Rhenium ( Re ) 

Define: Rhenium is transition metal place in between Technetium and Bohrium . It is very rarest element on earth .it have high melting point and most expensive .

Discovery :  Rhenium is discovered in 1925 by scientist Walter Noddck ,Ida Tacke and Otto Berg

Origin of name : The name Rhenium is comes from Latin name Rhine ‘ Rhenus ‘

Physical properties :

Atomic symbol:  it  is denoted by symbol Re

Atomic number : Atomic number of Rhenium is 75

In Rhenium 75 proton and 75 neutron is present

Atomic weight/ mass: Atomic weight of Rhenium is 186.2 Amu

In Rhenium 75 proton and 111 neutron is present.

Position: it is place in periodic table at 7th column ( group ) and 6th period ( row)

Block : it is place in d block

Colour :Rhenium show silvery grey colour

Nature : it is found in solid state

Boiling point : boiling point of Rhenium is 5590 0C

Melting point : melting point of Rhenium is 3185 0C

Isotopes: Rhenium show 2 stable Isotopes

185Re: atomic weight of this isotopes 184.9 Amu

In this isotope 75 proton,75 electron and 110 neutron is present

It is present 37.4% in nature

187Re: atomic weight of this isotope is 186.9 Amu

In this isotope 75 proton, 75 electron and 112 neutron is present

It is present 62.6% in nature

Chemical properties :

Electronic configuration

Electronic configuration in concert of shell is 2,8,18,32,13,2

Electronic configuration of Rhenium is [ Xe ] 4f145d5 6S2

Electronic structure

Valency :valency of Rhenium is 2 or 3 or 4

Atomic radius : Atomic radius of Rhenium is 188 pm


  • Rhenium is use as catalyst for hydrogenation reaction
  • Rhenium with nickel alloy is used in single crystal turbine blades and Basel of jet engines
  • Rhenium with molybdenum Alloy used in x – ray machines.
  • It is use in electrical contact material resist corrosion
  • It is use in welding rock
  • It is also used in photographic flash bulbs


Question and Answer:

Q1. Define Rhenium

Q2. Who discovered Rhenium?

Q2. Physical properties of Rhenium

Q4. Write Atomic Symbol of Rhenium.

Q5. Write the Atomic number of Rhenium.

Q6. On which block Rhenium element is present?

Q7. What is the color of Rhenium?

Q8. What is the Boiling point of Rhenium?

Q9. What is the Melting point of Rhenium?

Q10. Write the Isotopes of Rhenium.

Q11. Show Electronic configuration of Rhenium.

Q12. Write Electronic Structure of Rhenium.

Q13. What is the Valency of Rhenium?

Q14. Write the uses of Rhenium element.


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