PSEB Class 7 English Chapter 6 Mountaineers Solution

PSEB Punjab Board Class 7 English Textbook Solution Chapter 6 Mountaineers Exercise Questions and Answers, Grammar, Composition Writing.

PSEB Class 7 English Chapter 6 Mountaineers Solution

Activity 1

1.) Sea-level: Noun

2.) Achievement: Noun

3.) Feat: Noun

4.) Climber: Noun

5.) Mountaineer: Noun

6.) Summit: Noun

7.) Scale: Noun

8.) Expedition: Noun

9.) Felicitated: Verb

10.) Dedicated: Adjective

11.) Trek: Noun

12.) Acclimatization: Noun

13.) Starved: Verb

14.) Deter: Verb

15.) Adventurous: Adjective

Activity 2

Make meaningful sentences of the words given below:

1.) sea-level – I live on the coast, just above the sea-level.

2.) achievement – Ram won a great achievement by ranking first.

3.) mountaineer – I want to become a mountaineer.

4.) summit – The summit is very high.

5.) expedition – We went on a forest expedition from school.

6.) felicitated – MS Dhoni was felicitated with Padma Bhushan.

7.) dedicated – I am fully dedicated to my studies.

8.) acclimatization – It’s very difficult to survive without acclimatization to the atmoshpere.

9.) starved – The tiger in the zoo starved without food.

10.) adventurous – Lets do something adventurous.

Activity 3

Read and answer the following questions.

1.) Who was the first Indian to climb Everest?

Ans: Captain Avtar Singh Cheema was the first Indian to climb Mount Everest on May 20, 1965.

2.) Who led the 1965 Indian Expedition to Mount Everest?

Ans: Commander M.S. Kohli led the expedition to Mount Everest on 1965.

3.) When did the first Indian reach the peak?

Ans: The first Indian reached the peak was Captain Avtar Singh Cheema, on May 20, 1965.

4.) Which awards did Captain Cheema receive?

Ans: Captain Cheema was felicitated Arjuna Award and Padma Shri award

5.) What is the oxygen-starved area of the mountains called?

Ans: The oxygen-starved area of the mountains is called the ‘Death Zone’.

Activity 4

Choose the most appropriate option from the given four:

1.) The highest point on the planet is ______.

(a) Kanchenjunga

(b) Mount Everest

(c) Kilimanjaro

(d) K2.

Answer: (b) Mount Everest

2.) The height of Mount Everest above sea-level is ______.

(a) 30,102 feet

(b) 29,000 feet

(c) 29,028 feet

(d) 20,196 feet

Answer: (c) 29,028 feet.

3.) The first people to stand on top of Mount Everest were ________.

(a) Kohli

(b) Sir Edmund Hillary

(c) Tenzing Norgay

(d) Both (b) & (c)

Answer: (d) Both (b) & (c)

5.) Colonel Avtar Singh Cheema was the ________ person in the world to scale the peak.

(a) 20th

(b) 16th

(c) 1st

(d) 3rd

Answer: (b) 16th

6.) Both Cheema and Kohli were felicitated by the Indian Government with _______.

(a) Nishan-e-Khalsa

(b) Dronacharya Award

(c) Vir Award

(d) Arjuna Award

Answer: (d) Arjuna Award

7.) A postage stamp was dedicated to the success of the _______ Everest Expedition.

(a) 1933

(b) 1965

(c) 1989

(d) 1970.

Answer: (b) 1965

8.) The route between 26,000-29,020 feet is called the ________.

(a) last zone

(b) upper zone

(c) death zone

(d) middle zone.

Answer: (c) death zone.

Activity 5

Study the box below. Fill in the blanks that follow to complete the sentences.


1.) Do you know that girl? Do you know _______?

2.) My sister and I have enough food ______ can all share.

3.) Raj and Reema are late ______ should hurry.

4.) He gave a beautiful gift ______ I really like it.

5.) Buffalos are very big so _______ eat a lot of food.

6.) My sister is studying hard because _______ has a test tomorrow.

7.) Are you okay? Can I help _______.

8.) My new neighbours are very helpful. I really like ______.

9.) I want to read my book. Where did you keep _______?

10.) I’m busy right now. Could you please call ______ after an hour?

11.) He gave me a pen but _______ lost it.

12.) We gave money to the shopkeeper and he gave _____ milk.

13.) I don’t eat junk food because ____ isn’t healthy.

14.) Who is she? Do you know _______  name?


1.) her

2.) we

3.) They

4.) me

5.) they

6.) she

7.) you

8.) them

9.) it

10.) me

11.) I

12.) us

13.) it

14.) her.

Activity 8

You are the Principal of your school. Write a notice mentioning that your school is going to hold a science exhibition on the 15th of next month. It is mandatory for all the students to participate and make a science project. Final selection of science projects will take place a week before the exhibition. The class teachers will select the best three projects in each class.


Techno India High School

November 12, 2022


Our school is going to hold a science exhibition on 15th of December, 2022 in the school hall for the selection of the inter-school exhibition. It is mandatory for all the students of class 7 to participate in it. Each student should prepare a science project of his/her own on “The Teeth” or, “The Digestive System” or, “The Respiratory System”. The best three projects from all the sections will be awarded and will be listed for the inter-school exhibition.
Signature ………….

Activity 9

Study the chart above and answer the following questions.

1.) What is the highest score of Virat Kohli in First Class Cricket?

Ans: It is 254 not out against South Africa.

2.) What is his batting average in One Day Internationals?

Ans: It is 59.85.

3.) How many sixes has Virat Kohli hit in Test Cricket till now?

Ans: 22

4.) How many runs has he made in One Day Internationals?

Ans: 11,702

5.) How many centuries has he hit in Twenty 20 Internationals?

Ans: He has hit no century in Twenty 20 internationals.


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