Samacheer Kalvi 10th Social Science Solutions

Tamilnadu Board Samacheer Kalvi 10th Social Science Solutions: Tamilnadu State Board Solution Class 10 Social Science. Tamilnadu School Textbooks 10th Social Science Solutions .

Samacheer Kalvi 10th Social Science Solutions: Overview


Samacheer Kalvi (TN Board)



Social Science

English Medium



History Solution

Chapter 1 Outbreak of World War I and Its Aftermath

Chapter 2 The World between two World Wars

Chapter 3 World war II

Chapter 4 The World after World War II

Chapter 5 Social and Religious Reform Movements in the 19th Century

Chapter 6 Early Revolts against British Rule in Tamil Nadu

Chapter 7 Anti-Colonial Movements and the Birth of Nationalism

Chapter 8 Nationalism: Gandhian Phase

Chapter 9 Freedom Struggle in Tamil Nadu

Chapter 10 Social Transformation in Tamil Nadu

Geography Solution

Chapter 1 India – Location, Relief and Drainage

Chapter 2 Climate and Natural Vegetation of India

Chapter 3 India – Agriculture

Chapter 4 India – Resources and Industries

Chapter 5 India – Population, Transport, Communication and Trade

Chapter 6 Physical Geography of Tamil Nadu

Chapter 7 Human Geography of Tamil Nadu

Civics Solution

Chapter 1 Indian Constitution

Chapter 2 Central Government

Chapter 3 State Government

Chapter 4 India’s Foreign Policy

Chapter 5 India’s International Relations

Economics Solution

Chapter 1 Gross Domestic Product and its Growth: an Introduction

Chapter 2 Globalization and Trade

Chapter 3 Food Security and Nutrition

Chapter 4 Government and Taxes

Chapter 5 Industrial Clusters in Tamil Nadu