PSEB Class 9 Computer Science Chapter 2 Internet Applications Solution

PSEB Punjab Board Class 9 Computer Science Textbook Solution Chapter 2 Internet Applications Exercise Questions and Answers

PSEB Solution Class 9 Chapter 2 Internet Applications

Q1) Multiple Choice Questions:

1) Gmail is a free mail provided by ……………

a) Yahoo

b) Google

c) Rediff mail

d) Hotmail

Ans: b) Google

2) A ………. is a type of text used in computing to determine whether or not the human.






3) is a type of malware designed to provide unauthorized, remote access to the user’s computer.

a) Spyware

b) Trojan

c) Malware

d) Horse

Ans: b) Trojan

4) is a computer program that replicates itself into other computer programs.

a) Spyware

b) Virus

c) Phishing

d) Malware

Ans: b) Virus

5) is an Indian digitization online service provided by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India under its Digital India Initiative.

a) DigiLocker

b) DigiProgram

c) DigiHacker

d) DigiBanker

Ans: a) DigiLocker

Q2) Write True or False:

1) Spyware is an e-mail fraud method in which the wrong doer sends out legitimate- looking email in an attempt to gather personal and financial information from the recipients.

Ans: False

2) Google Drive does not allow us to store and share files online.

Ans: False

3) The best way to deal with the threat of a computer virus is to use antivirus software.

Ans: True

4) The Web threat is any threat that uses the World Wide Web to facilitate cybercrime.

Ans: True

5) Google Meet is a video conferencing service by Google.

Ans: True

Q3) Short Question Answer:

(1) Define E-mail

Ans: E-mail stands for electronic mail, which means the messages over the globe are been exchanged (sent or received) with the help of Internet (Electronically). One message can be sent to many persons at a time. For using e-mail, the sender and recipient needs to have their email accounts on the email service providers like

(2) Give the names of any four Google apps

Ans :- Google sheet, Google Play store, Google Meet, Google Drive are some of the Google apps.

(3) Define Cyber Ethics?

Ans :- It is the act/responsibility of the user of how one should behave while using internet. How to make use of the online resources responsibly. It is assurance of the responsibilities of the user at the time of their online presence.

(4) What is DigiLocker?

Ans :- DigiLocker is an Indian digitization online service provided by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India under its Digital India Initiative. It gives the permission to every Aadhar holder on the cloud to access various authentic certificates/documents like driving license, vehicle registration certificate, academic marksheets in the digital form from the original issuers of these certificates or documents.

(5) What is Cloud printing

Ans :- Cloud printing is the method/way of printing the materials that is available on the other devices which are connected in the cloud network.

(Q4) Long Question Answers:

(1) What are Google Apps? Explain any two Google Apps

Ans: We have heard many times and at many places, the word ‘Apps’. Do we know what is this word ‘Apps”? The short form or the trim version of the word application is the Apps. This apps is nothing but they are some type of software/programs which works on internet, computer or any other electronic devices. Google also provides their online services to their users. They also sell the specific package of applications which are known as Google Apps. Google Apps is nothing but a package of applications that works on web. This package of applications are been provided by the Google to its users. The applications like e-mail, calendar, word processing, spreadsheet and presentation. The two Google Apps are described below :-

(a) Gmail:- It is a free e-mail service which the Google company provides. It is most widely service used on the internet. You can create you email account, send and receive mail messages, create an address book, block and spam the mails etc and other e-mail related works too. All these operations or tasks are been performed at free of cost.

(b) Google Maps: This is also the service provided on the web by the Google company. It is also a free service. It acts as a digital map which helps the newer person to reach or find its destination. This map is shows the streets in the satellite view, 3D view, real- time traffic conditions (Google Traffic) etc. It is much helpful for the person/ user who is travelling by walking, car, bus, or by motorbike etc. it also helps the new person to find the nearby ATMs, restaurants and hotels, ice cream corner and much more at newer places. Google maps supports on the Android phones and iOS devices. In the September 2008, Google Maps was released containing the features like GPS
turn-by-turn navigation along with the dedicated parking assistance /help.

(2) What is Google Drive? Write various benefits of Google drive

Ans: Google Drive is also one of the service that is provided by the Google. It is used for storing or saving any file/document online. Google Drive provides you the free storage facility upto 15 GB. On 24th April, 2012, Google company launched its service of Google Drive. If you need the extra storage facility above 15 GB, then too you can get it by paying some monthly subscribed fee.

