PSEB Class 7 English Chapter 4 A Glass of Milk Solution

PSEB Punjab Board Class 7 English Textbook Solution Chapter 4 A Glass of Milk Exercise Questions and Answers, Grammar, Composition Writing.

PSEB Class 7 English Chapter 4 A Glass of Milk SolutionActivity 1

1.) Complicated: Adjective

2.) Diagnose: Verb

3.) Surgery: Noun

4.) Attention: Noun

5.) Struggle: Verb

6.) Discuss: Verb

Activity 2

Find suffixes in the following words.

1.) complicated

2.) hesitatingly

3.) warmly

4.) stronger

5.) Goodness


1.) –ated

2.) –ly

3.) ly

4.) –er

5.) ness

Activity 3

Fill in the blanks choosing from the words given in the box.

[Beside, besides, between, among]

1.) The two brothers distributed the sweets ________ themselves.

2.) Radha came and sat ________ her mother.

3.) The four thieves quarrelled _________ themselves.

4.) I have three other pens __________ this.

5.) ________ advising them, he gave them money also.

6.) A beggar was sitting _________ the temple gate.


1.) between

2.) beside

3.) among

4.) besides

5.) Besides

6.) beside

Activity 4

Read the play carefully and write the answers.

1.) Count and write the number of characters in Scene 1 of the play.

Ans: There were two characters in Scene 1 of the play.

2.) What are their names?

Ans: The two names of the characters in scene 1 of the play are Howard Kelly and Anita.

3.) What is the time?

Ans: It was afternoon.

4.) What does the boy say to himself?

Ans: He said to himself that he would sell two more books to cover his school fees and would also ask for some water as he was thirsty and hungry.

5.) Why does he sell books?

Ans: The boy sells books in order to earn money and pay for his school fee.

6.) Why does he ring the bell?

Ans: The boy rang the bell because the door was closed.

7.) Who opens the door?

Ans: A lady opens the door.

8.) What does he request the Lady for?

Ans: He requested the lady to buy his books and also to get him a glass of water.

9.) What does the Lady give him?

Ans: The lady gave him a glass of milk.

10.) How much money does the Lady give the boy for the book?

Ans: The lady gave the boy him 5 pounds.

Scene 2

1.) Count and write the number of characters in Scene 2 of the play.

Ans: There were two characters in Scene 2 of the play.

2.) What is the profession of the characters of this scene?

Ans: The characters of scene 2 are doctors.

3.) Why had the Lady come to this hospital?

Ans: The lady was referred to this hospital for treatment since she had a complex disease.

4.) How did the Lady get ill?

Ans: The lady got ill because of food poisoning which later got complicated and started to affect her liver.

5.) What kind of treatment did she need?

Ans: The lady needed an immediate surgery.

Scene 3

1.) How much time did the patients get to pay the bill, as per the rules?

Ans: The patients only got two days to pay the bill.

2.) Why did the Lady get worried?

Ans: She became worried when she saw the large bill she had to pay in two days.

3.) Why did the Lady have tears in her eyes?

Ans: Since the bill had already been paid, the Lady had tears of joy in her eyes.

4.) Why did she not have to pay the bill?

Ans: The bill was already paid by Dr. Howard, thus she did not need to pay it.

5.) Who had paid the bill? Why?

Ans: The bill had been paid by Dr. Howard. He paid the bill in order to return the favour of the glass of milk which the Lady gave her a long time back.

6.) Why was the Lady happy in the end?

Ans: The lady was happy in the end because her belief in God and the goodness of people had grown stronger than before.

Activity 5

Complete the following sentences by choosing the correct comparative form of the words given in the brackets:

1.) Australia is the _______ island in the world. (large, larger, largest)

2.) The class test was _______ than we had expected. (easy, easier, easiest)

3.) The elephant has the ________ trunk. (long, longer, longest)

4.) Kilimanjaro in Africa is ________ than Mont Blanc in Europe. (tall, taller, tallest)

5.) The white dog was the ________ of all. (greedy, greedier, greediest)


1.) largest

2.) easier

3.) longest

4.) taller

5.) greediest.

Activity 6

Fill in the blanks with the correct degree of comparison of the adjective. Use the adjective given in the brackets.

1.) Shyam is _______ than Karan. Neil is the ________ of them all.

2.) My room is ________ than yours. (neat)

3.) Pole star is the ________ star. (bright)

4.) The sweets I ate at this sweetshop are ________ than any other sweets I have ever eaten. (delicious)

5.) Is the Prime Minister _________ than the President ? (powerful)


1.) healthier, healthiest

2.) neater

3.) brightest

4.) more delicious

5.) more powerful

Activity 7

Rewrite each sentence below using the comparative or superlative form of the adjectives given in the brackets.

1.) The fish I caught is (big) than the one you caught.

Ans: The fish I caught is bigger than the one you caught.

2.) That is the (small) umbrella I have ever seen!

Ans: That is the smallest umbrella I have ever seen.

3.) She is the (pretty) girl I have ever seen.

Ans: She is the prettiest girl I have ever seen.

4.) My friend is (fabulous) than yours.

Ans: My friend is more fabulous than yours.

5.) That building is (large) than the one next to it.

Ans: That building is larger than the one next to it.

6.) Who has the (easy) job in our family?

Ans: Who has the easiest job in your family?

7.) Do you think a screwdriver is (useful) than a hammer?

Ans: Do you think a screwdriver is more useful than a hammer?

Activity 9

Do some people, who want to sell something, ring your door-bell in the afternoons? Do they disturb you? How do you react? Are you polite to them? Most people are rude to them. Write about the time when a salesman rang a bell when you were sleeping. You can use some of the following words/phrases.

[afternoon, bell, fast asleep, woke up, salesman, selling books, pestered, offered water, angry, close the door]


I was fast asleep in the afternoon when the bell of our home rang. I woke up and saw a salesman standing in front of my door. He was there selling books for INR 199. I offered him a glass of water as it was very hot outside. Even though I didn’t want any books, he pestered me. I did not get angry. I bought two books from him as he needed the money. Later, I closed the door and went back to sleep.

Activity 10

Write a paragraph on your village/town/city or Amritsar/ Jalandhar/ Patiala/ Ludhiana etc.

You may talk about:

  • where the place is located
  • what the place is famous for
  • what most people do when they visit the place.


My home is in Kolkata. I live in Garia, which is the southern part of it. Kolkata is mainly famous for Victoria Memorial, The Park Street Cemetary and The Howrah Bridge. When people from outskirts visit the place they always visit these destinations and have the best street food in Kolkata which is also noteworthy.


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