PSEB Class 7 Science Chapter 15 Light Solution

PSEB Class 7 Science Chapter 15 Light SolutionPSEB Punjab Board Class 7 Science Textbook Solution Chapter 15 Light Exercise Questions and Answers




Q.1 Fill in the blanks:

(i) An image formed by a ………………….. mirror is always of the same size as that of an object.

Answer: plane.


(ii) In a plane mirror, the left hand of a person appears to be the ………………… hand in the  image and ……………. hand appears to be the left hand in the image.

Answer: right, right.


(iii) The image formed by a convex mirror is always ………………… and ……………….. in size.

Answer: erect, smaller.


(iv) Convex lenses are ………………… in the middle and concave lenses are ………….. in the middle than at the edges.

Answer: thin, thick.


(v) A prism splits the white light into ……………….. colours.

Answer: seven


Q.2 True or false:

(i) There is reflection of light through a lens.

Answer: False


(ii) The ray of light coming towards the plane mirror is called the reflected ray.

Answer: False.


(iii) The image formed by a plane mirror is always in front of the mirror.

Answer: False


(iv) A concave mirror is a part of hollow sphere of glass, whose outer side is coated with silver layer and reflection takes place from the inside.

Answer: True


(v) Concave lens always forms a virtual, erect and smaller image of the object.

Answer: True


Q.3 Choose the correct answer.

(i) Which of the following does not show reflection of light ?

(a) Plane mirror

(b) Concave mirror

(c) Convex mirror

(d) Card board.

Answer: (d) Card board.


(ii) Which is used for rear view in cars and other vehicles:

(a) Concave mirror

(b) Convex mirror

(c) Convex lens

(d) Concave lens.

Answer: (b) Convex mirror.


(iii) The image of an object formed by a concave lens is always ?

(a) Real and diminished

(b) Virtual and larger

(c) Real and larger

(d) Virtual and diminished.

Answer: (d) Virtual and diminished.


(iv) The process of splitting of white light in seven colours on passing through a prism is called:

(a) Reflection of light

(b) Refraction of light

(c) Bending of light

(d) Dispersion of light.

Answer: (d) Dispersion of light.


Q.4 Match the following.


A) Mirror used by dentists :- 4. Concave

B) Rear view Mirror :- 3. Vehicles

C) Magnifying glass :- 2. Microscope

D) Concave lens :- 1. Spectacles


Dear Student, I appreciate your efforts and hard work that you all had put in. Thank you for being concerned with us and I wish you for your continued success.


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