RBSE Class 9 Information Technology Chapter 4 Internet Technology Solution

Rajasthan Board Class 9 Information Technology Chapter 4 Solution Internet Technology RBSE Class 9 Information Technology Solution for Chapter 4.

Multiple choice questions.

1.) the network of network is called.

A) LAN B) MAN C) WAN D) Internet

Ans- D) Internet

2.)The set which determines the standards internet is called


Ans- A) W3C

3.) The name of first of all established internet network.



4.) The places of Wi Fi Hot spots

A) Education Institutes B) Hotels

C) Airports D) All of above

Ans-D) All of above the

5.) The name of the software which sends information from internet to computer.

A) operating software B) Driver C) Browser D) None of the above

Ans- C) Browser

6.) which example is not of the browser?

A) Netscape Navigator B) Internet Explorer

C) Facebook D) Mozila Firefox

Ans- C) Facebook

7.) Com does mean

A) commercial organization B) Internet operating

C) Educational Institute D) Government Institute

Ans- A) Commercial organization

8.) The Facebook of world wide web is

A) Domain name B) Domain Name system

C) web Page D) uniform Resource locator

Ans- C) web page

9.) Name of the search engine, which provide facility of free and without advertisement service.

A) Google B ) Yahoo C) Bing D) MSN

Ans- C) Bing

10) The most used internet service is

A) E -mail B) search Engine

C) uploading D)Downloading

Ans- A) E-mail

Q.2 Very short question.

1) What is the name of first established internet network?

Ans- the ARPANET is the first established internet network.

2) who did invent www?

Ans- the British scientist Tim Berners Lee invented the world wide web (www)

3) Write the name internet service provider companies.

Ans- Videsh Sanchar Nigam limited (VNSL), Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) are the companies which provide internet.

4) Who does work the displaying of information coming from internet in good format?

Ans- Web Browser is work for displaying of information coming from internet in good format.

5) Tell the full from of http.

Ans- the full name of http is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.

6) Tell the name of any internet Protocol.

Ans- HTTP and HTML are the internet Protocol.

7) what is called the subset of a website?

Ans- web page is called as subset of a website .

8) By which name does the computer known on internet.

Ans- the computer known on Internet by the Internet protocol.

9) what will be the domain name of a commercial Institute?

Ans- the domain name of commercial Institute is . Coi

10) what is the name of program, which search the desired information on Internet?

Ans-search engine is the program which search the desired information on intetnet.

Q.3 Short Answer Type Question.

1) why internet is called the network of networks?

Ans- internet is huge and largest network of computer to connect the small and large computers of the world. it is such a network by connects computer around the world by the telephone line, cable or other by wireless media that is why the internet is called network of networks.

2) what are Internet protocols?

Ans- the protocol of internet are two type 1) Transmission control protocol – TCP 2) Internet protocol- IP

3) Differentiate The dialup and direct Internet connection

Dial up connection -1) In dialup connection the user has to dial a special number of his ISP from computer 2) when the user can connect with the Internet as the user connect ISP 3) the dialup is the temporary connection because dialling has to be done To establish the connection.

Direct connection- 1) In Direct connection indirect connection user can connect to ISP directly by through the cable or directed detected phone 2) ISP make available lease line of any bandwidth with as per the demand of user 3) Direct connection is not a temporary connection.

4) Write the definition of world wide web.

Ans- The definition of world wide web is the world wide web is an Internet service which is based on general group of protocol by world wide web can sent a documents in standard way by the server computer through Internet worldwide web please spread in Word.

5) What is Hyper Text?

Ans- hypertext is the text which contain link to other text which is not constrained to be linear which is displayed on a computer display.

6) What is the function of Web Browser?

Ans-The function of web browser is to allow you to access the Internet. The function of browser The function of browser and the work of browser is work as a window showing a different website that website have information

7) Tell the uses of HTML?

Ans- Stop estima list to developing the webpage estimate is used for controlling decoration and to link the other information to script.

8) What does mean by domain name

Ans- For the easily remembered and find out developed the. System for naming a computer on Internet. this name is called domain name by the domain name computer work on Internet are recognize and found.

9) Write the name of main search engine

Ans- The name of main search engine are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Google Chrome, Ask.

Q.4 Essay type Question.

1) what is world wide Web? Write down its characteristics.

Ans- World wide web is a kind of database that is spread in the world the www is the internet service based on general group of protocol that sends the documents in standard way by the server computer through internet.

