RBSE Class 9 Information Technology Chapter 6 Microsoft Office Solution

Rajasthan Board Class 9 Information Technology Chapter 6 Solution Microsoft Office RBSE Class 9 Information Technology Solution for Chapter 6

1 Multiple choice questions.

1) following is the word processor.

A) Microsoft Word

B) word star

C) word perfect

D) All of the above

Ans- A) Microsoft Word

2) In word processor we can

A) size of letters can increases and decrease

B) Insert header and footer in page

C) check spelling

D) All of the above

Ans- D) All of the above

3) Ruler uses for

A) To bold letters

B) To fix the margin of page

C) To scroll page up and down

D) All of the above

Ans- D) All of the above

4) place for header is

A) between page

B) on top of page

C) at bottom of page

D) None of the above

Ans- B) On top of page

5) Orientation of page may be

A) Portrait


C) Both a and b

D) None of the above

Ans- D) None of the above

6) for pictorial presentation useful

A) Access

B) Excel

C) Power point

D) All of the above

Ans-C) Power point

7) mainly slide layout of types

A) 4

B) 8

C) 11

D) 9

Ans- A) 4

8) To create presentation from the prepared presentation

A) Blank presentation

B) Template

C) both (a) and (b)

D) None of the above

Ans- B) Template

9) To display the miniature of the presentation command is

A) slide Sorter

B) Template

C) slide show

D) wizard

Ans-A) slide sorter

10) Delete slide option available at

A.) In file menu

B) In format menu

C) in edit menu

D) All of the above

Ans- c) All of the above

2 Short type question.

1) Define word processor.

Ans- word processor is an program or it is a software by which processes the words on text. In word processor file can be created . In word processor size of letters, colours, style can be change . in word processor can be insert header, footer, symbol figure etc.

2) What is the shortcut key to save file in Microsoft Word?

Ans- The shortcut key to save file in Microsoft Word is Ctrl+S.

3) What is a superscript and subscript?

Ans-Superscript is define as if Letters written above the line called as called as superscript.

Subscript is define as if letters written below the line called as subscript.

4) What is header and footer?

Ans- header and footer are define as

Header – in any document the text which is appears on the top of every page of files is known as header.

Footer – In any document the text which is appears in the bottom of every page of file is known as footer

5) What is the use of print preview?

Ans-The use of print preview is to see exactly how many page will we can see when they are printed.

6) What is slide?

Ans-In power point presentation the first option is slide .in slide the title, text, graphs, drawing, clipart etc. option are present that are use for preparing the presentation.

7) What type of slide layout

Ans-There are 4 type of slide layout

Content layout, Text layout,Text and content layout ,Other layouts.

8) define the rehearse timing.

Ans- for the fixing of time for of every slide in a presentation are done by using rehearse timing

9) how can insert diagram in slide?

Ans- In Dialogue box the insert picture option is present Click there after using this option we can select a diagram as we require then click ok then the diagram will be inserted.

3 Essay type question.

1) What do you understand by word processor ? What are the facilities available in general word processor.

Ans-Word processor is an program or software. Word is very useful processor.

The facilities available in Word processor. In Word processor make a file and save. What processor is Capable to write a superscript and subscript etc. It is capable to insert symbol drawing serial number etc. word processor is capable to print and print preview of page . Word processor is capable to make a table and work with table. it can be do the Mail merge .it is capable to remove a portion of file and put to other end simple editing. it is capable to set header and footer margin increase and decrease the space between line and paragraph. what processor have feature to check the grammatical errors and correct the words it can make a file and save .word processor is having a feature to change the size colour font and style of letters. it is capable to change the font ie. Bold, italic ,underline etc. to the word that are the features and facilities available in general word processor.

2) Discuss the method to insert header and footer.

Ans-Information present in the top of page is called as header information present in the bottom of the

page is called footer.

Method of header and footer inserting in the file- select the option of header and footer from the new menu and add menu bar by selecting the option word display header in dotted line on the screen and display header and footer toolbar on screen as we required can we change the words written in header and footer colour ,size etc.

3) Explain the method to print the page.

Ans- to print the page .the print option visit used. It is an process to print pages of files for printing the page. Firstly open the file for which we want print. For the Printing press Ctrl+p keys on the keyboard then Select print option from the file menu that show the print dialogue box. before click on the print option we have to specify in the dialogue box which page to be print. in the page range this has there option.

4) explain the method to create table.

Ans- For the creating table ruler used for necessary is how many row and columns are required and how many row and columns can increase or decrease. method of creating a table.

1) by moving cursor a table to be created

2) then move the cursor and click on insert table option on the stand and tool. the word displays a table

3) then from the leftmost top corner by click and then drag up to right and downside then the word show how many row and columns are selected table. Here selectes the number of row and columns as required

4) by this process is done release the mouse button table created.

