RBSE Class 10 Information Technology Chapter 4 MS Power Point Solution

Rajasthan Board Class 10 Information Technology Chapter 4 Solution MS Power Point RBSE Class 10 Information Technology Solution for Chapter 4

Q1) Objective type questions

1) Which of the following should you use if you want all the slide in the presentation to have the same look?

A) The slide layout option

B) add a slide option

C) Outline you

D) Apresentation design template

Ans- d) Apresentation design template

2) Special effect use to introduce lied in a presentation are called

A) Effect’s

B) Custom animations

C) Transition

D) Present animations

Ans- c) transition

3) Which of the following is not one of PowerPoint view

A) Light show view

B) Slide view

C) Presentation view

D) Outline view

Ans- c) Presentation view

4) Which PowerPoint few works best for adding slide transition?

A) Slideshow view

B) Slide short review

C) Slide view

D) Notes view

Ans- B) Slide short view

5) Format painter is used

A) Paint pretty pictures on your slides

B) To copy formatting from one object or piece of text and then apply it elsewhere

C) To change the background color up your slides

D) To paint pretty pictures on background of slides

Ans- B) To copy formatting from one object or piece of text and then apply it elsewhere

6) Which option allows you to select line curve , freeform or scribal tools?

A) Credit effect

B) Insert motion path

C) Draw custom path

D) All of the book

Ans- C) draw custom path

7) Objects on the slide that hold text are called

A) Place Holder

B) Object Holder

C) Auto layout

D) Text Holder

Ans- A) Place Holder

8) PowerPoint view that display only text( title and bullets) is

A) Slide show

B) Slide shorter view

C) Note page view

D) outline view

Ans- D) outline view

9) a pile which contain ready made styles that can be used for a presentation is called

A) Auto style

B) Template

C) Wizard

D) Preformatting

Ans- B) Template

10) What happens if you edit an image inserted in PowerPoint?

A) The original file that was inserted is not changed

B) The original file that was inserted is changed

C) The original file is changed when you save presentation

D) None of above

Ans- A) Original file that was inserted is not changed

Q2) Very short answer type questions

1) PowerPoint presentation is a collection off……… that can be used to pankaj create oral presentation

Ans- A PowerPoint presentation is a collection of slides that can be used to create oral presentation

2) PowerPoint offers how many places for view buttons to change the view?

Ans- There are to place to change places for view buttons to change the view in PowerPoint

3) In which you small image of each slides is visible?

Ans- In slide sorter view small image of each slide is visible

4) Which type of you is more applicable for monitoring the preview of presentation?

Ans- user Presenter view is more applicable for monitoring the preview of presentation

5) Which presentation view is used to create speakers notes?

Ans – Presenter view is used to create speakers notes

6) What are the key benefits of slide Masters?

Ans- The key benefits of slide Masters 2 using slide Masters is that we can make changes to every slide in our presentation at the second quickly

Q3) Short answers type questions

1) How can you add header and footer in PowerPoint presentation?

Ans – To adding header and footer in PowerPoint presentation some steps are used. Header is upper portion of sheet its appeared on top of slide and Footer present at bottom of the slide,

following are the steps which use to add the header and footer

Step 1Click on the header and footer option from the text group of the insert tab

Step 2 then in the header or footer dialogue box on the notes and handouts tab then select the header or footer checkbox or both type the text that we want to appear on the centre header or on the top and in the centre of footer in the bottom of the page

Step 3 add the last apply click the option apply to all

2) Explain the slide layout

Ans – In any PowerPoint presentation first option is slide and it is important option, in the PowerPoint presentation the option home in which the new slide option is present and in the slide the other option is layout and it contain formatting, positioning , theme (colour, font , effects and the background ) placeholder for all of the content which present in a slide . placeholder are the containers in layout which hold search content as a clip art, text , tables, pictures movies, sounds , smart art , graphics , charts etc

3) Explain the use of speaker notes in PPT

Ans – The use of speaker notes is to remember what to say and when you present and print them and use presenter view to see your notes and it is used in presentation because by using speaker notes the audience sees only your slides when you use speakers notes slides work best when you don’t cram too much information

4) What is PPT hyperlink?

Ans- The hyperlink in PowerPoint presentation are similar to links in website that we might have seen on the web. the hyperlink is a text on a graphic that you Click to quickly and get to other link spreadsheet of Excel Word document and different PowerPoint presentation and it appears only worldwide web

5) Explain transition effects

Ans- The transition effect are similar to the animations effect. it give the visual interests to the presentation by introducing an element our move and the motion to the graphics, there are 4 type of transitions effect dissolve, swipe, fade, fly in, by the adding a transition will determine how was a slide appear, not how it disappears. in the transition effect we can control the speed and sound and customize the PowerPoint presentation

Q4) Essay type questions

1) What is a PowerPoint templates? explain the steps apply a templates to your presentation.

Ans- PowerPoint templates is a pattern on blueprint of a slide or group of slides. It is simply a set of pre formatted layout that a user can access when the creating a new slide you can create or custom templates and store them reuse them and share them with others for the applying templates to the presentation some steps are used that are followed

Step 1 open the presentation slide

Step 2 then choose design tab on the top

Step 3 click the option drop down arrow to the left of effects

Step 4 then the themes pallet will be open then choose the template as you want and click apply or select browse for apply themes at the bottom and then choose the templates from your PC and Click to apply

2) Explain different view in PowerPoint presentation

Ans – The PowerPoint presentation is a collection of slides that can be used create oral presentation. In the PowerPoint presentation several command are used for opening the presentation and closing the presentation. The PowerPoint presentation gives us four view by using this four view we can create and organise your presentation, in PowerPoint presentation there are two place to change places for a few buttons to change the view in PowerPoint, it is an Microsoft Office part of software in which lots of facilities like graphics, charts, videos and animation you will learn to create presentations using Ms PowerPoint 2007, The most important and basic purpose of a PowerPoint presentation is to present the information through a series of slides with the regular text, the use of PowerPoint presentation in school, college and businesses presentation and informal purposes also

3) Explain text formatting in PowerPoint presentation

Ans- When you create a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and you want create effective and impressive presentation you will need to format your text appropriately , for the creation of presentation the important things is text colors and font usually come to mind and other effect that is bold, italic and bold italic that are font and using word art and applying bullets to lists and numbers. there are many options to use the format text in PowerPoint ,one option is using mini toolbars and it open automatically when you select text you can also format text by using other options

4) Explain the importance of slide master in PowerPoint presentation

Ans – When we get the presentation list ride master is helpful and useful, extremely long presentation which number of slide the slide master save time because by using the slide master you do not need to type the same information on more than one slide, by the using slide master the key is benefit to modifying and you can make universal style changes to every slide in your presentation , when you

format the slide master the way you want then use them as your building your presentation to automatically. It is the top slide in a hierarchy of slides which store information about the theme and slide layout of presentation positioning, size effects , placeholder , font, colour, background etc

5) Difference between transition effect and animation effects

Ans – Transition effect

  • A transition is an effect which takes place when you move from one slide to another
  • in transition effects you can control speed add sound and customize the properties of transition effect

 Animation effect

  • animation effect is an applied to the element like a textbox or shape on slide
  • the animation effect is and tool that is play the list of pictures shapes smart art or graphics in animation effect you can apply customization

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