RBSE Class 9 Information Technology Chapter 7 Application of ICT Solution

Rajasthan Board Class 9 Information Technology Chapter 7 Solution Application of ICT RBSE Class 9 Information Technology Solution for Chapter 7.

Q 1) multiple choice questions

1) The service available by E governance is

a) E citizen

b) b) E- transport

c) c) E-education

d) d) all of above

Ans :- d) all of above

2) The programme initiated for providing the digital services to all citizens of country

a) E-governance

b) b) digital bharat

c) c) E-banking

d) d) E-café

Ans:- a) E -govarnance

3) In which scheme facilities related to different departments become available on the same place

a) Digital bharat

b) b) E-commarce

c) c) E-mitra

d) d) E-suvidha

Ans:- E-mitra

4) It makes the chain of mediators smaller between manufacturers and buyers

a) E-govarnance

b) b) E-police

c) E-democracy

d) d) E-commerce

Ans:- E – commerce

5) Which resource is not used in e-Learning ?

a) Video conferencing

b) books

c)digital study matter

d) none of the above

Ans:- b) books

Q2) Very short type question

1) What is the process of promoting access and execution of government services through ICT

Ans:- E Government incorporates the facility of accessing and desired services by interaction with government through electronic media And execution of government services through Internet communication technology.

2) What is the name of the scheme launched to empower India with digital content

Ans:- Digital India is the name of the schemes launched to empower India with digital content.

3) Name the content where facilities related to different Department become available at one place

Ans:-E- mitra Is the centre where different facilities related to different Department become available at one place.

4) What does it mean to make a purchase through the Internet

Ans:-It is to make a purchase through the Internet is called as ecommerce.

5) What is the temporary password received from the bank during Internet banking

Ans:- OTP(one time password) Is the temporary password received from the bank during the Internet banking.

Q3) Short type question

1) What is the single point rendering mechanism?

Ans:- Single point rendering mechanism is the mechanism of Internet communication technology by which all the information are available at single point.

2) What services are provided under E -transport

Ans:- E-transport is an under the government, provide the facilities by electronic transport by using E-transport can depositing tax and fees by using E transport, it can issuing driving licence and the facility of motor vehicle registration

3) What is the purpose of E-police

Ans:- Police is an under the government provide the facilities by using E-police, two type of information can be get the government first is information about the police officers are kept and where the police are present at the necessity of any person, And second is the information about the criminal and the crying what he done , and how many Time .What is profession and other information about the criminal.

4) What do you explain by digital empowerment

Ans:- the digital empowerment it is an vision of digital India of services and citizen.

5) Define E- Commerce

Ans:- E-Commerce is defined as it is an electronic Commerce, it is an wide range of online trading function in e-commerce, the product and services are sold and purchased through the Internet is called as e-commerce, it is origin of trade activities.

6) What is Internet banking

Ans:- Internet banking is the banking operation takes place by using mobile, computers through Internet the bank provide applications to doing banking operations .Internet banking also known as online banking, mobile banking ,E banking, Internet banking.

7.) Why should not Internet banking be used in cyber café

Ans:- At current situation through fishing by hacking techniques Internet frauders are hurting the people by hacking their bank details to hack their bank account that’s why Internet backing should not be used in cyber café.

8) What does the correct online learning means

Ans:- the E-learning means the education through electronic means is known as E learning, It is also known as electronic learning, distance education, distance learning, virtual learning and education program through electronic devices.

Modes of E learning:

1) Purely online 2) synchronous 3)Asynchronous 4)instructor lead group 5) self study 6) blended e learning 7) self study with subject matter specialist.

9) name the tools used in e-learning

Ans:- 1) computer 2) radio

3) television 4) mobile

5) audio tape 6) tab etc

10) what is asynchronous learning

Ans:- In the asynchronous learning method the trainers are physically distant, they do not interact each other at training team, study material available on Internet in audio, video or audio visual and email ,message also such type of learning known as a synchronous learning.

Q4) Essay type question

1) What is E-Learning explain advantages and disadvantages of E-learning

Ans:- The E learning is the education or learning through electronic means by using computer or electronic devices.