5) Write a short note on Following.

a) Bullet and number

b) text style

c) facility to check spelling and grammar

Ans- A) Bullet and number-. Bullet is defined as if write (*) Before letters then on Automatically returns

(*) that is known as bullet.

. Number is defined as if we right one before the least on any point then the word automatically return next serial number is 2 like that be fee also followed if we write a automatically that is known as number. Use of bullet or numbers When we already type the list without bullet or number then select  the entry list. Select a bullet tool from the format tool to insert bullet or select number tool from the format off toolbar to insert the number. word automatically insert bullet or next number before new point in (Paragraph). When type list of Bullet Number then before typing click bullet or number option.

Text Style- In Word processor there are for main type of style . in a Microsoft Word letters can be typed in different style.

4 types are – Regular, italic,bold and other style are available that is subscript , superscript, strikecut etc.

To applying a style to letter then select firstly required letter to apply a style to be written. If letters have been written already then select the text and then choose the style to apply style you can use shortcut method to apply bold then press ctrl+ B key. to apply Italic then press ctrl+ I key. to apply underline formatting then press ctrl+ U key. more than one style to be used at a time as required .

Facility to check spelling and grammar- To avoid the spelling mistake or grammatical mistake the Microsoft provide and facility to check Unwanted grammatical or spelling mistake. If we type wrong spelling in Word it will automatically make red underline for the mistake by using this facility user can understand his spelling mistake or grammatical mistake .

6) What you understand by Mail merge and explain the method of Mail merge.

Ans-Merge is defined as the reorganize Information name address etc are used in Word that information can combine in file and have a print by March the figure collected as information with other file it’s called as Mail merge.

Method of Mail merge to merge the Mail assume that we want to send any letter to more than one person more than one person have different address but we want to send same formation to all but at different address in in this situation we create 2 file first while is same matter are return called as main document in second file address and location are written called as data source the Mail merge are completed in 3 step

1) Create main document and data source

2) Decide the place where data appears in the main document.

3) Merge both file.

7) What is presentation? explain utility of presentation?

Now in current time to present the information in systematic way we required some program which is present the information The presentation is a program of Microsoft PowerPoint please which facilitate the presentation in systematic way called as presentation.

The utility of presentation- the utility of presentation is by using PowerPoint presentation we show information in slide format. The PowerPoint presentation it is an software of Microsoft Word which is display information in the form of slideshow. A function which are used in presentation is the presentation allow us to text to be inserted and formatten. In presentation we can inserting and manipulating graphics image by using slide show system. Way can display the content. in current some  very popular presentation software are available that is Microsoft PowerPoint, Lotuss freelance graphics.

8) Explain the procedure to develop presentation for auto content wizard.

To develop the presentation in auto content wizard it is and simplest method or way to develop the presentation in auto content wizard you can start the presentation by clicking the option available in new option the click on the auto content wizard then startup window that appear on your screen. Then next button will click then select the which type of presentation will give 2 as per your head then by clicking next screen Will ask to choose the type of output. That is which style presentation you want then by clicking next information about presentation title to be given then last option is on your screen by clicking next button when we click finish button auto content wizard prepare presentation.

9) Differentiate Title, sub Title and Text and explain how can use new slide in presentation with change colours.

Ans- Title- When we create a any Presentation or any other document the main part is title which is give a special attention. when we finally complete the content is to prepare the presentation . title in any document the most focus thing is title which is more highlight. Total is applying by select the slide which you want give a title who’s layout you will change then click home layout does select title slide give the title and Click to add title text box.

Sub title- In any document the title are given and under the title other title are given called as subtitle. It is uncommon definition of subtitle but in computer language the definition of subtitle is different. In PowerPoint for Windows we can add close caption or subtitle for audio or video file in our presentation.. by the adding of close caption to make our presentation to the larger audience Text any document or any presentation text is important part because we write any information in the text. Do use new slide with change colour firstly click on your slide then click on the design tab then Scroll down the arrow in variant group in that group the caption is present colour font effect and background style. in the variant group choose the option colours and customize it as you want and then done customizing colors and scroll down the arrow and save the colors.

10) Explain the animation? How can useful animation in presentation and how the effect can be inserted in slides.

Ans-The presentation looks more effective by giving of animation effect. by using animation option we can give various effect to text like clipart ,pictures etc. In the slide show menu 2 option are present that is animation schema and custom animation. To apply the animation effect on presentation click on the animation scheme. user can apply the animation effect as they want. text and picture to make a presentation more effective by using custom animation in presentation time is to be mention how long slide remain on screen. It is important in the presentation for each slide time can decided. Fixed time for every slide using rehears timing.

Grouping and ungrouping picture from clip art -by using insert option we can insert pictures and clip art in slide we want to move them all the objects to be select with shift key the click right button of mouse to make group of object.

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