PSEB Class 6 English Chapter 9 The Kabuliwala Solution

PSEB Punjab Board Class 6 English Textbook Solution Chapter 9 The Kabuliwala Exercise Questions and Answers, Grammar, Composition Writing.

PSEB Class 6 English Chapter 9 The Kabuliwala Solution

The Kabuliwala

Activity 1

Look up the following words in a dictionary. You should seek the following information about the words and put them in your WORDS notebook


Worried – adjective

quieten – verb

conversation – noun

lively – adjective

clouds – noun

crime – noun

recognize – verb

ceremonies – noun

terror – noun

chatterbox – noun

sack – noun

tenderly – adjective

chatter – verb

expenses noun

Activity 2

In the following table, you will see some words with their meanings. Make one sentence of each word.


1.) chatting (v) My friend and I were chatting for hours.     
2.) conversation (n) Me and my friends had a funny conversation.
3.) lively (adj) Plants look lively after the rain.
4.) crime (n) Kidnapping is a crime.                                         
5.) ceremony (n) I have a wedding ceremony next week.         
6.) afford (v) I might not be able to afford the bike.             

Activity 3

Choose the correct option to answer the following questions:

1.) Why was Mini afraid of the Kabuliwala?

(a) Kabuliwala looked very horrible.

(b) She had heard that Kabuliwala caught the children.

Ans: (b) She had heard that the Kabuliwala caught the children.

2.) What was Kabuliwala’s name?

(a) Rehman.

(b) Armaan.

Answer: (a) Rehman.

3.) Why was the Kabuliwala arrested?

(a) He had stolen money from Mini’s house.

(b) He had stabbed a man.

Answer: (b) He had stabbed a man.

4.) What did Mini’s father give to the Kabuliwala?

(a) Some clothes and food

(b) Some money

Answer: (b) Some money

5.) Mini’s father could not afford the military band on her marriage. Why?

(a) Because he had given some money to the Kabuliwala.

(b) Because he had suffered a huge loss in his business.

Answer: (a) Because he had given some money to the Kabuliwala.

Activity 4

Put a tick (✓) or a cross (✗) against each sentence:

1.) Little Mini was three years old.

Ans: False

2.) Rehman was a big bearded pathan.

Ans: True

3.) The Kabuliwala was hanged to death.

Ans: False

4.) Mini could not forget the Kabuliwala.

Ans: False

5.) Mini’s father helped Rehman with some money.

Ans: True

Activity 5

Complete the following sentences:

1.) Mini could not live…………

2.) The Kabuliwala and Mini would sit and _______.

3.) There was a terrible _________.

4.) Mini had grown _____.

5.) Mini’s father had to cut down ________.


1.) without chatting

2.) chat for hours

3.) noise in the street

4.) into a beautiful woman

5.) the expenses on the wedding.

Activity 6

Underline the conjunctions in the following sentences:

1.) Slow and steady wins the race.

2.) Caesar and Pebble are friendly dogs.

3.) I went out and had ice-cream.

4.) I missed my flight because I was late.

5.) Yesterday, it rained but today it is sunny.

6.) I remember his name but not his mobile number.

7.) He bought a book because he loves reading.

8.) They went to the restaurant and had dinner.


1.) and

2.) and

3.) and

4.) because

5.) but

6.) but

7.) because

8.) and

Activity 7

Fill in the blanks with but/and/so.

1.) I can read _____ write English.

2.) Nisha can swim _____ Rani can’t.

3.) Tom _____ Lucy came to my house.

4.) He didn’t work hard _____ he failed.

5.) I have a bat, _____ I don’t have a ball.

6.) It was a holiday _____ we did not go to school.


1.) and

2.) but

3.) and

4.) so

5.) but

6.) so.

Activity 8

Match the Columns to make meaningful sentences.

Column A

Column B
1.) He worked hard

but not tea.

2.) Amrit likes coffee

so he passed.

3.) I went to see my mother

because she was ill.

4.) Run fast

and rested for a while.
5.) Tanu and Manu came home

or you will miss the bus.


1.) He worked hard so he passed.

2.) Amrit likes coffee but not tea.

3.) I went to see my mother because she was ill.

4.) Run fast or you will miss the bus.

5.) Tanu and Manu came home and rested for a while.

Activity 9

Look at the bar graph chart below. It is about 4 cereals that children like. Read and understand the number of votes each cereal has got.

1.) What are the names of 4 cereals that children like in the bar graph?

Answer: Corn Flakes, Cherries, Life and Kix.

2.) Which cereal is the most favourite of children?

Answer: Life is the most favourite cereal of children.

3.) How many votes has it got?

Answer: ‘Life’ got 6 votes.

5.) How many votes has Kix got?

Answer: Kix has got 3 votes.

6.) Which cereal has got the least number of votes?

Answer: Cherries got the least number of votes.

Activity 10

Your teacher will tell you a story. Listen to the story carefully and put the sentences given below in the correct order i.e. as they happen in the story. Write the numbers in the given brackets. The first is done for you.

1.) One day, he told them to bring him a bundle of sticks.

Ans: (6)

2.) The father gave the bundle to each one of his sons.

Ans: (7)

3.) The sons tried to break the bundle of sticks.

Ans: (8)

4.) He failed to make them understand.

Ans: (4)

5.) The sons always fought with one another.

Ans: ( 2 )

6.) The father advised them to live in peace.

Ans: (3)

7.) He thought of using another way.

Ans: (5)

8.) The sons could not break the bundle.

Ans: (9)

9.) He opened the bundle and separated the sticks.

Ans: (10)

10.) Within no time the sons broke the separated sticks.

Ans: (12)

11.) One by one he gave the sticks to his sons.

Ans: (11)

12.) The father then told his sons the importance of standing with one another.

Ans: (13)

13.) A father had three sons.

Ans: (1)


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