play important role in today’s society. They help in shaping the society. In these times, women are active not only at their homes, but they also manage their work life equally well. Many women in modern times have set examples to change the perspective of the society toward them.






(a) What does INSV stand for?

Answer: INSV stands for Indian Naval Ship Vessel.


 (b) When was INSV Tarini commissioned to Indian Navy service?

Answer: INSV Tarini was commissioned to Indian Navy Serviceon 18 February 2017.


(c) Who is Tara-Tarini? After whom was the sailboat named?

Answer: Tara-Tarini is the patron deity for sailors and is worshipped for safety and success at sea. It was named after the famous ‘Tara-Tarini’ temple in Ganjam district of Odisha.


(d) Where did the crew undergo their basic training?

Answer: The crew took basic sail training courses in Mumbai at the Indian Naval Waterman ship Training Centre (INWTC)and at various schools in the southern naval base in Kochi.


(e) How long were they trained to undertake this voyage?

Answer: They were trained for almost three years to undertake the voyage.


(f) Which skill was considered important in the selection process?

Answer: Little survival skills were considered important in the selection process.


(g) Who mentored the crew?

Answer: Commander DilipDonde mentored the crew.


(h) Which quality of the skipper helped to bring out a successful expedition?

Answer: The quality of honesty of the skipper helped to bring out a successful expedition.


(i) Who among the crew mentioned about teamwork?

Answer: Payal mentioned about teamwork.


(j) When did they witness the brilliant southern lights from the sea? How did the sky appearthere?

Answer: When they were crossing the Tasman Sea, they witnessed the brilliant Southern Lights from sea. The sky was lit up in green light.


(k) What festival did they celebrate during their expedition?

Answer: They celebrated diwali festival during their expedition.


(A) Read the statements given below and state whether they are true or false. If false, then write the correct answer in the space given.


(1) Indian Navy’s all-women crew was the first-ever to circumnavigate the globe. True


(2) The crew consists of six members of men and women Indian Navy service.False

The crew consist of six members of women Indian Navy Services.


(3) Vartika Joshi skippered the crew to circumnavigate the globe. True


(4) The crew started their expedition on 10 July 2017 from Mumbai. False

The crew started their expedition on 10 September 2017 from Goa.


(5) DilipDonde was the first person to go on a non-stop solo circumnavigation. True


(B) Answer the following questions briefly.

(1) Mention the special features of INSV Tarini.

Answer: INSV Tarini is the second sailboat of the Indian Navy. It is a 55 foot sailing vessel built indigenously in India by M/s Aquarius Shipyard Pvt. Ltd, located in GoaIt is the patron deity for sailors and is worshipped for safety and success at sea.


(2) What does the term circumnavigation mean?

Answer: Cicrumnavigation refers to travel all the way around the world.


(3) How did the all-women Indian Navy crew go about their voyage?

Answer: The all-women Indian Navy crew their voyage on 10 September 2017 from Goa. It covered the expedition in five legs with stop-overs at four ports (Fremantle, Australia; Lyttleton, New Zealand; Port Stanley, the Falklands and Cape Town, South Africa) for replenishment of ration and repair as necessary.


(4) When did the crew start their voyage? When did they return back to India? How many daysdid it take to complete the expedition?

Answer: The crew started their voyage on 10th September, 2017 from Goa. They returned back to India on 21st May, 2018. It took 254 days to complete the expedition.


(5) What sort of training did the crew undergo before their expedition?

Answer: Before their expedition, the crew took some theoretical courses on navigation, communication and weather prediction. They were also given hands- on training, like, how to repair things and how to deal with emergencies, when the weather gets rough, if there is a medical emergency.


(6) How did the crew members work as a team to make their expedition successful?

Answer: The crew members believed in teamwork and discussed different ways of solving a problem and choose the best one. In this way, they worked together to make their expedition successful.


(7) What challenging tasks did the team face during their voyage?

Answer: They encountered a storm in the South Pacific, where the seas were almost nine to ten meters high and the winds were picking up to 60–70 knots. When something broke down and after a lot of hard work and effort they, were able to fix it together.


(8) What sort of activities did the crew engage in during their long voyage?

Answer: The crew picked up some hobbies and kept posting pictures of delicacies. They also read books , did some quilling and craft work. They also watched movies and listened to music.


(9) Mention the celebrations which the crew enjoyed during their expeditions.

Answer: They celebrated Diwali at sea. And also they celebrated three birthdays including the first birthday of the boat; also specific occasions like crossing the equator, the International Date Line and such.


(10) Which factor motivated the crew to undertake this expedition?

Answer: One of the most important motives the crew had in mind was they did not want to tell about their challenges at the sea and frighten them.They decided to show people what they went through once their circumnavigating was over.


(C) Answer the following in about 100–150 words:


(1) Highlight the factors responsible for the all-women Indian Navy crew to carry out their expedition.

