RBSE Class 10 Information Technology Chapter 3 Adding Elements to A Workbook Solution

Rajasthan Board Class 10 Information Technology Chapter 3 Solution Adding Elements to A Workbook RBSE Class 10 Information Technology Solution for Chapter 3

Q1) Objective type question

1) In order to edit a chart you can

a) Click the chart object

b) Click and drag the chart object

c) Double click the chart object

d) None of above

Ans- c) Double click the chart object

2) Excel file

a) Can contain text and data

b) Can be modified

c) Can contain many seats including worksheet and chart sheet

d) All of above

Ans – d) All of above

3) What do you use to create chart?

a) Pie wizard

b) Excel wizard

c) Data wizard

d) Chart wizard

Ans – d) Chart wizard

4) To insert a picture in Excel use picture option from

a) Illustration group

b) Arrange group

c) Connection group

d) Text group

Ans- a) illustration group

5) Which of the following is absolute cell reference

a) !A! 1

b) $A$1

c) #a#1

d) A1

Ans – b) $A$1

6) Which of the following option cannot be set in the page setup dialogue box?

a) Printer selection

b) Vertical or horizontal placement

c) Orientation

d) Row and column titles

Ans – c) Orientation

2 Very short answer type question.

1) excel chart wizard is used for

Ans- used to apply different chart.

2) which chart are best suitable for displaying data trends

Ans- line chart are best suitable for displaying data trends.

3) what is legend

Ans- it is the sort of labels that identify different series that are beging plotted in a chart.

4) pie chart is useful in

Ans- it is useful in presenting of relative proportion or contribution to a whole.

5) Define Sparkline ?

Ans-It is very small line chart. that is typically drawn without axes or coordinates.

3 short answer type question.

1) what important of chart.

Ans- The using various type of chart we can present the entered data in visual form. the numerical data is easy to understand due to the graphical presentation by using the charts. We can represent numbers in charts. We can compare the data by using the bar charts and it make comprise simple. We can represent the proportional presentation by using pie chart diagrammed

2) Explain the type of charts in excel.

Ans- different types and chart is helpful to display the data in different way that are meaningful to your audience .we can create new chart or change pre-existing chart by using the different types of chart.

Following are the types of charts. 1) column chart 2) line chart 3) pie chart 4) Bar chart 5) area chart 6) XY chart etc.

3) What are chart tools.

Ans- when we click any component of chart, we obiered that options and chart tools are displayed to the ribbon chart tool contains the three chart context tabs such as Design layout and format, these Tabs are called as context tab, we can use the tools to modify our chart or at time of creating new chart. to modify the design shape we use the design tab and layout tab is used to Add all sort of elements related to chart or change the way they are show in char, to apply the specific effects such as Beverly effects etc , we can use format tab.

4) Write different way to modify chart

Ans – Following are the way to modify the chart

1 modifying the chart type

2 Modifying the chart area

3 Resizing the chart

4 Delete a chart

5) How cell reference is useful in calculation?

Ans- The cell reference is useful in calculation for adding the dollar sign. And it is relative and absolute cell reference both are used in that require cell reference and including cell range and formula.

6) What is function in Excel?

Ans- The function is defined as a predefined formula is called as a function. That use specific value in a particular order to execute calculation, the function have unique identification that is naming all function have function name. Function is enable to perform a calculation and counting thousands of number.

7) Explain table insertion in Excel?

Ans- In Excel everything is table, the table contains data of series rows, columns that have been formatted in table, the table is inserted as a firstly select the range of cell as you want create a table by including data then click on the table and in table group of insert tab, then if the top row of the selected range contain data you want to use as a table header then check the header, footer and other cell matter and label click on ok a table is inserted

8) What is data validation?

Ans- To restrict the type of data on the value that users want to put into the cell that process is performed by using data validation, we can insure that the user choose one of the following option by the data validation and in allow you build a powerful proof, spreadsheet. and when the user want to have to type in data manually then the spreadsheet will be faster to use.

Q4) Essay type question

1) How you can create chart using Excel explain the steps?

You want to create chart off sing procedure is performed to create a chart in any type of chart when you change the data of chart the table will automatically change to create the chart following steps are perform

step 1 Enter the data in worksheet that you want to create table to plot the chart

Step 2 then select the cell that contain data

Step 3 then click on insert table

Step 4 the select the chart type from the chart group and sub type of chart

Step 5 select the title of the chart

Step 6 click on the title and write the title to the chart

Step 7 then set the elements of charts

2) What is the use of chart? explain the element of a chart?

