Samacheer Kalvi 6th Science Solutions Chapter 3 Pdf

Samacheer Kalvi 6th Science Solutions Chapter 3 Pdf

Tamilnadu Board Samacheer Kalvi 6th Science Solutions Chapter 3: Tamilnadu State Board Solution Class 6 Science Chapter 3 – Matter Around Us.

Samacheer Kalvi 6th Science Solutions Chapter 3: Overview


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Chapter Name

Matter Around Us

Samacheer Kalvi 6th Science Solutions Chapter 3 Pdf


Chapter 3

I.) Choose the correct answer.

1.) ______________ is not made of matter.

a.) Gold ring

b.) Iron nail

c.) Light ray

d.) Oil drop

Answer: Light Ray

Solution: Light Ray is not a matter as unlike others, it does not occupy space and has no mass.

2.) 200 ml of water is poured into a bowl of 400 ml capacity. The volume of water Will be ______________

a.) 400 ml

b.) 600 ml

c.) 200 ml

d.) 800 ml

Answer: 200ml

Solution: The volume of liquid remains same irrespective of the size of the container.

3.) Seeds from water-melon can be Removed by ________

a.) Hand-picking

b.) Filtration

c.) Magnetic separation

d.) Decantation

Answer: Handpicked

Solution: Seeds of watermelon are clearly visible and solid in nature and can be easily separated by handpicking.

4.) Lighter impurities like dust when mixed With rice or pulses can be removed by ________

a.) Filtration

b.) sedimentation

c.) Decantation

d.) winnowing

Answer: Sedimentation

Solution: During this process when rice or pulses are washed with water, impurities like dust being lighter tends to float while heavier particles of rice sink to the bottom.

5.) _____________ Is essential to perform Winnowing activity.

a.) Rain

b.) Soil

c.) Water

d.) Air

Answer: Air

Solution: Air is essential to perform Winnowing as impurities from food grains will be blown away only with the help of wind.

6.) Filtration method is effective in Separating _________ mixture.

a.) Solid-solid

b.) Solid-liquid

c.) Liquid-liquid

d.) Liquid-gas

Answer: Solid- liquid

Solution: Filtration method is effective in separating solid- liquid mixture because it separates even the small solids from liquid.

7.) Among the following ____________ is Not a mixture.

a.) Coffee with milk

b.) Lemon juice

c.) Water

d.) Ice cream embedded with nuts

Answer: Water

Solution: Water is a compound made from chemical composition of water and oxygen.


II.) Fill in the blanks.

1.) Matter is made up of __atoms_________

2.) In solids, the space between the Particles is less than in ___liquids______

3.) Grains can be separated from their Stalks by __winnowing________

4.) Chillies are removed from ‘Upma’ by __hand-picking_____ Method.

5.) The method employed to separate clay Particles from water is ___filtration________

6.) Water obtained from tube wells is Usually __impure_____ water.

7.) Which among the following Will get attracted to by magnet? (safety Pins, pencil and rubber band)

Answer: Safety pins


III.) State True or False. If False correct the statement.

1.) Air is not compressible.

Answer: False, gases are highly compressible in nature.

2.) Liquids have no fixed volume but have Fixed shape.

Answer: False, liquids have fixed volume but no definite shape.

3.) Particles in solids are free to move.

Answer: False, solid particles cannot move freely.

4.) When pulses are washed with water Before cooking, water is separated From them by filtration.

Answer: True

5.) Strainer is a kind of sieve which is used To separate a liquid from solid.

Answer: True

6.) Grain and husk can be separated by Winnowing.

Answer: True

7.) Air is a pure substance.

Answer: False, air is a mixture that consists of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, Water vapours , noble and other gases.

8.) Butter from curd is separated by Sedimentation.

Answer: False, butter from curd is separated by churning.


IV.) Complete the analogy

1.) Solid : Rigidity :: Gas : :

Answer: Flexibility

2.) Large Inter-particle space : Gas :: ________  : solid.

Answer: Little inter-particle space

3.) Solid : Definite shape :: ___________:Shape of the vessel.

Answer: Liquid

4.) Husk-Grains : Winnowing :: Sawdust-Chalk piece : _________

Answer: Filtration

5.) Murukku from hot oil : ___________:: Coffee powder residue from decoction : __________

Answer: filtration, filtration

6.) Iron – sulphur mixture : __________ :: Mustard seeds from Urad-dhal : Rolling

Answer: Magnetic separation


V.) Match the following.