Advantages of E learning

-In the eLearning trainee does not understand the subject matter he can consider it.

-E-Learning is interactive process and the trainee can get training at speed as per understanding

-E-learning is simple and easy and also cost effective

-E- Learning is in environmental exploratory and collaborative

-There’s no limitation of time on eLearning training receive at anytime as per his convenience

– Any browser software available on any platform can be accessed training material easy

-Training material is cheaply available at any where in the world for eLearning

– Due to the learning we can save our travelling time and expenses for travelling

– Content are easily changeable 2 trainer in the process of learning

– Is for these online learning are easy, easily Payable

Disadvantages of E-learning

-Basic computer information or knowledge is must for trainee in the process of learning

-It is time consuming to prepare training material for E learning

-It is more costly to prepare training material

– It takes more time to download the training applications and training content

– Computer knowledge is the necessary for preparing and handling the training material in e-learning

2) What precautions must be maintained at the time of Internet banking

Ans:-Following are the precautions taken while Internet banking

Do not share password given to us for the Internet banking this password is the key to transfer money from our bank account.

Avoid writing the password anywhere.

Do not use the Internet banking with link shared other than bank.

Do not share the password and any bank detail to any person on phone call.

After using the Internet banking confirm you are logged out or not and logout carefully.

If debit card ATM are lost inform immediately to your bank.

Note that the address bar has become green while using net banking

Log in into correct address of your bank and pay attention on it.

Do not reply to SMS and email like lottery and reward SMS.

Avoid the use of Internet café and shared computers for Internet banking.

If we use the shared computer for Internet banking then keep changing the password regularly.

Use latest antivirus to avoid sending off information to hackers.

If any difficulty regarding Internet banking call your banks phone number immediately or visit your bank.

3.) Describe benefits and risks of Internet banking

Ans:- Following are the benefits of Internet banking

By using Internet banking we can send money from someone else account to your account Are using Internet banking we can send money to others account immediately.

Immediately due to Internet banking it is easy to know information about balance of your account.

We can check the bank statement of the transactions Made in your account we can recharge for mobile through Internet banking.

Due to the Internet banking it is easy to pay electricity water dish tv and other bills.

We can order the check book online purchasing is possible do to Internet banking.

We can book bus train and other ticket with the help of Internet bank.

There are some risks while using Internet banking.

There is a possibility to hack bank account by hackers.

It required knowledge of computer or mobile banking you lost money due to some simple mistakes frauders are hurting the people by hacking the bank account.

Risk of fraud when debit cards ATMs are lost.

4) What is the ecommerce explain its benefits

Ans:- Ecommerce or electronic Commerce is the trading through Internet, it is the online buying and purchasing of commodities by sellers and buyers on Internet or online process. Seller sell their commodities to buyer making their business through Internet is the ecommerce, all the Commerce functions done by using Internet

Following are the benefits of ecommerce

Buyer can select their goods or services by comparing the specification and rates by visiting the website of different sellers or service providers.

All the information of goods and services to be purchased and many options for selection are available to buyer in E-Commerce.

Chain of mediator between seller and buyer and producers become a smaller it reduce the cost of marketing due to ecommerce there is a reduction in time consumption for information exchange  E Commerce does not require expensive showrooms there is no need of Commission agent and salesman.

Due to ecommerce the cost of marketing decreases as compared to traditional marketing

Due to ecommerce marketing become convenient easy and effective  in ecommerce the information of products is available on website of organization so anyone can get information at anywhere in the world and purchase it from anywhere in the world ecommerce made transparency in the business.

5.) In the traditional way which would you prefer in governance and E governance and answer with and astrike

Ans:- In traditional way we can prefer the E governance as compared to traditional way of governance, because of in egovernance there is a transparency in the work traditional way of governance is a time consuming process but in egovernance there is the fast sending of information through Mail and other applications

E governance encourage the participation of general public in governance through email and internet Governance encourage the participation of general public in governance through email and Internet

In egovernance there is the better facility to the public by government through single point delivery system

E-governance use innovative techniques of communication technology as like Internet it provide best quality and valuable services to public.

That’s why in traditional way we prepare the egovernance as compared to traditional governance.

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