Answer: Navika Sagar Parikrama was a project undertaken in consonance with the National policy to empower women to attain their full potential. The Project was considered essential towards promoting ocean sailing activities in the Navy while depicting Government of India’s thrust for women power. It was aimed to give importance on women empowerment and make them active in such fields.The voyage was aimed to show case ‘Make in India’ initiative by sailing on- board indigenously built INSV Tarini. The special feature of this sailboat was that it encouraged use of environment friendly non-conventional renewable energy resources such as the wind; collected and updated meteorological, ocean and wave data on regular basis for accurate weather forecast by India Meteorological Department (IMD) and also collected data for monitoring marine pollution on high seas.


(2) Write in detail about the selection and training process which the crew underwent.

Answer: Thirty women had applied for the voyage of which six were shortlisted. They were selected on the basis of their little survival skills. The crew was mentored by Commander Dilip Donde. First they were given some theoretical courses on navigation, communication and weather prediction. And also they were given hands- on training, like, how to repair things and how to deal with emergencies, when the weather gets rough, if there is a medical emergency, and training was needed in tactical aspects as well. They underwent their basic sail training courses in Mumbai at the Indian Naval Waterman ship Training Centre (INWTC), and at various schools in the southern naval base in Kochi. They were trained for almost three years to prepare for the voyage.



(D) Pick out the idioms and phrases from the box and write them in the blanks equivalent to their meanings. One is done for you.






(1) Competent – on the ball

(1) to meet or find by chance – come across



(2) Become more confident in expressing oneself – find one’s voice

(2) to exercise – work out



(3) Extremely happy – over the moon



(3) To accept a challenge with confidence – bring it on

(4) Mentally agile – sharp as a tack



(4) To have a friendly relationship – get along

(5) Listen – lend an ear



(5) To keep something – hang on



(E) Read the given sentences carefully and fill in with appropriate phrasal verbs. Choose them from the help box.

(1) The airhostess instructed the passengers to wear the seat belts during the take off .

(2) Venkat felt happy get along with to the neighbours in the new locality.

(3) There will be a shut down next week in the office.

(4) Doing warm up every day in the morning keeps one healthy.

(5) The mother instructed the maid to look after the child carefully.


(F) Read the given passage carefully and fill in the blanks with suitable phrasal verbs from the help box.

Riya is a young dancer who feels contented and satisfied with herself. Let’s hear from her. Hi, everyone!

I am Riya. I suppose I’m really lucky because I don’t put on weight easily. I never work out in the gym and the only time I stretch out is when I need something from the top shelf. I tried aerobics several times but I couldn’t keep up with the others. I take my pet for a walk thrice a day though, and that helps to burn off the calories. I usually watch what I eat but I sometimes binge on icecream.

My sister Diya, is a real fitness fanatic. Before she works out she warms up every day with push ups, sit ups, stretches and a jog around the park. She says it’s important to build up good levels of strength and stamina. I don’t want to overdo it though. A fitness regime like hers would tire me out !


(G) *Listen to the passage read by the teacher and say whether the given statement is true or false.

(1) Preethi Srinivasan is a former cricketer from Tamil Nadu. True

(2) At the age of seventeen, she captained the Indian Women’s cricket team. False

(3) Preethi Srinivasan was not only a cricketer but also a runner. False

(4) Preethi’s own trauma inspired her to create SoulFree, a foundation for those suffering from mental illness. False

(5) Preethi received the Kalpana Chawla Award for Courage and Daring Enterprise. True



(I) Read the data below and answer the following questions.


Choose the correct answer.

(1) What is the data about?

(a) women empowerment b. women power c. women at work d. women at home


(2) Identify the three jobs where the same percentage of women work.

Answer: Information Technology, Environment and Technical.


(3) In which field of work is women’s involvement the second highest?

(a) Logistics stores b. Home maker c. Medicine d. Administration/Human resource


(4) Percentage of women working in finance is the same as Administration/Human Resources


(a) Home maker b. Information Technology c. Technical Field d. Administration/Human Resources


(5) What is the difference between the percentage of women working in logistics and Medicine?

(a) 8 b. 11 c. 13 d. 5

(J) Read the given slogans and match them appropriately with their theme.

(1) One for all and all for one Unity
(2) Limit your fast food otherwise it would be your last food Junk food
(3) Restricting a woman restricts the growth of the family Woman empowerment
(4) Clean and green makes perfect scene Cleanliness
(5) It takes a lot of blue to stay green Save water
  1. Look at the images of familiar advertisements given below. Identify the products and try to frame your own slogans for each one of them.


(1) Ice-cream – Let’s scream for an ice-cream.


(2) Pens- A pen chosen right, will give future bright.


(3) Cell phone- When cell phone is near, there is fear.


(4) Tooth brushes- Trust your brush and have dazzling smile.


(L) Look at the pictures given below and frame your own slogans:

(1) Save precious water. Save precious life.


(2) Power is in unity.


(3) Save and preserve the earth.


(4) Victory stands straight.


(M) Exercise:

(1) Imagine that you have parked your vehicle (two-wheeler)/ bicycle inside the school premises. You find it missing in the evening. Write a complaint to the head of the school regarding this issue.




