RBSE Class 10 Science Chapter 8 Carbon and Its Compounds Solution

Rajasthan Board Class 10 Science Chapter 8 Solution Carbon and Its Compounds RBSE Class 10 Science Solution for Chapter 8

Objective type questions

(1.) The value of bond angle in methane is

a) 109028

b) 1200

c) 180o

d) 1050

Ans- a) 109028

(2.) C5H10 hydrocarbon is

a) Pentane

b) Pentene

c) Pentyne

d) Pentadiene

Ans-b) pentene

(3.) The molecular formula of feron -11 is

a) CFCl3

b) C2F2Cl4

c) CF2Cl2

d) C2F4Cl

Ans- a) CFCl3

(4.) Natural rubber is polymer of

a) Neoprene

b) 1,3 butadiene

c) Isoprene

d) Buna N

Ans-c) Isoprene

(5.) Which allotrope of carbon is good conductor of electricity.

a) Diamond

b) Graphite

c) Fullerene

d) Coke

Ans- b) Graphite

(6.) To improve the quality and tensile strength of natural rubber it is heated with sulphur. This process is known as

a) Polymerization

b) Saponification

c) Vulcanization

d) Equalization

Ans- c) Vulcanization

(7.) If number of carbon atoms are 3 then prefix use is

a) Eth

b) Prop

c) But

d) Pent

Ans- b) Prop

(8.) The IUPAC name of CH2=CH-CH2-Cl is

a) 1-chloro 2 propene

b) Prop-1-chloro-2-en

c) 3-chloro-2-propene

d) 3-chloro-1-propene

Ans-d) 3-chloro-1-propene.

Very short type questions.

(9.) Write .the general formula of alkane, alkene and alkynes.

Ans- alkane- CnH2n+1

Alkene CnH2n

Alkynes CnH2n-2

(10.) Hydrocarbons are made up of which two elements

Ans-  carbon and hydrogen.

(11.) Write the full name of IUPAC.

Ans- international union of pure and applied chemistry.

(12.) Give the definition of vulcanization.

Ans-to improve the tensile strength and elasticity of rubber it is heated with sulpur this process is known as valucanization of rubber.

(13.) How many number of carbon atoms are possible in fullerene?

Ans-C60 or C70 carbons atoms contains in fullerene.

(14.) Which type of geometry is present in carbon atom?

Ans- tetrahedral geometry present.

(15.) Write the definition of Freon.

Ans-compounds un which carbon atom is linked with chlorine and fluorine are known as freons.

(16.) Name the scientist who synthesized first organic compound?

Ans-Wohler discover first organic compounds.

(17.) Write full form of CNG

Ans- compressed natural gas.

(18.) Give the name of monomers by which orlon is formed by polymerization process.


(19.) Name the allotropes of carbon.

Ans-Diamond, graphite, fullerenes.

(20.) Write the IUPAC name of isobutene


(22.) By polymerization of which monomer, PVC is formed.

Ans-vinyl chloride.

Very short type questions.

(23) Write any three differences between diamond and graphite.


diamond Graphite
It has tertrahedral geometetry. It has hexagonal and arranged in layers
Colourless and transparent Shiny opaque and grayish black coloured
Non- conductor of electricity. Good conductor of electricity.

(24.) What do you understand by catenation tendency of carbon atom?

Ans- catenation is the linkage of atoms of the same element into larger chains. It is occurs in carbon which shows the formation of long chains and structures. Therefore carbon is main element in hydrocarbons.

(25.)Write the IUPAC name and formula of the following

A) C5H12 = pentane

B) C4H8 = butene

C) C3H4 = propyne

(26.) Write two uses of Freon

Ans-a) It is used as inert solvents.

B ) also used in refrigerants on refrigerator.

(27.) Why CNG is better than LPG as a fuel?

Ans- CNG is less harmful for nature in comparison to LPG. CNG is more safer than LPG because it is lighter than LPG. When there CNG leakage then it spreads out In the air whereas LPG is heavier so it collects in lower layers which increases the chances of accident. Therefore CNG is better than LPG.

(28.) Why diamond is hard and graphite is soft.

Ans- in diamond each carbon atom is bonded with four other carbon atoms in rigid three dimensional tetrahedral geometry and strong covalent bond and it causes diamond is more hard than graphite. Graphite is 2D structure so it is soft as compare diamond.

(29.) Write any four characteristics of Fullerene.

ans- The structure of fullerene is similar to foot ball

The molecules of fullerene contains C60 or C70 carbon atoms.

The most stable fullerene is C60 and it is known as Buckminster.

Fullerene looks like the geodesic dome.

(31.) Write the uses of graphite

Ans-  graphite is used in pencil

It is used as a dry lubricant

It is used in making electrodes

It is used in the polishing the things which made up of iron.

(32.) Write the main characteristics of carbon atom

Ans- the atomic number of carbon atom is six in periodic table. And it is denotated C

The electronic configuration of carbon atom is 1s22s22p2.

The valency of carbon is four.

The geometry of carbon atom is trtrahedral. The bond angle of each valency is 109.

(33.) Write IUPAC name of the following

A) Iso-octance = 2,2,4-trimethyl pentane.

B) Neopentane = 2,2- Dimethyl propane.

(34.) What is plastic? Write names of main plastic polymers.

Ans-at high temperature and pressure in presence of catalyst, ethane molecules are polymerized to give polythin and it is strong and flexible plastic.

Polyvinyl chloride and polystyrene.

Essay type questions.

(36.) What do you mean by synthetic polymers? Write their process of synthesis and uses.

Ans- man made polymers are known as synthetic polymers. For eg rubber.

Synthetic rubber- theses are mainly of two types

a) Buna S (synthesized by butadiene and styrene.)

b) Buna N ( synthesized by butadiene and acyrlonitrile)

Process- in presence of CO2 2,3 dimethyl 1,3- butadiene is catalysed by sodium catalyst to give rubber like product which name is Buna .

Uses- used in making oil containers, fuel tanks, tyres , medical instruments ,petrol tapes etc.

(37.) Write note on the following

Ans –A) feron – compounds in which carbon atoms is linked with chlorine and fluorine are known as ferons.

When carbon tetrachloride is reacted with hydrogen fluoride in presence of SbCl5 it gives feron -11.

Uses – ferons are used as inert solvents, it is alos used airconditionar, cold stores.etc.

B ) CNG- compressed natural gas is composed mainly of metane and some other hydrocarbons. CNG has less percentage of carbon therefore its combuntion yields less CO and CO2 and it is less harmful to nature as compare other gases. when the natural gas is compresses at high level it is known as CNG.

Uses- it is use as fuel and it is also used in place of petrol and diesel in vehicles.

C ) Natural rubber- it is obtained from rubber free in liquid form. This liquid is known as latex. Natural rubber is polymer of isoprene. Ehen acetic acid is added in latex it is converted into solid the rubber is obtained is soft and has low tensile strength. Therefore after vulcanization process rubber make it strong ,hard , elastic and highly resistance to wear and tear.

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