PSEB Class 9 English Supplementary Reader Lesson 2 Wishes Come True Solution

PSEB Class 9 English Supplementary Reader Lesson 2 Wishes Come True all Question and Answers Solution

PSEB Class 9 English Supplementary Reader Lesson 2 Wishes Come True Solution: Punjab Board (PSEB) 9th Class Lesson 2 all questions of Supplementary Reader answers are in this page.

PSEB Solution Lesson 2 Wishes Come True

Punjab Board Class 9 English Literature (Supplementary Reader) Lesson 2 Wishes Come True Solution. Also known as PSEB Wishes Come True Solution.



1.) Why did Sushil chandras neighbours get angry with him?

Answer:  Sushil Chandra’s neighbours got angry with him because he was all the time annoying them with his pranks and acts of mischief.


2.) Why did Sushil not want to go to school one Saturday? what happened then?

Answer:  Sushil did not want to go to school one Saturday because of a geography test, and he wanted to spend the whole day preparing for the evening fireworks so at the Bose’s house. So, he pretended to have a tummy ache and said he could not go to school. However, his father saw through his trick and asked him not to have toffees, rest all day in bed, forced him to swallow the bitter medicine he and locked him in.


3.) Why did the lady of wishes grant wishes to both the father and the son?

Answer:  Both the father and the son were unhappy about their present states and we should to be each other’s age. The lady of wishes granted them their wishes to see the result of full feeling their desires.


4.) What changes took place in Sushil?

Answer:  Sushil grew in size so much that his clothes had burst at the seams. He became bald and had grey stubble over his face. He yawned repeatedly and did not feel like getting up at all.


5.) What happened to Subalchandra after his wish was granted?

Answer:  After getting his wish full field, Subalchandra became very small, regained all his teeth and lost all his beard and moustache. His clothes became oversized for him.


6.)Why was Sushil kept busy in the evening?

Answer: Subal was kept busy in the evening to keep him quiet and from disturbing Sushil and the old man who gathered in his room to play chess at that time. Sushil hired a tutor to keep Subal busy till ten at night.


7.) Was Subalchandra happy with the change? Why?

Answer:  No, Subalchandra was not happy with the change. He always wishes to be a child again so he would not ignore his studies again. But now, he hated books and attending school. Moreover, at times, forgetting how young he was, he would turn up at old men’s gatherings playing cards and dice and talk like a grown up. They would box his ears, reprimand him and ask him to go away.


8.) What happened when the lady of wishes changed them once more?

Answer:  When the lady of wishes changed them once more, they were their original sleeves again with the old attitude and habits. The father started lording over his son and pushed him for his studies, and the son was always ready with some excuse to evade the books.


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