The Benefits of Google Drive are as followed :-

• We can send very huge files to our friends, work colleagues, business clients etc with the help of G-mail account.

• We can bring all our files on the web and we can quickly access them by making use of Google Drive.

• We can also get access to our files anytime, anywhere on our smartphones or iPhone by making use of Google Drive application.

• There is a in-built search engine which helps the user to search the file by typing the owners name or by file type. We can also search the contents by typing with the help of keyboard.

• The words or expressions can also be searched in the scanned documents by making use of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which is available in Google Drive. For ex:- If any old newspapers article is been scanned and uploaded on the Google Drive, so it is much easier for us to search someone’s name in the article of old newspaper.

• It has become possible for us to open various kinds of file ie. is .ai, (Adobe Illustrator), .psd (Photoshop) files.

(3) Write about various methods of Internet Security

Ans:- Internet security means protecting our computer or taking preventive measures from the threats of internet such as malicious activities. Following are some of the methods of Internet Security are :-

(a) Anti-virus:- Virus is a program, which completely tampers, or infects/damages the program files and folders available in the system, which as result creates a problem/slow in smooth functioning of the system. Whenever we try to download any files from internet (malicious sites), or through pendrives, mails, the virus enters into the computer. When the host program is executed, the virus spreads very fast. The virus tries to multiply itself in the system when the virus enters in the system. There are some softwares/programs created to save the program files/folders from the system and guards it. Anti-virus software is used for scanning the virus in the program/system and removing it thoroughly. There are some popular antivirus such as Net Protector Antivirus, Quick Heal, AVG etc. This programs are much effective against known viruses.

(b) Anti- Spyware:- Spyware is a program directly gets installed on the users computer or mobile device without the permission or consent of the user. This program secretly collects the confidential / important information about the user and directly send it to the other source when the user is online. All these things takes place without the consent / knowledge of the user. Anti-spyware is a software which detects the unwanted spyware program and removes them. It is much difficult for one to delete or remove the spyware because whenever we try to delete any program, the program gets reinstalled again by itself. Spyware management tool is a must at the time when you are detecting for a spyware. There are some spyware management tools which comes up combined with some antivirus software.

(c) Prevention from Trojan Horse:- Trojan Horse is a virus acts as a friendly relation with the games or application and automatically gets installed in it. This virus is very dangerous and has the ability to destroy all the data on the systems. To prevent our computer from Trojan Horse we should never download or download any kind of software from the source which we don’t have trust. The attachment or link of any program that is been received from the e-mail of the unknown source, kindly avoid in opening the program or the attachment. Do make sure that the Trojan antivirus is properly installed on your computer with the updated license.

(d) Prevention from Phishing Scam:- Don’t make a click and follow any unknown
link. Always make use of the Official website only for the login.

(4) What is a Cyber Crime? Write various preventive measures against Cyber Crime.

Ans: Cyber crime is a act in which there is an involvement of a computer and a network. In this crime, computers are made used for doing such crimes. It is a threat to the individual person, to the nation or to the financial health. In this act computers use depends upon the work/way they are been used for they are used as a target or they are been used as a tool. Theft, fraud, forgery, defamation, mischief etc are the activities which are the part of the Cyber crime. Cyber crime is the illegal act that is done to disturb the reputation or physical or mental health of a person or group of persons by making use of the electronic means like modern telecommunication networks such as Internet (networks which are including chatrooms, e-mails, notice boards, groups etc) and mobile phones(Bluetooth/SMS/MMS).

Preventive measures which should be taken against the Cyber crime are:-

• The user must make use of full service internet security package.

• While using different online websites, it is necessary/must for the user set the strong passwords.

• Make sure that the software is updated or not.

• Never try to leak your private or personal information. Keep it locked down.

• It is much secured to start with the strong encryption password as well as virtual private network.

• Without closing down the channels, it is much helpful in teaching or guiding your kids the proper and acceptable use of internet.

• You must keep yourself updated in-relation to the security on the internet.

• You must make sure that your identification is not been used by anyone else. Take preventive measures towards it.

• If you think, that you have fallen prey or victim of the cyber crime, then you must immediately contact to your local police.

Dear Student, I appreciate your efforts and hard work that you all had put in. Thank you for being concerned with us and I wish you for your continued success.

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