PSEB Class 7 English Chapter 5 The Hunter and the Deer Solution

PSEB Punjab Board Class 7 English Textbook Solution Chapter 5 The Hunter and the Deer Exercise Questions and Answers, Grammar, Composition Writing.

PSEB Class 7 English Chapter 5 The Hunter and the Deer SolutionActivity 1

1.) Journey: noun

2.) Plea: noun

3.) Buck: noun

4.) Doe: noun

5.) Fawn: noun

6.) Beast: noun

Activity 2

Pick up words from the poem that match the rhyme of the following words.

1.) fun – Ans: gun, son

2.) feast – Ans: least, beast

3.) wise – Ans: eyes, lies

4.) near – Ans: dear, fear

5.) file – Ans: while, smile

Activity 3

Read the words in the following table and do as directed.

Serial no.

Words I know the word. Put a tick (✓) I don’t know the word. Put a cross (x)

Write the meaning

1.) Buck A male horned deer
2.) Hunter A person who hunts
3.) Beast A dangerous animal
4.) Raised Lifted to a higher position
5.) Journey An act of travelling
6.) Doe A female deer
7.) Fawn A young deer

Activity 4

Read the poem and select the appropriate option to fill in the given blanks.

1.) The hunter went on a journey to find some ________.

(a) deer meat

(b) dog meat

(c) horse meat

Answer: (a) deer meat

2.) The hunter found _________.

(a) a dog

(b) a buck

(c) a bear

Answer: (b) a buck

3.) The other word for a male deer is _______.

(a) doe

(b) fawn

(c) buck

Answer: (c) buck

4.) The poet thought that the buck was begging for ________.

(a) the fawn’s life

(b) his own life

(c) the doe’s life

Answer: (b) his own life

5.) A female deer is called a _______.

(a) doe

(b) fawn

(c) buck

Answer: (a) doe

6.) A young deer is called a _______.

(a) doe

(b) fawn

(c) buck

Answer: (b) fawn

7.) The hunter remembered what he came for and raised his ________.

(a) hand

(b) gun

(c) head

Answer: (b) gun

8.) A ______ came out of nowhere.

(a) doe

(b) fawn

(c) buck

Answer: (b) fawn

9.) The hunter felt that he could not ______ the buck.

(a) kill

(b) raise

(c) look at

Answer: (a) kill

10.) The hunter gathered ______ for feeding the deer.

(a) fruits

(b) leaves

(c) nuts.

Answer: (c) nuts.

Activity 5

Write answers to the following questions.

1.) What did the hunter want to eat?

Ans: The hunter went on a journey and wanted to eat deer meat.

2.) What did the hunter see?

Ans: The hunter saw a buck.

3.) Why did the hunter not ill the buck?

Ans: The hunter did not kill the buck because he saw a plea of mercy in the buck’s eyes and also because he begged for his life.

4.) What did the hunter do?

Ans: The hunter did not kill the buck and gathered some nuts and fed the buck.

5.) How did the buck feel after eating nuts?

Ans: After eating the nuts, the buck did not fear the hunter anymore.

Activity 6

Explain the following statements in your own words.

1.) And if he killed the buck he’d feel like a beast.

Ans: It is a beastly act to kill.

2.) And something grew in him.

Ans: He started to feel merciful.

3.) And he felt the deer’s lack of fear.

Ans: He believed that the deer was no longer afraid.

Activity 7

In the following sentences, choose one of the three options and put a tick on the right one.

1.) I have a/an/the/good idea.

Ans: a

2.) That is a/an/the/interesting toy!

Ans: an

3.) I have kept the bag in alan/the/cupboard.

Ans: the

4.) Do the Sharmas have a/an/the/blue car?

Ans: a

5.) The water in a/an/the/river is dirty.

Ans: the

6.) He had a/an/the/piece of chocolate.

Ans: a

7.) I like to eat a/an/the/egg everyday.

Ans: an

8.) She has a/an/the/good habit of brushing her teeth twice a day.

Ans: the

9.) Raghavlikes to walk in a/an/the/rain.

Ans: the

10.) Radha plays a/an/the game of chess everyday.

Ans: the

Activity 8

Let us help Richard describe his office.

Write ‘this’ or ‘these for things that are near him, and that’ or ‘those’ for things that are not near him. One has been done for you.

1.) This laptop is new.

2.) ______ wooden cabinet is for his papers.

3.) _______ books are about business.

4.) ______ computer is also new.

5.) ______ dustbin is very good

6.) _______ curtains are very old.

7.) _______ plant is beautiful.

8.) _______ wooden horses are nice.

9.) ______ cage does not have a real bird.

10.) ________ drawers need repair.


2.) This

3.) These

4.) This

5.) That

6.) These

7.) That

8.) These

9.) This

10.) These.

Activity 9

In the following sentences choose one of the options and put a tick on the right one.

1.) There are only _______ bananas left in the box.

(a) a few

(b) a little

2.) We need ________ butter for this cake.

(a) a few

(b) a little

3.) There are only ______ days left to give the reports.

(a) a few

(b) a little

4.) I bought ______ apples from this shop.

(a) a few

(b) a little

5.) ______ people live in your city?

(a) How much

(b) How many

6.) ______ water is there in the sea?

(a) How much.

(b) How many

7.) We need _______ bananas.

(a) some

(b) any

8.) You can’t buy ______ oranges in this shop.

(a) some

(b) any

9.) There is a bus _______ 2 hours.

(a) each

(b) every

10.) We enjoyed ______ minute of our holidays.

(a) each

(b) every


1.) (a) a few

2.) (b) a little

3.) (a) a few

4.) (a) a few

5.) (b) How many

6.) (a) How much

7.) (a) some

8.) (b) any

9.) (b) every

10.) (a) each.

Activity 10

Complete the following letter written by Ashok to Deepak. Fill in the correct possessive adjectives.

Hello Deepak
_________ (1) name is Ashok. This is ___________ (2) friend Satish. He is thirteen years old. _____________ (3) sister is nine. They have got a pet. ______________ (4) pet is a dog. ___________ (5) name is Caesar. Satish and I go to the same school. There are 600 boys and girls in ____________ (6) school. Satish’s class teacher’s name is Mrs. Sharma. She has got a pet, too. ____________ (7) pet is a cat. Our class teacher is Mr. Gupta. I like ___________ (8) lessons. He has three dogs. The dogs love to play in ____________ (9) garden. Now I have a question for you. What is _________ (10) pet?
Yours Ashok


1.) My

2.) my

3.) His

4.) Their

5.) His/Its

6.) our

7.) Her

8.) his

9.) his/their

10.) your.

Activity 13

Write an application to your Principal requesting him/her to grant you sick leave for three days.


The Principal

Miranda High School

Gariaboral road,

Kolkata 700076


Subject: Grant for sick leave.

I am a seventh-class student. I’m sick and I have an immense body pain. So, I’m unable to go to school. I respectfully request that, please give me a three-day leave of absence.
Thanking you

Yours obediently

Aryaman Sinha

Class VII/ Sec D/ Roll no. 28

Activity 14

Use some of the following words/phrases or any other you like to write your own four line poem.

I, see, blue, violet, red, rainbow, colours, flowers, evening, breeze, trees, swaying, dance


What a colourful rainbow in the sky! Hurray!

Blue, violet, red, and an array of light

There’s a breeze, all fresh and gay,

Among dancing birds, even the trees look bright.


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