PSEB Class 7 English Chapter 1 Rent for Water Solution

PSEB Punjab Board Class 7 English Textbook Solution Chapter 1 Rent for Water Exercise Questions and Answers, Grammar, Composition Writing.

PSEB Class 7 English Chapter 1 Rent for Water SolutionActivity 1

1.) arguing- argue is a verb.
2.) draw – verb.
3.) bowing – verb.
4.) pleaded- verb.
5.) justice – noun.

Activity 2

Insert instead of in the following sentences, wherever needed

1.) Today I will have butter instead of jam on my bread.

2.) By mistake, Sahib went to the railway station instead of airport to pick up his friend.

3.) I want to buy Samsung mobile instead of Apple.

4.) I wore blue socks instead of red.

5.) Rajinder had fresh cream instead of custard.

Activity 3

Answer the following questions:

1.) Why did the farmer buy the well?

Ans: The farmer bought the well so that he could water his fields.

2.) Who did he buy it from?

Ans: He bought it from a man who was his neighbour.

3.) What was the argument between the farnier and his neighbour about?

Ans: The two got into a argument over the water in the well. The farmer wanted to take out water. However, his neighbour forbade him.

4.) Where did they go to solve the issue?

Ans: The farmer and his neighbour went to the court of King Krishna DevRai.

5.) What did the king do to solve their case?

Ans: The king asked Tenali Raman to solve the case, who was the wisest minister of his king’s court.

6.) How did Tenali Raman solve the case?

Ans: He solved the case by telling the neighbour to pay 2 gold coins as rent for keeping his water in the farmer’s well. Therefore, doing justice to the farmer.

Activity 4

1.) The farmer bought the well so that he could water his fields. Who is ‘he’ in the sentence?

Ans: ‘The Farmer.’

2.) ‘I have sold you the well, not the water, so you cannot draw the water from it.’ What does ‘it’ mean in the sentence?

Ans: ‘The Well.’

3.) They went to the court of King Krishna Dev Rai. Who are ‘they’ in the sentence?

Ans: ‘The farmer and the man who was his neighbour.’

4.) He was listening to the complaints of the people of his Kingdom. Who is ‘he’ in the sentence?

Ans: ‘King Krishna Dev Rai.’

5.) I bought a well from him to water my fields. Who is ‘him’ in the sentence ?

Ans: ‘The man who was the farmer’s neighbour.’

Activity 5

Read the sentences taken from the story. Answer the questions that follow in the given blanks.
1.) They decided to take the issue to the king. What was the issue?

Ans: The issue was an argument of keeping water in the well between the man and the farmer.

2.) Why are you looking sad? Who was looking sad and why?

Ans: The farmer was looking sad. Due to his neighbour’s refusal to allow him take water from the well, the farmer was sad.

3.) I want justice, Your Majesty! What was the farmer’s argument?

Ans: The farmer had bought the well from his neighbour, so the water in the well should be his, but the neighbour deceived him by saying that he only sold the well and now the water in the well.

4.) Tenali Raman had solved this tricky situation. How did Tenali Raman solve the problem?

Ans: He solved the case by telling the neighbour to pay 2 gold coins as rent for keeping his water in the farmer’s well. Therefore, doing justice to the farmer.

Activity 6

Read the sentences below and underline the Concrete Nouns and encircle the Abstract Nouns.

C = Concrete, A = Abstract.

1.) I felt pain when the surgeon put stitches on my arm.

2.) I fell in love with that little puppy.

3.) After lunch, Seema went to the market.

4.) My mom will pick me up from school every week.

5.) The kitten jumped upon the table and ate the cake.

6.) Sanya’s childhood was painful.

7.) I have full trust in my maid.

8.) She is planting flowers in the garden.

9.) That girl is very beautiful.

10.) A dog is a loyal animal.

Answers: The Abstract nouns are marked as (A), and the Concrete nouns are marked as (C):-

1.) pain (A), stitches (C).

2.) love (A), puppy (C).

3.) lunch (C), Seema (C), market (C).

4.) mom (C), school (C), week (A).

5.) kitten (C), table (C), cake (C).

6.) Sanya (C), childhood (A).

7.) trust (A), maid (C).

8.) flowers (C), garden (C).

9.) girl (C), beautiful (A).

10.) dog (C), animal (C).

Activity 7

Given below are two boxes. Match the words in box 1 with their collective nouns in box 2.


1.) an army – of frogs

2.) a colony – of rabbits

3.) a herd – of cattle

4.) a litter – of puppies

5.) a bouquet – of flowers

6.) a deck – of cards

7.) a lounge – of lizards

8.) a range – of mountains

9.) a bunch – of grapes

10.) a fleet -of ships

11.) a pack – of wolves

12.) a school – of fish

13.) a company – of actors

14.) a flock – of birds

15.) a swarm – of bees

16.) a pride – of lions.

Activity 8

The teacher will read a story twice. You must number the sentences given below as the events happen in the story. You will mark the sequence in the space given after each sentence. Number one has been done for you.


1.) Ram said that the mango tree was his; while Sham said he owned it. Ans: (2)

2.) Birbal understood- the situation. Ans: (4)

3.) Unable to find a way out, they decided to ask Birbal for help. Ans: (3)

4.) Upon hearing Birbal, Ram nodded and said he agreed to the suggestion Ans: (5)

5.) He said, “The tree belongs to Sham because the very thought of cutting it down troubled him.” Ans: (8)

6.) Someone who has cared for it for three years won’t cut it down. Ans: (9)

7.) He told the brothers to remove all the mangoes, share them between the two brothers and then cut the tree in two equal halves. Ans: (5)

8.) Birbal found out who the real owner of the tree was. However, Sham pled not to cut the tree for he had nurtured it for three whole years. Ans: (7)

9.) Once, two brothers, Ram and Sham, were fighting over the ownership of a mango tree. Ans: (1)

Activity 10

Look at the picture given below. Describe the picture in your own words in the given space. You can use the following words to describe the picture.


It’s a beautiful park here. There are two large trees with green leaves nearby. Some small plants and trees can be found close by. There are a number of children here. They’re playing in their own way.  A child and his father are strolling. Two young women are riding a sea-saw up and down. On slides, some lads are having fun. It’s a nice day outside. There are several clouds sailing in the sky. The nature is alive and fresh.

Activity 11

Giving Directions Read the following phrases:


1.) Take the Link Road.

2.) Follow it until you come to Chincholi Bunder Road.

3.) Now turn to the left and then again to the right.

4.) You can see a flyover bridge out in the distance. Once you have crossed it, you will be in Goregaon Railway Station.

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