Ans the use of chart are as follows

1 Excel chart is used to communicate data graphically

2 the chart is use to a allow the audience and viewer to see the meaning behind the number

3 It make showing comparisons and trends much easier

4 it is used for understand data through large table it is valuable for many business

Chart has many element to create the chart that is chart area , plot area , chart title , chart axis, legends , horizontal and vertical axis, data table and grid line by default some element are visible

3) explain the organisational chart

Ans- Represents the management structure of an graphically use the organizational chart . to create the organizational charts we required Smart art and graphic in Ms Excel. To create the organizational chart quickly and easily then you can type your data that you want put on chart and then paste text in your organizational chart Then text atomically positioned and arranged for you by using the shapes you can add shapes in organizational chart you can delete shapes only click on the border of the shape that you want to delete.

4) Explain functions in Excel

Ans – Functions is defined as a predefined formula is called as functions , that use appropriate value in a particular order to execute calculation by using the function in Excel you can add thousands of numbers together in an instant that perform calculation average and many other things in the functions , that adds together number called as SUM and the functions which calculate the average is called as AVARAGE , the function have a specific order called as syntax which is strictly followed for the function to correctly.

5) Explain the reference in Excel?

Ans – Reference is an important to create the formula in Excel to update automatically your formulas , the cell reference is helpful when the value in particular cell changes and assist you in updating formula as cell are copied in cell reference, there are 2 type that is first is relative and second one is absolute it behaves differently when copied and filled to another cell relative reference changes with changing of formula and absolute reference is content with change of formulas no matter where they are copied.

6) What is Excel form? how you can create a data from in Excel?

Ans When you work on the spreadsheet and it is too big to manage and we are constantly scroll back and forward then just to enter the data then the data form is very helpful it provides a convenient means to enter or display one complete row of information in range through scrolling forward, back and horizontally

Following are the steps to create data

Step 1 Firstly put the label to the top of every column in the range or table the Excel use the label to create form

Step 2 select a cell that you want to add

Step 3 click home button on the quick access toolbox

7) write down the steps to add data validation to a cell or range

Ans- Following are the steps to add data validation to a cell or range

Step 1 Firstly select one or more cell to validate

Step 2 the click on the data validation in the data tools group of data tab

Step 3 on the settings tab of data validation dialogue box then select appropriate validation type from allow drop down list

Step 4 then it parameters appropriately

Step 5 use ignore blank checkbox to handle blank values

Step 6 on input message tab choose whether to have Excel display an input message

Step 7 then in the error alter tab Choose whether you have Excel display error alert after the user enters invalid data in the cell.

8) How you can share your worksheet and workbooks in Excel?

Following are the steps to share your worksheet and workbook in Excel

Step 1 click on the share workbook from the changes group of the review tab,

Step 2 in the share workbook dialogue box on the editing tab then check the box that allow you to changes by more that one user at the same time that also allow workbook merging

Step 3 and on the advanced tab select the required option which is used for tracking and updating change and click OK

Step 4 there are two options choose one of them

First – if it new workbook then type a name in the filename and second – if it is an existing workbook then click OK to save the workbook

Step 5 verify and update the links that are broken if the workbook contains links to other word book or documents

Step 6 And in the lastly click the office button and then click save

This are the steps and process to share your worksheet and workbook in Excel

9) Who you can import and export data in Excel?

Ans – Following are the steps to import and export data in Excel

Step 1 On the office button click and open

Step 2 Then select the text files from the open dialogue box then locate double click the text file that you want to open

Step 3 to import a CSV I’ll select the CSV file and click open

Step 4 to import a text file select the text file and click open Excel launches then the text import wizard

Step 5 then choose delimited and click next

step 6 then clean all the check boxes under delimiters except for the tab checkbox and click next

step 7 click finish

10) What is Sparkline and write the steps to create a Sparkline ?

Ans – It is an small line chart which is drawn without access or by the coordinates and it is small enough to embedded in the text

Following are the steps to create sparkline

Step 1 Firstly select the cell that contain the data select door seal that you want to create Sparkline add go to insert tab then click the chart group

Step 2 Click the line option and select 2P line chart

Step 3 then select the legend and then press the delete key

Step 4 then select the horizontal axis and vertical axis and press delete key

Step 5 then select the horizontal grid line and then press the delete key

Step 6 and at the last step sleep chart and dragged handles today desired size.

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