PSEB Class 9 English Supplementary Reader Lesson 3 In the Flood Solution

PSEB Class 9 English Supplementary Reader Lesson 3 In the Flood all Question and Answers Solution

PSEB Class 9 English Supplementary Reader Lesson 3 In the Flood Solution: Punjab Board (PSEB) 9th Class Lesson 3 all questions of Supplementary Reader answers are in this page.

PSEB Solution Lesson 3 In the Flood

Punjab Board Class 9 English Literature (Supplementary Reader) Lesson 3 In the Flood Solution. Also known as PSEB In the Flood Solution.



1.) Where did the villagers take shelter? Why?

Answer: The villagers to shelter in the village temple. They did so because the village was fully flooded, and the temple was the highest point in the area of the village.


2.) Why did ChennaParaya not want to leave his hut?

Answer: ChennaParaya did not want to live his hurt because the plot had a few banana trees and a haystack, and leaving them unattended meant risking getting them stolen by thieves.


3.) When did ChennaParaya leave his hut?

Answer: ChennaParaya had made a raised platform in the hut with coconut husks and poles to protect himself and his family from rising flood waters. Water continued rising and came above the platform. it sunk a part of the shack also. It was when he decided to leave his hut.


4.) How did ChennaParaya leave the village?

Answer: ChennaParaya left the village by a catamaran, to which he cried aloud for help from his hut. Fortunately, they heard him and came for assistance, and he boarded the boat with his family.


5.) Who went with ChennaParaya?

Answer: ChennaParaya’s wife, their four children and his cat went with him.


6.) Why did the dog cry continuously?

Answer: The dog cried continuously because it was alone and hungry. he thought that anyone will rescue from the flooded place.


7.) How long was the dog alone in the hut?

Answer: The dog was alone for two days and two nights.


8.) Did anyone help the dog?

Answer: No, nobody helped the dog.


9.) Why did the two men come to ChennaParaya’s hut?

Answer: The two men came to steal ChennaParaya’s bananas, coconut and hay.


10.) Why did the thieves hit the dog?

Answer: The thieves hit the dog because he was barking madly at them and bit one of them on the leg. The other thief then struck the dog on its belly with a pole.


11.) What happened to the dog in the end?

Answer: In the end, a crocodile grabbed the dog and killed him. Chenna came back, when water started receding and found the dead dog under a coconut tree. His one ear was bitten off, the body was all rotten, and its colour had changed.


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