PSEB Class 9 English Supplementary Reader Lesson 5 The Last Leaf Solution

PSEB Class 9 English Supplementary Reader Lesson 5 The Last Leaf all Question and Answers Solution

PSEB Class 9 English Supplementary Reader Lesson 5 The Last Leaf Solution: Punjab Board (PSEB) 9th Class Lesson 5 all questions of Supplementary Reader answers are in this page.

PSEB Solution Lesson 5 The Last Leaf

Punjab Board Class 9 English Literature (Supplementary Reader) Lesson 5 The Last Leaf Solution. Also known as PSEB The Last Leaf Solution.



1.) Who were Sue and Johnsy? What happened to Johnsy?

Answer: Sue and Johnsy were two young artists who shared a small flat. Johnsy fell seriously ill with pneumonia.


2.) What did Johnsy feel about her illness?

Answer: Johnsy felt depressed about her illness. She just lay in her bed still and gazed out of the window. She thought that she would not get well.


3.) What did Sue do to make her feel happy?

Answer: To make her feel happy, Sue brought her drawing board into Johnsy’s room and started painting. She whistled while working and talked about clothes and fashions to take her mind off the illness.


4.) Why did Johnsy look at the ivy leaves carefully?

Answer: Johnsy looked carefully at the Ivy leaves because she thought that, somehow, the shedding of the creeper’s leaves was the countdown of her death, and she would die with the fall of the last leaf.


5.) Who was Behrman?

Answer: Behrman was a sixty-year-old painter. He was waiting to fulfil his lifelong dream of painting a masterpiece.


6.) Why did Sue call Behrman to her room?

Answer: Sue wanted to paint an old miner and wanted Behrman to be her model. It is why she called him to her room.


7.) How was Johnsy saved?

Answer: Johnsy was sure that she would die with the fall of the last ivy leaf. Sue had told Behrman about this. Behrman, who had always dreamt of painting a masterpiece, painted an ivy leaf the night the final ivy leaf fell. Johnsy mistook the painted leaf for the creeper’s leaf that refused to fall. It revived the will in Johnsy to live, and she survived.


8.) What happened to Behrman and why?

Answer: Behrman died of pneumonia after two day’s illness. Behrman had painted an ivy leaf the night the last leaf of the creeper fell. While he painted outside in the night, it rained heavily, and ice-cold winds blew. The harsh weather had made him sick.


9.) What was Behrman’s masterpiece?

Answer: The ivy leaf which Behrman had painted on the wall was his masterpiece. It looked so lively that Johnsy thought it to be the actual ivy last leaf. It helped Johnsy regain her will to live, and she eventually survived.


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