RS Aggarwal Class 8 Math First Chapter Rational Numbers Exercise 1G Solution

RS Aggarwal Class 8 Math First Chapter Rational Numbers Exercise 1G Solution



(1) From a rope 11 m long, two pieces of lengths 2 (3/5) m and 3 (3/10) m are cut off. What is the length of the remaining rope?

(2) A drum full of rice weighs 40 (1/6) kg. If the empty drum weighs 13 (3/4) kg, find the weight of rice in the drum.

(3) a basket contains three types of fruits weighing 19  1/3  kg in all. If 8 1/9  kg of these be apples, 31/6  kg be oranges and the rest pears, what is the weight of the pears in the basket?

(4) On one day a rickshaw puller earned Rs 160. Out of his earnings he spent Rs 26 (3/5) on tea and snacks, Rs 50 (1/2) on food and Rs 16 (2/5) on repairs of the rickshaw. How much did he save on that day?

(5) Find the cost of 3 (2/5) metres of cloth at Rs 63 (3/4) per metre.

(6) A car is moving at an average speed of 60 (2/5) km/hr. How much distance will it cover in 6 (1/4)  hours?

(7) Find the area of a rectangular park which is 36 (3/5) m iong and 16 (2/3) m broad.

(8) Find the area of a square plot of land whose each side measures 8 (1/2) metres.

(9) One litres of petrol costs Rs 63 (3/4). What is the cost of 34 litres of petrol?

(10) An aeroplane covers 1020 km in an hour. How much distance will it cover in 4  (1/6)  hours?

(11) The cost of 3 (1/2) metres of cloth is Rs 166 (1/4). What is the cost of one metre of cloth?

(12) A cord of length 71 (1/2) m has been cut into 26 pieces of equal length. What is the length. What is the length of each piece?

(13) The area of a room is 65 (1/4) m2. If its breadth is 5 (7/16) metres, what is its length?

(14) The product of two fractions is 9  3/5. If one of the fractions is 9 (3/7), find the other.

(15) In a school, 5/8 of the students are boys. If there are 240 girls, find the number of boys in the school.

(16) After reading 7/9 of a book, 440 pages are left. How many pages are there  in the book?

(17) Rita had Rs 300. She spent  1/3  of her money on notebooks and  1/4  of the remainder on stationary items. How much money is left with her?

(18) Amit earns Rs 32000 per month. He spends 1/4 of his income on food; 3/10  of the remainder on house rent and  5/21  of the remainder on the education of children. How much money is still left with him?

(19) If 3/5 of a number exceeds its 2/7 by 44, find the number.

(20) At a cricket test match 2/7 of the spectators were in a covered place while 15000 were in open. Find the total number of spectators.



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