Characteristic of world wide web- The worldwide web have capacity of showing graphics sound and video with text by using worldwide web has made possible for a website that it could keep the information. By the www a user can feel convenience To go forward and on backward by the WWW way can access infinite information. It can provide new linking user could browser as they want. Worldwide web is the subset of Internet. WWW give they gives us information about new way of accessing information. The World Wide Web Wide convenience to programs on the various Computer site LINUX,WINDOWS, MAC etc. the important thing is that all the task by web are very easy by only clicking on the and this will take you from one link to another link one side to another side and server in few seconds .

2) What does call web browser? Tell its function.

Ans-. The web browser is a commonly referred as a browser. the web browser is a software application by which we can access the information on the world wide web . Browser is also called as a web client or Internet navigation tools. which work as a window showing difference website that have information.

Function of web browser- any site of first page which contain a full series of web pages . that is known as home page of that website it Its main function of web browser to show this page. it is that program that used for interface between the web and user which display facilities the navigation o different web pages . web pages vast range are available of web browser for every type of Computer and other media.

Web browser have several function like reading saving, downloading or uploading copying and printing of Web page contain web browser also have function sending or receiving Mail. they can record history Off visited site. by a web browser book marking of any web address. Currently the popular browsers are we use Internet Explorer, Mozilla fire fox, Safari, Google chrome etc.

3) What does mean by HTML? How does it useful in creating a web page?

Ans- Full form of HTML is hypertext markup language.. a hypertext markup language have a special meaning the hyper indicate that the text in HTML is not a linear way that is mean if you work on Internet and you want access document of your choice you can easily and directly access. text indicate that it’s only text Can be written on the file on which we work. Markup indicate that when we make a web page first we type a text then the mark that text. Language indicate we can using a language with its all formats.

The use of HTML in creating a web page. HTML is a set of special codes that use for controlling decodation and to link the other information to script it has the same role to watch a document on internet. HTML is hypertext markup language the word Hyper is indicates that the text in HTML is inlinear way. When you work on internet by the use of HTML you can directly acesss any document any other thing. Markup is use for creating web page by use of Markup the type text arva Marc by the Marc up text to behold to place an image to hold the Image and that can be Done by tagging. In HTML we can use language with its all formats HTML is scripting language by the using of HTML language we can documents are controlled with marking.

4) Describe the importance of Domain and Domain name server in internet

Ans- for easily finding and searching and for the easily be remembered the system is developed called as Domain. that System is developed for naming Institute on computer on Internet. In domain name to Institute cannot same domain name

Example of domain

. com commercial organization

. Educational Institute

In domain name has two or more than two-part that two parts are isolated by using dots. The full name of DNS Domain Name System. The importance of Domain Name System Dominion system is essentially for a phone book for web. The domain names server are important for the transform any URL into IP address in spirit of transforming in phone number the DNS are important for searching and mixing them domain name and IP address. It provide using an easy Domain to internet users.

5) Write down the short notes on following.

1) Search engine 2) E mail 3) URL 4) IP address 5) Web protocol

1) Search engine- by the use of program search out the design information from store of computer system this computer program are called as search engine web search engine is most popular search engine that is used for the searching an information from worldwide web the search engine is very useful for reach up to any information with a very short time hey the search engines also prevent from information or load with the development off the word information is increases way every day and every year with its search is becoming more challenging result obtained by crawling and indexing all the information available online

Example of search engine currently Google Yahoo Bing Google Chrome ask MSN

2) Email – full name of email is electronic Mail the work of email is to exchange of message and information and documents in user to computers .e-mail is the most popular name . e -mail most usefull thing in internet. E-mail is By the using of Internet when you send any email to any user it is rich in a second 2 users. for the using of email system firstly email account has to be created then we can receive and send the email

Example of e mail service- Gmail Yahoo Mail Hotmail and rediffmail

3) URL- Full name of URL is universal resource locator it isaway batteries each website have a URL. The URL is right down on browser to reach up to any website.. the universal resource locator keep all information about resource that connect any document on page on www. URL is HTTP but it may be up tip tip or gropher And it has an IP address

4) IP address – every URL have IP address the full name of IP address is internal protocol. it is a series of numbers it can tell to your computer where the information searching. it is like a telephone number but it is complicated phone number because the IP address difficult and complicated to remember.

5) Web protocols- Protocol of web published and stored content in a website we can read and watch. It can’t be rectify and edit it. to make any comments and reaction by that way website it’s safe to stored information that information can not be changed that is absolutely self alternative for website maker.

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