RBSE Class 9 Information Technology Chapter 1 Introduction to Computer Solution

Rajasthan Board Class 9 Information Technology Chapter 1 Solution Introduction to Computer RBSE Class 9 Information Technology Solution for Chapter 1

1) The device that accepts data is

A) cpu B) cu C) Input unit D) output unit

Ans- Input unit

2) The set of instructions written in a specific language of computer is known as

A) program B) Data C) Information D) All of the above

Ans- program

3) All the physical parts of a computer which can be seen or touched are called

A) software B) Hardware C) program D) none of the above

Ans- Hardware

4) One byte is equal to

A) 4 Bits B) 8 Bits C) 16 Bits D) 32 Bits

Ans- 8Bits

5) The computer used to measure oil at petrol pump is

A) Digital computer B) Analog computer C) mainframe computer D) super computer

Q.2 Very short type question

1) Name the basic units of computer system.

Ans- the basic unit of computer system is 1.central processing unit 2.Input unit 3.output unit

2) Give examples of input unit

Ans- key-board, mouse, floppy Disk are the example of input unit.

3) Write the functions of the Arithmetic logic unit (ALU).

Ans- ALU functions are it receives data from memory perform calculation on them and returns the results to the memory.

4 ) Write binary equivalent of decimal 23. 45

Ans- 10111.01110011001

5) write full name of ATM.

Ans- fullname of ATM is Automatic Teller Machine.

6) Digital computer works on which principles.

Ans -Digital computer works on the principal of data.

7) write example of super computer.

Ans- example of super computer is PARAM, CRAY, X-MP, NEC, CDC etc.

8) write full name of ALU.

Ans- full name of ALU is Arithmetic logic unit.

9) write the name of any two operating system.

Ans- MS -DOS, WINDOWS are the example of operating system.

Q3 Short type questions

1) Write the definition of computer.

Ans-A computer is an automatic electronic machine in which we put raw data and program controlling change them into meaningful and desired information.

2) What is program

Ans- Program is the set of instruction written in the specific language of a computer is known as program.

3) Write for character of computer .

Ans- Following are the characteristic of computer speed ,accuracy ,power off remember , versatility.

4) What are the limitation of computer.

Ans _ Limitation of computer are various case of cheating and fraud begin being reported in E Commerce E-banking ATM etc. various efforts have to be made to save and secure the important files computer techniques are the changing fast.

5) Write any four use of computer.

Ans- The use of computer are –1.Use of computer has to increased in the world of business.2.computer are used for general official records 3.Computers are used for managing national and international share markets. 4.Computer are used for buying and selling of things and service through the Internet is called as ecommerce.

6) What is difference between hardware and software.

Ans- Hardware- 1.Hardware represent the physical and tangible components of the computer 2.we can not only see them but also touch them.

Software-1) Software do not represent the physical and tangible component of the computers. 2) we Can not see and we cannot touch them.

7) What is Ram and Rom? Write their full forms.

Ans-Ram and ROM is the most important memory part of computer.

Ram -Data programs are stored temporary in ram. the data gets erased when the computer is switched off or when the electricity failed. That is why ram is called temporary or volatile memory. Program stored in this memory cannot be changed or destroyed and they can be only read .this memory is called as permanent or non volatile memory.

Full name of Ram -Random access memory . Read only memory.

8) Write the function of application softwares.

Ans- The function of application software word processing ,inventory control, payrolls railway reservation system etc

9) Describe the feature of supercomputer.

Ans- Supercomputer are the most powerful in in process and memory. Super computers are the largest in size .Supercomputer prosess complex calculation with high accuracy computers they can support many users at a time.

10) What is the work of translators?

Ans-The work of translator is used to convert the use language into machine language.

11) What is the importance of base in any number system.

Ans- base is important to convert the numbers in other systems to decimal and vice-versa. There for base are required.

Q4. Essay type question

1) . Write a essay on the use of computer in different field

Ans- The use of computers are- computer is an automatic electronic machine the utility of computer in life is so great that the modern age is known as computer age. the use of computer has increased in the world of business. computers are used for the general official records and for managing national and international share markets with the help of and the combination of computer and Internet a new business system has come into beging and it is known As eCommerce. Buying and selling of things and services Through Internet is called as e-commerce. Computers are used in publication and printing. Computers are being used extensively in the field of medicine and healthcare . Computers are used for diagnosing Illness, curing ailments, surgery, monitoring patients . In the field of education Computer is playing a significant role to write a letter email chatting getting various information form the Internet etc. Computer are being extensively in the field of engineering and architectures. Computer are being extensively used in the field of entertainment .computers are used to produce new musical notes. computer has entered our houses today. now a day numerous computer games are available which are not only provide the Internet entertainment but also increase knowledge and develop reasoning faculty of children .We see that no field of our life has remain untouched by the computer . Computer is not only useful for special class but aslo for every person . computer is an our life part.

2) Describe the Characteristic of computer.

Ans- There are 7 type of characteristic of computer-1. Speed 2.Accuracy 3. Diligence 4.power of remembering 5.versataility 6.Automation 7.storage

Characteristic of computer are describe in detail following.

