RBSE Class 10 Science Chapter 1 Food and Human Health Solution

Rajasthan Board Class 10 Science Chapter 1 Solution Food and Human Health RBSE Class 10 Science Solution for Chapter 1

(1.)  Casual Agent Of Dracunculiasis Disease Is

a) Bacteria

b) Worm



Ans- b) Worm

(2.)  How Much Is The Normal Blood Pressure Of Healthy Body_

a) 120/80 b) 100/60

c)140/80          d) None Of The Above

Ans – a) 120/80

(3.) Tobacco Belongs To Which Family_

a) Malvaceae b)Liliaceae

c) Solanaceae  d)  Fabaceae

Ans- c) Solanaceae

(4.)  Main Ingredient Of Alcohol Is-

a) C2H5OH

b) CH3OH


d) C6H12O6

Ans- a)C2H5OH

(5.) Which Disease Is Caused By The Deficiency Of Iodine-

a)Night Blindness   b) Rickets

c)Sterility                 d)  Goiter

Ans- d) Goiter

Very sort type questions

(6) Write the scientific name of opium plant.

Ans- papaver somniferum

(7) What is the reason for fatty liver disease?

Ans- eating excess calories causes fat in liver

Obesity causes liver disease

(8) Which is harmful ingredient found in tobacco?

Ans-  nicotine

(9) Write the name of the blood pressure measuring instrument.

Ans- sphygmomanometer

(10) Writer the name of the causing agent of dracunculiasis.

Ans- Dracunculas medinensis (roundworm)

Short type questions

(11) what do you mean by balanced diet and malnutrition?

Ans-  balance diet means having good amount of nutrients in body which maintaining good health, balance diet, which make body strong and increase immunity. When one or more nutrients are absent in   body for long period of time it called malnutrition.

(12.) what are the harmful effect of protein deficiency on human body?

Ans- protein deficiency causes protein malnutrition which chiefly affected small childrens deficiency of protein causes kwashiorkor disease. Childes stomach swells, looses apetite, behavior becomes irritative, skin becomes pale black, dry, spoty and starts rupturing. Body becomes weak, eyes sinks deep and becomes lusterless, this condition is termed as marasmus.

(13.) what should be the qualities of drinking water?

Ans- 1) water should not have visible particles and vegetation, should not have harmful microbes, PH of water should be balanced, water must have adequate amount of dissolved oxygen.etc are the qualities of drinking water.

 (14.) write down the harmful effects of contaminated water.

Ans – the presence of pathogenic microorganism in the contaminated water causes many disease like cholera, dysentery. Contaminated water also causes dangerous disease like hepatitis, flu, typhoid, jaundice etc.

(15.) which alkaloids are present in opium’s milk?

Ans- opium contain 30 types of alkolides among of them morphine, codine, nicotine, sommiferine and papaverine are main.

 (16.) write the harmful effects of tobacco.

Ans- tobacco causes the changes of mouths, thort cancer increases by the regular use of tobacco,if tabacoo is used by pregnant women then the rate of embryo development slows down, thickness the wall of arteries which increases blood pressure.

Eassy type questions

 (18.) what is kwashiorkor disease? wirte the symptoms and prevention measures.

Ans- Defieinecy of protein causes kwashiorkor disease. This type of disease is the type of protein malnutrition.

Symptoms:- symptoms of this disease is the stomach swells, looses apetite, behavior becomes irritative,skin becomes pale, black,dry, spoty and starts rupturing.sometimes body shrinks and become weak.

Prevention:-eat balanced diet which include lots of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, nutrient etc. drink water properly and more in a day .

(19.) How can you prevent the practice of opium in society?

Ans- the opium is used from so many types of peoples from childrens therefore the use of opium in society is overcome with help of doctors and NGO’S can help to prevent from this.

(20.) Writer the name of diseases and symptoms caused by vitamin deficiency.

Ans-  the vitamins are very important for human body. some diseases are found when there is lack of vitamins which are given below:-

Vitamins Disease due to deficiency Symptoms of the disease
Vitamin A Night blindness Unable to see at night or in the light
Thiamine B1 Beri beri Low heart beat, weakness in muscles and nerves.
Riboflavin B2 Riboflavinosis Rupturing around mouth linings and skin of lips and meomery loss
Niacin B3 Pellagra Appearanaces of dry scales on tongue and skin.
Ascorbic acid C scurvy Bleeding from gums, appearances of spots on the skin
Calciferol D rickets Bones of leg beds, inward bending of keens.

(21.) Describe the harmful effects of cold drinks on our body.

Ans: cold drinks are widely used by everywhere and from everyone on the occasion of some functions and programs but this cold drinks has some harmful effects on our body like cod drink contains different chemicals like lindane, melethian and chlopyriphom which are responsible for cancer , nervous, reproducible diseases and damages the immune system. The manufacturing of cold drinks include phosphoric acid which directly affects on teeth, it has capacity to even dissolve the iron. The chemical ethylene glycol act as “sweet poison”. Boric, erithorbic and benzoic acid collectively increases the acidity of cold drinks and which causes burn in stomach, indigestion sensation in brain etc. are the harmful effects of cold drinks on our body.

(22.) Explain the losses due to minerals malnutrition.

Ans- the minerals are very important part of our body there deficiency causes different type of disorders in the body like element iron is a part of hemoglobin and its deficiency leads to paleing of face to anemia, calcium is also important element which makes bones strong and its deficiency makes bones weak and brittle. Due to deficiency of iodine the activity of the thyroid gland slows sown and causes goiter. Deficiency of phosphorus makes teeth weak. Etc are the losses of minerals in our body.

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