  Property    Example
Breaks easily Metal pan
Breaks readily Rubber band
Can be stretched easily Cotton wool
Gets compressed easily Mud pot
Gets heated easily Plastic wire



  Property   Example
Breaks easily  Mud pot
Breaks readily  Plastic wire
Can be stretched easily  Rubber band
Gets compressed easily  Cotton wool
Gets heated easily  Metal pan






Separation of visible undesirable Components Water mixed with

chalk powder

Magnetic separation
Separation of heavier and lighter


Sand and water Decantation
Separation of insoluble impurities Iron impurities Filtration
Separation of magnetic components from non- magnetic components Rice and stone Hand picking
Separation of solids from liquids Husk and paddy Winnowing






Separation of visible undesirable Components Rice and stone Hand picking
Separation of heavier and lighter


Husk and paddy Winnowing
Separation of insoluble impurities Water mixed with chalk powder Filtration
Separation of magnetic components from non- magnetic components  

Iron impurities


Magnetic separation



Separation of solids from liquids Sand and water Decantation


VI.) Answer very briefly.

1.) Define the term matter.

Answer: Anything can be defined to be a matter if it occupies space and has mass.

2.) How can husk or fine dust particles be Separated from rice before cooking?

Answer: Husk or fine dust particles can be Separated from rice before cooking with the help of a process called Sedimentation. During this process when rice or pulses are washed with water, impurities like dust being lighter tends to float while heavier particles of rice sink to the bottom.

3.) Why do we separate mixtures?

Answer: Two or more substances combined together to form mixture. Mixtures are impure substances. Therefore we need to separate them.

4.) Give an example for mixture and justify Your answer with reason.

Answer : Lemon juice is an example of mixture as it requires lemon extract, sugar, salt and water for it’s preparation. And mixing these with Proper amount juice is made.

5.) Define – Sedimentation.

Answer: This process is done in liquid mixture where light impurities mixed with heavier solids gets Separated , as a result of which heavier particles settles down to the bottom, while the impurities float in water.

6.) Give the main difference between a pure substance and an impure Substance.

Answer: Substances made up of only one kind of particles, i.e  either elements or compounds are called pure substance, for example- water. On the other hand impure substances are the combination of two or more particles. Example – Air.


VII.) Answer briefly.

1.) A rubber ball changes its shape on Pressing. Can it be called a solid?

Answer: Objects those have definite shape and size are known as solids. A rubber ball also possess these qualities. It only changes shape when we squeeze it.

2.) Why do gases not have fixed shape?

Answer: Gases have the greatest intermolecular spaces between it’s particles. Particles are Loosely arranged and therefore are able to move freely. They do not possess any fixed volume or shape.

3.) What method will you employ to Separate cheese (paneer) from milk? Explain.

Answer: The separation of insoluble solids from liquids can be performed with the help of a process called churning. When milk is churned vigorously , the solid particles of milk gets formed on the sides of the vessel, these are used to make paneer.

4.) Look at the picture given below and Explain the method of separation Illustrated.

Answer: The illustrated method is called sieving. Separation of solid particles of varying sizes are done with this method. Example- Separating bran from flour.

5.) How can you separate a large quantity Of tiny bits of paper mixed with pulses/ dal?

Answer: A large quantity of tiny bits of paper mixed with pulses/dal can be Separated using winnowing method. This is done in the presence of wind where the mixture is dropped from a height, thereby forming two heaps. The bits of paper being lighter in weight would be blown away farther and heavier solid particles of pulses/dal will fall closer forming a heap.

6.) What is meant by food adulteration?

Answer: To increase the quantity, often substances are mixed or added to food items. This method is known as Food adulteration. In this process, inferior quality of substance is mixed with superior quality food product.

7.) Mr. Raghu returns home on a hot Summer day and wants to have Buttermilk. Mrs. Raghu has only curd. What can she do to get buttermilk? Explain

Answer: As Mrs Raghu has only curd. She can add half cup water to half cup of curd. Then she need to churn the mixture vigorously. Now her buttermilk is ready to be served.


VIII.) Higher Order Thinking Questions.

1.) Distinguish the properties of solid, liquid and gas. Draw a suitable diagram.





They have fixed volume and a definite shape. They have no fixed shape but changes their shape according to the container in which they are kept. They have neither a definite shape nor a fixed volume
They are incompressible. They can be compressed upto some extent. They are highly compressible in nature.
They have little intermolecular spaces between them. They have more intermolecular spaces than solids. The intermolecular spaces between them are the greatest.
Force of attraction between particles of solid are the strongest. Liquid particles have less force of attraction than solid Force of particles in gases are the least.
Movement of solid particles are restricted as they are tightly arranged. Particles are not tightly packed, and therefore can freely move. Particles of gases very loosely arranged. Therefore particles are in continuous motion.

2.) Using suitable apparatus from your laboratory separate the mixture of chalk powder, mustard oil, water and coins. Draw a flow chart to show the separation process.

Answer: A mixture that is to be separated include chalk powder, mustard oil, water and coins. Using the hand-picking method we can easily separate the coins from the mixture. Now, mustard oil can be separated by applying the process of decantation. Now, the mixture include only water and chalk powder, chalk powder from the mixture can be separated through the filtration method and now only water is left.


