Samacheer Kalvi 6th Science Term 3 Solutions Chapter 1 Pdf

Samacheer Kalvi 6th Science Term 3 Solutions Chapter 1 Pdf

Tamilnadu Board Samacheer Kalvi 6th Science Term 3 Solutions Chapter 1: Tamilnadu State Board Solution Class 6 Science Term 3 Chapter 1 – Magnetism.

Samacheer Kalvi 6th Science Term 3 Solutions Chapter 1: Overview


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Samacheer Kalvi 6th Science Term 3 Solutions Chapter 1 Pdf

I.) Choose the correct answer

1.) An object that is attracted by magnet.

a.) Wooden piece

b.) plain pins

c.) Eraser

d.) a piece of paper

Answer: Plain pins

Solution:Only plain pins are Magnetic object , so they will be attracted by Magnet. Other objects are non-magnetic in nature.


2.) People who made mariner’s compass For the first time.

a.) Indians

b.) Europeans

c.) Chinese

d.) Egyptians

Answer: Chinese

Solution:Between the 2nd century BC and 1stcentury AD, the Chinese invented the first Mariner’s compass For navigation.



3.) A freely suspended magnet always Comes to rest in the _____________ Direction

a.) North – east

b.) South – west

c.) East – west

d.) North – south

Answer:North – South

Solution:The Earth act as a magnet with its North pole in the geographical South and South pole in the geographical North. This is why a freely suspended Magnet always comes to rest in the north south direction.


4.) Magnets lose their properties when They are

a.) Used

b.) stored

c.) Hit with a hammer

d.) cleaned

Answer:Hit with a hammer

Solution:Magnets donot lose their properties when they are used, stored for a duration or when cleaned. They lose their properties when they are heated, dropped from a height or by hitting with a hammer.


5.) Mariner’s compass is used to find the

a.) Speed

b.) displacement

c.) Direction

d.) motion.

Answer: Direction

Solution: Compass is an magnetic instrument used to find directions. 


II.) Fill in the Blanks

1.) Artificial magnets are made in Different shapes such as __bar Magnet___, __horseshoe magnet____ and ___Ring magnet_____.


2.) The Materials which are attracted Towards the magnet are Called__magnetic substances____.


3.) Paper is not a _magnetic_____ material.


4.) In olden days, sailors used to find Direction by suspending a piece of ___lodestones_____.


5.) A magnet always has ___Two______ Poles.


III.) True or False. If False, give the Correct statement

1.) A cylindrical magnet has only one pole.

Answer: False. Cylindrical magnets have two poles.


2.) Similar poles of a magnet repel each Other.

Answer: True


3.) Maximum iron fillings stick in the middle Of a bar magnet when it is brought Near them.

Answer: False because maximum iron fillings stick to the two poles of the bar magnet when it is brought Near them.


4.) A compass can be used to find East-West direction at any place.



5.) Rubber is a magnetic material.

Answer: False, Rubber is not a Magnetic material. It is a non-magnetic material.


IV.) Match the following


Compass Magnetic needle
Attraction Opposite poles
Repulsion Like poles
Magnetic poles Maximum Magnetic strength


 V.) Circle the odd ones and give Reasons

1.) Iron nail, pins, rubber tube , needle.

Answer:Rubber tube.

Rubber tube is not a magnetic substancewhile others are all Magnetic objects.


2.) Lift, escalator, electromagnetic train, Electric bulb.

Answer:Electric bulb

Lift, escalator and electromagnetic train all have magnets used in them.


3.) Attraction, repulsion, pointing direction, Illumination.


Everything except illumination are properties of a magnet.

VI.) The following diagrams show two Magnets near one another. Use The words, ‘Attract, Repel, Turn Around’ to describe what happens In each case.


  1. Here, unlike poles are facing each other, so they’ll attract each other.
  2. They are like poles, so they’ll repel.
  3. They’ll attract as they are unlike poles.
  4. One need to be turned around as they are perpendicular poles, so that they attract one another.
  5. They are like poles , they’ll repel.
  6. One need to be turned around so they attract each other.

VII.) Write down the names of Substances.


VIII.) Give short answer

1.) Explain the attraction and repulsion Between magnetic poles.

Answer: Attraction between Magnets occur when kept unlike poles facing each other i.e. N-S , S-N . And when kept like poles together i.e. S-S, N-N then they tend to repel each other.


2.) A student who checked some magnets In the school laboratory found out that Their magnetic force is worn out. Give Three reasons for that?

Answer: Reasons how Magnetic force may worn out are :

  • If the magnet is heated.
  • By hitting it with a hammer.
  • If we drop it from a height.


IX.) Answer in detail

1.) You are provided with an iron needle. How will you magnetize it ?

Answer:For this, we have to take a bar magnet and place it’s one end near the edge of the iron needle. Now keeping the direction of the pole of the Magnet constant , rub from one end to another. Repeating this process for 30 or more times , our iron needle will be magnetized.


2.) How does the electromagnetic train Work?

Answer:In Electromagnetic trains , electromagnets are used. They are magnetized only when current flows through them. The poles of the Magnet gets changed with the change in direction of  the current. This makes the train lift from the track to a height of 10cm. As we know that the force ofattraction and repulsion properties of magnets can make any Magnetic object move. With the help of these electromagnets train also moves. These magnets are fitted on both sides of the track and also to the bottom sideway of the train. Thus the movement of the train can be controlled by controlling the current.


X.) Questions based on Higher Order Thinking Skills

1.) You are provided with iron filings and a Bar magnet without labelling the poles Of the magnet. Using this…

a.) How will you identify the poles of The magnet?

Answer: The part of the bar magnet that would attract a large number of iron fillings onto it are the two ends of the magnet. These ends are known as the poles of the Magnet.


b.) Which part of the bar magnet Attracts more iron filings? Why?

Answer: Being high on Magnetic strength, the poles of the magnet will attract more iron fillings.


2.) Two bar magnets are given in the Figure A and B. By the property of Attraction, identify the North pole and The South pole in the bar magnet (B).


3.) Take a glass of water with a few pins Inside. How will you take out the pins Without dipping your hands into water?

Answer: Using a strong Magnet can solve the problem. For this we have to hold a bar magnet above the glass of water. Pins inside the water will get attracted to the magnet and will come up.

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