PSEB Class 9 English Supplementary Reader Lesson 4 A Letter to God Solution

PSEB Class 9 English Supplementary Reader Lesson 4 A Letter to God all Question and Answers Solution

PSEB Class 9 English Supplementary Reader Lesson 4 A Letter to God Solution: Punjab Board (PSEB) 9th Class Lesson 4 all questions of Supplementary Reader answers are in this page.

PSEB Solution Lesson 4 A Letter to God

Punjab Board Class 9 English Literature (Supplementary Reader) Lesson 4 A Letter to God Solution. Also known as PSEB A Letter to God Solution.



1.) Where was Lencho’s house located? Did he have any neighbours?

Answer: Lencho’s house was situated on the highest of a low hill. No, he did not have any neighbours.


2.) When did it start raining?

Answer: It started raining when Lencho and his were having their dinner.


3.) What was Lencho’s family doing when it started family raining?

Answer: Lencho’s family was having dinner when it started raining.


4.) Why did Lencho go out? What did he observe?

Answer: Lencho went out to enjoy the pleasure of the rain falling on his body. He discovered the raindrops falling from the sky. Exclaiming, he called the big drops ten cent piece and the smaller raindrops fives.


5.) Why did Lencho’s sons run out? Were they happy? How do you know?

Answer: Lencho’s sons ran out because it had started hailing along with the rain. Yes, they were happy; because the hailstones resemble frozen pearls, and they were beginning to collect them.


6.) Why did Lencho become unhappy after the storm? What did he say?

Answer: Lencho became unhappy after the Strom because the storm and destroyed his corn. He said that a plague of locusts would have left more than that, but the storm had left nothing. And that there would be no corn that year and that they would all go hungry


7.) What did Lencho think throughout the night?

Answer:  Throughout the night, Lencho thought of his only hope: the help of God. He believed that God sees everything and knows one’s deepest thoughts.


8.) Who did Lencho write to for help? What did he write in his letter?

Answer: Lencho wrote to God for help. He wrote that if God did not help, he and his family would go hungry that year. And he needed a hundred pesos to survive and sow his field again as the hailstorm had destroyed his crop.


9.) How did he address the envelope? What did he do after that?

Answer: He addressed the envelope by writing ” To God”. He put the letter inside the envelope, went to the post office, affixed a stamp and dropped the letter into the mailbox.


10.) Who took the letter to the postmaster?

Answer: A postman took the letter to the postmaster.


11.)  What did the postmaster do then? Why did he do so?

Answer: The postmaster first laughed but then turned serious and wished he had a similar faith. Then, contributing a part of his salary, he collected some money from his employees and friends and send it to Lencho. He did so because he did not want to shake Lencho’s faith in God.


12.) When did Lencho receive the letter from ‘God’? Who gave it to him and where?

Answer: Lencho received the letter from ‘God’ the following Sunday. The postman himself gave him the envelope at the post office where Lencho had come to inquire.


13.) Was Lencho surprised to receive the money? Why?

Answer: Lencho was not surprised to receive the money because his faith in God was firm, and he was confident that God would reply to his letter.


14.) Why was Lencho angry after counting the money?

Answer: Lencho was angry after counting the money because he had received less than he requested amount. He was sure that God could not make a mistake and nor he could deny his request.


15.) Did Lencho write back to God? Why did he do so?

Answer: Yes, Lencho wrote back to God. He did so to tell God that he had received only seventy pesos instead of the requested amount of a hundred.


16.) What did Lencho write?

Answer: Lencho wrote that he had not received the amount of hundred pesos, and God should send him the rest. He also requested God not to send the amount through mail as the post office employees were a bunch of crooks.


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