  • Speed- Computer perform at a very high speed. It perform even complex operation is less than speed. a personal computer can perform millions of instruction in a second. computer can complete a task within a minute .Computer have very high speed.
  • Accuracy- Computer perform all the task and calculation accurately .Once the Correct instruction give to the computer it perform accurate calculation. Computer does not commit errors. If the error are come it is human mistake not computer.
  • Diligence- Computer is an electronic machine. It does not get tired. It can work continuously . it does not suffer Lack of concentration of speed.
  • Power of remembering –Like a man computer has also a power of remember which is called as memory. In that memory we can store crores of data and program.
  • Versatility- Computer can be used to perform many different jobs.
  • Automation- Computer can perform a number of task automatically. computer has the characteristic of automation
  • Storage – Computer have vast capacity of storage.

3) Describe in detail the various components of a computer draw and the block diagram also.

Ans- Component of computers are-1) Control unit 2) Arithmetic logic unit 3) Memory or storage unit.

1) Control unit Control unit plays a significant role in CPU this unit control the Internet function of the computer it control input output operation it read program from memory interprets it. And instruct arithmetic logic unit and memory for the desired operation.

2) Arithmetic logic unit- The arithmetic logic unit perform the arithmetic and logic operation. Arithmetic logic unit function under the guidance of control unit.. it receives data from memory . arithmetic logic unit works at a very high speed. Arithmetic logic unit come comprises of millions of registers and accumulators which during a calculation service as memory for the temporary storage.

3) Memory- Man have a brain to stored information in the same way computer has the storage capacity to store data or information is called as memory. Computers Memory is that location where data memory is two types 1.main memory 2.External memory.

Q4. Write the feature of super computer (PARAM)

Ans- feature of super computers are- PARAM Is a multi purpose super computer. it is used at a large scale in weather forecasting, medicine, designing making nuclear models care distant Communication health etc. PARAM have a unique working capacity. They are the most powerful in processing and memory. They process complex Calculation with high accuracy. They have the most expense . They can support many users at a time . they are mainly used in a scientific Research Center ,,weather forecasting, Space Research laboratory, define center , control in nuclear power of plant .genetic engineering PARAM is extensive and useful computer PARAM is made in Pune.

5).How many types of computers are there according to size? describe each type.

Ans-There are 4 type of computers which are according to there size Following are.

1.) Micro computer 2.) Mini computer 3.) Mainframe computer 4.) Super computer

1) micro computer-They are small in size and less costly. They are used at home. They’re used in school. A micro computer consist of single CPU.

Some type of micro computer –

Desktop computer- They are operated by placing them on the desk or table it contains if you monitor keyboard etc. Because of placing on the desk called as desktop computer.

Laptop computer– This computer looks like a briefcase it is smaller in size a person can operate it by placing it in his lap.

Palmtop computer –this computer look like a briefcase. it is smaller in size of laptop computer they can be operated on the palm these are light in weight and smaller .

Note book computer- Notebook computer are similar to laptop computer It can be operated on the legs .these easily moveable from one place to another place.

Table computer- these are bigger than mobile and operated by fingers.

2.) minicomputer- minicomputer are in medium size. They are more powerful Faster and more expensive than the microcomputers they have more processing power and storage capacity .they have more than one CPU.

3) Mainframe computer-They’re very large in size they have a greater processing power and memory as compared to mini computer .multiple user work at a time on there on the computer mainfram computer are generally used in railway reservation insurance company Research Institute and professional organization

4) Super computer – Super computer are the most powerful in processing and memory they process complex calculation with high accuracy supercomputer are the largest in size.

6) Why is memory required in a computer? describe the different type of computer memory.

Ans- memory Is a very important part of computer. computer cannot work without memory. there are two types of memory 1) main memory 2) External memory Main memory is of two types A. Random Access memory (RAM) B. Read Only memory (RAM)

A.) RAM– Random access memory Is the most important memory.the data after having been fed by key board or other input devices and before process get stored in RAM and it is retrieved from there via cpu. Data or programs are stored temporarily in RAM. It is volatile memory.

B.) ROM- Read Only Memory – in ROM Program stored in this memory cannot be changed or destroy and they can be only read this memory is called as permanent or non volatile memory it does not come to an end .when electricity fail or the computer switch off.

ROM is of 3 types.


1) PROM – Programmable read only memory in this memory we can write only once.

2.) EPROM-Erasable programmable read only memory

3.) EEPROM-Electrically erasable programmable read Only memory

  • External memory- in Computer external memory is required to store data permanently. It is Also called secondary memory this memory is magnetic or optical. The data stored in it always remain safe and does not disappear. when the computer is switched off.

7) Explain binary with example.

Ans- Binary number system is exactly like the Decimal system except that the base is 2 instead of 10.Binary digit is often referred to Common abbreviation bit. A binary number consisting of n bits is called an n- bit number. In the binary system we have Only two digits 0 and 1 the decimal equivalent of the binary number . 10101 written as

Ex 10101=(1×24) +(0×23 ) +(1×22) +(0×21 ) +(1×20 )

=16+0+4+0+4+1 10101

10101= 2110

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