PSEB Class 9 Computer Science Chapter 3 MS Excel Part – I Solution

PSEB Punjab Board Class 9 Computer Science Textbook Solution Chapter 3 MS Excel Part – I Exercise Questions and Answers

PSEB Solution Class 9 Chapter 3 MS Excel Part 1

Q1) Multiple Choice Questions:-

(1) A workbook is a collection of the ………….

(a) Cell

(b) Row

(c) Column

(d) Worksheet

Ans: (d) Worksheet

(2) A cell is an intersection of a ………. and ……………

(a) Row, Column

(b) Row, Cell, Address

(c) Column, Formula Bar

(d) None of these

Ans: (a) Row, Column.

(3) Fill handle in MS Excel can be used for ……………

(a) Copying the contents of a Cell

(b) Entering Number Series

(c) Entering Custom Series

(d) All of the above.

Ans: (a) Copying the contents of a Cell

(4) The Extension of MS Excel file is ……………………….

(a) .docx/ .doc

(b) .xlsx / .xls

(c) .pptx / .ppt

(d) .txt

Ans: (b) .xlsx / .xls

(5) Which of the following are the views of MS Excel

(a) Page Layout

(b) Page Break Preview

(c) Normal

(d) All of the above

Ans: (d) All of the above

(Q2) Write the Shortcut keys for the following tasks:

(1) To open an existing file in MS Excel: Ctrl + O

(2) To save a file in MS Excel: Ctrl + S

(3) To Create a new file in MS Excel: Ctrl + N

(4) To Fill Right in MS Excel: Ctrl + R

(5) To Copy contents in MS Excel: Ctrl + C

(6) To Paste contents in MS Excel: Ctrl + V

Q3) Write True or False

1) Address of Active Cell always displays in Name Box.

Ans: True

2) All Columns of MS Excel are represented by numbers starting with 1.

Ans: False

3) Cell containing formula displays the result of the formula, whereas the formula itself displayed in Formula Bar.

Ans: True

4) MS Excel is a widely used Word Processor.

Ans: False

5) We can insert Number Series in MS Excel using Fill handle.

Ans: True

Q4) Short Answer Type Questions :-

1) Define MS Excel

Ans: Microsoft Excel is a electronic spreadsheet and a part of Microsoft Office Suite. This program was designed for performing different mathematical operations on a spreadsheet (the data is entered in tabular form (rows and columns) on a sheet. Microsoft Excel is also known as spreadsheet. Excel also has different built-in tools lie functions, formulas etc which helps to perform mathematical operation/calculations. You can even prepare various sheets on Excel like Salary sheet, Marksheet etc.

2) What are the uses of MS Excel

Ans: MS Excel is used for performing the tasks related to the mathematical operations. You can even prepare various sheets on Excel like Salary sheet, Marksheet etc.

3) What is Name Box

Ans: The Name Box shows us/displays the address of the cell, column or row in which are currently active.

4) Explain Rows and Columns in MS Excel

Ans: When a group of cells comes together in a vertical straight line is to be termed as Columns whereas the group of cells comes together in a horizontal way is to be termed as Rows. Excel provides you a worksheet 16384 columns and 1048576 rows. Columns are labelled starting from alphabet A to XFD and rows are labelled into numbers starting from 1 to 1048576.

Q5) Long Answer Type Questions :-

1) What are the Basic operations for MS Excel worksheet
Ans: The basic operations for MS Excel worksheet are as followed explained with diagram and brief description :-

a) Inserting a New worksheet: As we know that Excel provides worksheets for storing the data. If there is a huge data or for storing different types of data in one file (that means workbook), then we can insert a new worksheet as per our need. Basically Excel provides three worksheets mainly named as Sheet 1, Sheet 2, and Sheet 3. At the bottom of the work area on its left side corner button, you may notice a Leaf bar, from there we can add extra/ insert worksheet in our workbook. Shift + F11 is the shortcut key combination which is used for inserting a new worksheet.

b) Renaming a worksheet: In the workbook we enter different types of worksheets, for the easily identifying/recognizing a particular worksheet form the other worksheets we have to rename a particular worksheet. Renaming a worksheet is a process of giving again the name to the worksheet which is available in the workbook.

For renaming the worksheet, some steps needs to be followed:

• The worksheet which we want to rename, we have to right click on the Sheet Leaf.
• After which the pop-up menu appears, from which select the option as Rename
• The name which you want to give to your worksheet, type the new name and then press Enter key from the keyboard.

c) Removing a worksheet: In the workbook, you may notice that some of the worksheets wont be much useful to you. Unwanted/no longer required worksheets can be removed from the workbook. This option is much helpful in gathering the meaningful and useful worksheets in the workbook.

The steps for removing the existing worksheet from the workbook are :-
• The worksheet which we want to remove, we have to right click on the Sheet Leaf.
• After which the pop-up menu appears, from which select the option as Delete.
• You may see that the selected sheet will be removed from the worksheet and the respective sheet leaf will also be unavailable.

d) Copying a worksheet :- This option is mostly used in the Excel worksheet. With the help of this option we can copy the worksheet as a duplicate sheet along with its content many a times. If we want to change the contents of the copied sheet, then too we make changes.

The steps for copying the worksheet are as followed :-
• The worksheet which we want to copy, we have to right click on the Sheet Leaf.
• After which the pop-up menu appears, from which select the option as Move or Copy.
• After which the Move or Copy dialog box appears, we have to click on the create a copy option at the lower left corner.
• From the Before Sheet list of dialog box, you have to select the location of the sheet.
• Press the Ok button

2) Explain the features of MS Excel

Ans :- The features of MS Excel are as followed :-

a) Easy Data Analysis :- There are availability of various tools in MS Excel like sorting, Filtering, Charts, Pivot tables, Goal seek etc. These tools helps us in analysing the data in an effective manner.

b) Conditional Formatting :- To highlight the facts from data or information, Excel
provides the facilities of formatting the data on the basis of certain rules.

c) Data Validation :- When the data is been entered, it will help us to validate the
data on the basis of certain criteria.

d) Easy to find and store data :- As we know that Excel is a collection of very big
worksheets, that means you can save a lot of information into it. There is no
limitation. If we save a lot of information in any of the word processor program,
and if we want to find it.

e) Application of Formula :- There are various types of formulas which are used
for performing/accomplishing mathematical tasks. This formula helps us to save
time and perform the operations efficiently and accurately.

f) Data Protection :- As the data or information entered into the Excel sheet is
very confidential and must be kept secured so that no one makes any changes
the data. The data in the Excel can be kept secured by providing/applying it a

g) Organized data :- You can add plenty of data into the different worksheets and
then add all such worksheets into a single MS Excel workbook.

3) Write the difference between Workbook and Worksheet.

Ans :- The difference between a workbook and worksheet are as followed :-
i) Worksheet :- It is the single page in excel where you can work on it. Worksheet is made up rows and columns. There are 16384 columns and 10,48,576 rows total in a single worksheet. The columns are labelled alphabetically from A to XFD and rows from 1 to 10,48,576. There are 3 worksheets named as Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3 by default in Excel. You can rename and change the colour of the worksheet name.
ii) Workbook :- It is collection of worksheets. In other terms, it is the file like the other files of different applications. You can save the workbook with your name.

Dear Student, I appreciate your efforts and hard work that you all had put in. Thank you for being concerned with us and I wish you for your continued success.

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