Respected Sir,

Subject: Complaint aboutthe lost vehicle – Reg.

I am a student of 8th class Division A. This morning I came to school by bicycle and parked it in the premises. As my classes got over I didn’t find my bicycle. I searched it everywhere but all in vain. I request you to look into the matter as soon as possible.

Thank You,

Yours faithfully



(2) Write a complaint to the officer of the PWD department to take immediate actions of maintaining cleanliness in the Children’s Park in your locality.




Respected Sir,

Subject: Complaint about the maintenance ofthe Children’s park.– Reg.

I am a resident of Nehru Society where we have a children’s park. This park is where many people come especially elder ones to sit, but the park has been not maintained properly and lacks cleanliness. We cannot go there because of the unclean surroundings. Due to lack of cleanliness, it could spread diseases too. So I request youto look into this matter andtake immediate actions as soon as possible.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully



(3) Write a letter to the manager of a famous daily, ordering subscription for your school library.




Respected Sir,


Subject: Ordering subscription for our school library-Reg.

I am Senior Assistant of our school library. We have requested you to subscribe for our school library last month. Due to some reasons, you were not able to do it. Even we gave our creative articles to your newspaper. So now I request you to subscribe for our school library.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully


Grammar –

(A) Complete the sentences in present tense forms.


(1) Saravanan always goes (go) for a walk in the morning.

(2) We are gathered (gather) here for a meeting and the chair person is yet to arrive.

(3) Arun is eagerly waiting (wait) to meet her friend since morning.

(4) Sheeba is moving (move) to a new house next week.

(5) Naseera attends (attend) music classes regularly.

(6) Ilakiya and Adhira enjoy(enjoy) each other’s company very much.

(7) Mani has been working (work) in this school for five years.

(8) It is pouring (pour) outside now.

(B) Complete the sentences in past tense forms.

(1) I went (go) to her place on foot.

(2) The children played (play) in the ground when the teacher arrived.

(3) They requested (request) him when the manager arrived.

(4) If you had worked (work) hard, you would have won the relay match

(5) Joanna and Joy had already left (leave) for Ooty, when the others reached the station.

(6) We all sang (sing) in the choir last week.

(7) Nancy would always ask (ask) for help.

(8) The office goers waited wait) for the train.


(C) Fill in the blanks using the verbs in the brackets in the future form.


(1) We shall not go to the market, in case it rains. (go)


(2) Keerthi will have done his work by next week.(do)


(3) The peon will have rung the bell by the time I reach the school.(ring)


(4) I will be visiting my sister’s house next April if I go to Uttarkhand. (visit)


(5) If you listen carefully, you will understand my point. (understand)


(6) By next year, I will be living in Chennai for fifteen years. (live)


(7) The new edition of this book will be coming out shortly. (come)


(8) She hopes you will help her. (help)


(D) Underline the verbs and identify the tense forms.


(1) I am working hard day and night. Present continuous tense


(2) The Moon revolves around the Earth. Simple present tense


(3) Were the milk men milking the cow? Past continuous tense


(4) He received your messages last night.Simple past tense


(5) I have been ill for a couple of days. Present perfect tense


(E) In the following passage, some words are missing. Choose the correct words from the given options to complete the passage.

Raghav is born in a middle class family. He is a school-going boy of 8. His mother worksas a software engineer in an MNC. Drawing is his favorite hobby. He won the first prize in school level competition for drawing last week. He started drawing at the age of 3. His mother hopes he will becomea great painter in future.


(F) The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in the tense of the verb in each line. Write the wrong word as well as the correct word in the given place. One is done for you.


  Wrong words Correct words

When Anand reach Arun’s place, his

Reach reached
friends have arrived already. Arun Have had
introduces Anand to them. Arun’s brother introduces introduced
buy some snacks from the market. Buy Bought
Arun serving it to all his friends. Then serving Served
they all sat together to planning their holidays. planning Plan
Arun have a cottage in Ooty, so have had
they all plan to go to Ooty during the holidays. Plan planned
“Would we have a good time?, asked Arun. Would Will
They all cheerfully say, “Yes!” Say said


(G) Read the story and rewrite it using the simple past tense.     

Juno the elephant was lonely and tried to make friends with the other animals in the forest. But, the other animals refused to play with Juno because of his size. One day, all the animals were running away from Dera the tiger who was eating everyone he found. Juno went and gave Dera a swift kick. Dera immediately ran away. Juno was then everyone’s friend.


(H) Read the situations given and frame two suitable sentences in the appropriate form of the tenses.

(1) Give two instructions to your classmates.

(a) Carry your text books every day.

(b) Bring your water bottles every day.


(2) Make any two requests to your classmates or friends.

(a) May I use your pen?

(b) Can you help you solving this problem?


(3) Mention any two of your discontinued habits in the correct tense form.

(a) I used to go for a walk every day.

(b) My sister used to drink 4 cups of tea.


(4) Mention any of your two dreams in the correct tense form.

(a) I will be an architect one day.

(b) I will go to Paris someday.

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