3.) Justify your answer.

Figure 1

Figure 2                                        Figure 3

Arrangement of particles in three different phases of matter is shown above.

a)Which state is represented by Fig. 1?

Answer: Gas

b) In which state will the inter particle attraction be maximum?

Answer: figure 3 – solid

c) Which one of them cannot be contained in an open vessel?

Answer: Gases

d) Which one can take the shape of its container?

Answer: Figure 2 – liquid

4.) Malar’s mother was preparing to cook Dinner. She accidentally mixed ground Nuts with urad-dhal. Suggest a suitable Method to separate the two substances So that Malar can have ground nuts to Eat.

Answer: Solid particles of different sizes can be Separated using the hand-picking method. Malar’s mother can use the hand-picking method to separate groundnuts from urad-dal as both the Substances vary with respect to their sizes.

5.) In a glass containing some water, Tamarind juice and sugar is added and Stirred well. Is this a mixture? Can you Tell why? Will this solution be sweet or Sour or both sweet and sour?

Answer: Yes it is a mixture because ,When two or more than two kinds of particles or substances are combined together, it results in mixture.

The mixture will be both sweet and sour , as the tamarind will give the sour taste and the addition of sugar will add sweetness to the mixture.


IX.) Life Skills – Debate

1.) Debate on ‘Food adulteration and Detection’

Answer: Food is a necessity for all. Consuming healthy and fresh food products is important for a healthy body. But To increase the quantity, often substances are mixed or added to food items. This method is known as Food adulteration. In this process, inferior quality of substance is mixed with superior quality food product. Consumption of adulterated food can put our life at risk , as it can affect not our health but also can lead to food poisoning.

It is important to detect the food we consume. Different techniques are modified to do so. There are several chemical tests to analyse the adulteration of food products. Though they are expensive and time consuming. One such method is analysis of food items using High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). In this process, additives present in food samples are detected and separated.

We can also test few food products if they are contaminated or not, using a very simple technique at home. All we have to do is put the items in water and wait for sometime. If the food product is pure then there will be no change in colour of the water but if it’s adulterated then it will leave colour in the water. Using this technique we can make sure that we are not consuming any toxic chemicals in the form of food.


X.) Field Trip

1.)Visit a nearby paddy field and rice Mill and note down the different Separating techniques used there. Is Technology replacing some traditional Practices?

Answer: Rice processing at mills – To remove dust, sand and other impurities, paddy are first put into the vibrating conveyor system. Next, Husker losens the outer surface or skin of husk. With the help of another vibrating conveyor , the loose outer surface or skin is completely removed. The rice obtained is then put in a polisher where it gets the gloss. This process is repeated by stage second polisher. Now the rice is ready for sorting. The last step involved is, putting them in a Vibrating sorter to separate fine grain from tiny coarse present in it.

Traditional Practices are threshing and winnowing method. These are still practice in some of the remote areas. But technology has considerably replaced these practices today.


XI.) Sequence Type

1.)Write the sequence of steps you would Use for making tea. (Use the words : Mixture, dissolve, filtrate and residue).

Answer: Firstly we would take tea powder and milk. After heating the milk for sometime, we will add tea powder to it. After it turns into a light brown in colour , we will add sugar as per taste to it and stir the mixture well.  Stirring will make the particles of sugar to get dissolved in the mixture. Now , our tea is ready. We need to filter the tea with the help of a strainer. After filtering, the tea leaves will be left as a residue.


XII.) Topic enrichment – Project

1.) Make a fruit or vegetable salad. Give Reasons why you think it is a mixture.

Answer: To prepare a vegetable salad we need ingredients like Tomato, cucumber, onion, raddish, carrot, lemon, pepper, salt, and mint. Firstly we need to peel off the skin from cucumber and cut them in small round pieces, similarly other vegetables like raddish, carrot, onion and tomato are chopped into small round sizes. Add salt as per taste and sprinkle pepper over it. Garnish with mint. Now your salad is ready to be served.

As salad is made up from the combination of two or more physical substances, therefore it is a mixture.

2.) Connect with sports Air is not a pure substance. It Helps us in many ways from breathing To playing. Balloon sports are a very Popular sport. Hot air is lighter than Cool air. So, the balloons filled with hot Air rise up. Find out more about hot air Balloons.

Answer: Some interesting facts :

1) During the civil war, hot air balloons were used for spying on the movement of enemies and their artilleries.

2) Long nylon gores are used in present time to construct the envelope ( that constitute hot air) for hot air balloons.

3) Pilots always check for clear skies and a normal weather with normal wind before they fly.

4) Montgolfier brothers were the first to successfully invent the first hot air balloon that can carry persons.

5) To test the first hot air balloon, a sheep, a duck and a rooster became the first passengers.

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