PSEB Class 7 Science Chapter 5 Acids, Bases and Salts Solution

PSEB Punjab Board Class 7 Science Textbook Solution Chapter 5 Acids, Bases and Salts Exercise Questions and Answers


Chapter 5 Acids, Bases and Salts

Q.1.) Fill in the blanks:

1.) Acids are ……… in taste.

Answer:- Sour.

2.) Litmus and turmeric extract are ………. indicators.

Answer:- Natural acid-base.

3.) Phenolphthalein is …..….… in acidic solution.

Answer:- Colourless.

4.) Reaction between an acid and a ………….. is called neutralization reaction.

Answer:- Base.

5.) Ant’s sting has ………….. acid.

Answer:- Methanolic acid.

6.) Excess secretion of hydrochloric acid in stomach, is called…………

Answer:- Peptic ulcers

7.) Milk of magnesia is used in case of………….

Answer:- Laxative relief from constipation.


Q.2 Match the column:






Answers :-

1.) Red litmus changes to blue in – iii) Basic Solution.

2.) Blue litmus changes to red in – v) Acidic Solution.

3.) Reaction between an acid and a base – i) Neutralisation.

4.) Formic acid – iv) Antbite.

5.) Calamine – ii) Zinc Carbonate.


Q.3.) Choose the correct option

1.) Vinegar contains :

(a) acetic acid □

(b) lactic acid □

(c) citric acid □

(d) tartaric acid □

Answer:- a. acetic acid

2.) Tamarind contains :

(a) acetic acid □

(b) lactic acid □

(c) citric acid □

(d) tartaric acid □

Answer:- d. tartaric acid

3.) The example of natural indicator is:

(a) Litmus □

(b) Turmeric extract □

(c) China rose petals □

(d) all the above □

Answer:- c. China rose petals.

4.) The colour of blue litmus in acidic solution is :

(a) purple □

(b) blue □ (c) red □

(d) pink □

Answer:- c. red

5.) Amla Contains :

(a) Ascorbic Acid □

(b) quick lime □

(c) calamine □

(d) all the above □

Answer:- a. Ascorbic Acid.


Q.4 True or false:

1.) Citric acid is found in tamarind.(T/F)

Answer:- False

2.) Ant’s sting has oxalic acid.(T/F)

Answer:- False

3.) Turmeric extract gives reddish brown colours in basic solution.(T/F)

Answer:- True

4.) Sodium hydroxide turns blue litmus red.(T/F)

Answer:- True

5.) Organic matter is used to treat acidic soil.(T/F)

Answer:- False


Q.5 Very short answer type questions

1.) Which acid is secreted in our stomach?

Answer:- Hydrochloric acid is secreted in our stomach.

2.) Name any two antacids.

Answer:- Sodium Carbonate, Magnesium Hydroxide.

3.) What type of substances are used as ant bites?

4.) Answer:- . Formic acid is used as ant bites.

5.) Name any two citrus fruits.

Answer:- . Lemon lines, Grapefruits.

6.) Why is it essential to treat acidic products?

Answer :- Acids are dangerous they can cause harm when they come in contact that’s why it is essential to treat.


Q.6 Short answer type questions:

1.) Name the source from which the litmus solution is obtained. What is the use of this solution?

Answer:- Litmus solution is obtained from lichens which are purple in colour. It helps to identify solution acidic, basic or neutral

2.) Is the distilled water acid/basic/neutral? How would you verify it?

Answer:- Distilled water is neutral, We can verify it by showing that neither blue nor red litmus paper changes its colour when deep in distilled water.

3.) Describe the process of neutralization with the help of an example.

Answer:- Reaction between acid and base is known as a neutralization reaction. For example, if you mix sodium hydroxide with hydrochloric acid and two to three drops of phenolphthalein. The formation of a pink colour solution indicates the basic nature of sodium hydroxide.


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