PSEB Class 6 English Chapter 8 I am Writing a Letter Solution

PSEB Punjab Board Class 6 English Textbook Solution Chapter 8 I am Writing a Letter Exercise Questions and Answers, Grammar, Composition Writing.

PSEB Class 6 English Chapter 8 I am Writing a Letter SolutionI am Writing a Letter 

Activity 1

Look up the following words in a dictionary. You should seek the following information about the words and put them in your WORDS notebook


Clearly – adverb

anxious – adjective

travels – verb

blot – verb

envelope – noun

turn over – noun

Activity 2

Make meaningful sentences of the following words.

1.) anxious – Aditi was quite anxious about your health.

2.) envelope – The envelope did not have any letter.

3.) blotting paper – I dried up the ink with a piece of blotting paper.

Activity 3

Answer the following questions.

1.) Who is the poet writing the letter to?

Ans: The poet was writing the letter to his mother.

2.) What did the poet write on the envelope?

Ans: On the envelope, the poet wrote the date and the address.

3.) Why was the poet anxious?

Ans: The poet wanted to make sure that the letter was well-written.

4.) What is the meaning of ‘My pen travels slowly’?

Ans: The above line means that the poet writes really slowly.

5.) What is the meaning of ‘There’s just room for ten’?

Ans: The above lines meant that, there was room left for ten words only.

Activity 4

Pick out adverbs in the following sentences.

1.) The dog barked loudly.

2.) The boy talked rudely.

3.) The child cried bitterly.

4.) We sleep early at night.

5.) The king treated his people kindly.


1.) loudly

2.) rudely

3.) bitterly

4.) early

5.) kindly.

Activity 5

Find any five ‘describing words’ from the poem and write them in the space provided. Also, write the word that it describes.


Describing Word (Adjective)

Described Word (Noun)
1.) big


2.) little


3.) cool

4.) long


5.) evening

6.) right


7.) Dearest

8.) nice

blotting paper

Activity 6

Make sentences about yourself using adjectives.


My name is Aryaman Sinha

1.) Aryaman

2.) Kolkata

3.) big

4.) Loving

5.) Public, good

6.) Rooms, big

Activity 7

Fill in the blanks with the most suitable form of the adjective given in the brackets:

1.) My room is _______ (big) than yours.

2.) Sachin’s score is ______ (good) than Sehwag’s.

3.) The Pacific Ocean is _______ (deep) than the Arctic Ocean.

4.) The Arctic Ocean is _______ (cold) than the Indian Ocean.

5.) Ravi is _______ (polite) than Sunny.

6.) My sister is ______ (tall) than me.

7.) A rose is _________ (beautiful) than a marigold.

8.) The earth is _______ (large) than the moon.

9.) A ounce is ________ (little) than a pound.

10.) Learning Mandarin is ________ difficult than learning English.


1.) bigger

2.) better

3.) deeper

4.) colder

5.) more polite

6.) taller

7.) more beautiful

8.) larger

9.) less

10.) more difficult.

Activity 8

Complete the following sentences by using the correct form of adjective given in bold.

1.) This is a nice dog, It’s much _______ than my friend’s dog.

2.) Here is Laxmi. She’s five years old. Her brother Ram is ten. Ram is ________.

3.) Anita has an interesting hobby, but my sister has the _______ hobby in the world.

4.) Last holiday I read a good book. My father gave me an even ________ book last weekend.

5.) School is boring, but homework is ________ than school.

6.) Skateboarding is a dangerous hobby. Bungee jumping is _________than skateboarding.

7.) This magazine is cheap, but that one is ________.

8.) We live in a small house, but my grandparents’ house is even ________ than ours.


1.) nicer

2.) older

3.) most interesting

4.) better

5.) more boring

6.) more dangerous

7.) cheaper

8.) smaller.

Activity 9

Underline the adverbs in the following sentences.

1.) Sunita kept her bag carefully in the cupboard.

2.) Urmil walks gracefully.

3.) The police took timely action.

4.) Harish always wakes up at 5 o’clock.

5.) I came home early from the office.

6.) I checked my purse thoroughly but could not find the pen.

7.) Please come quietly in my room.

8.) He walked slowly after the operation.

9.) Where did you go yesterday?

10.) Write clearly.


1.) carefully

2.) gracefully

3.) timely

4.) always

5.) early

6.) thoroughly

7.) quietly

8.) slowly

9.) yesterday

10.) clearly.

Activity 10

Adverbs add to the meaning of a verb. Write in the space provided the verb and the adverb in each sentence in activity 9.



1.) kept


2.) walks

3.) took


4.) wakes (up)

5.) came


6.) checked

7.) come


8.) walked

9.) went


10.) write


Activity 11

The poem is about writing a letter. Write the steps of writing a letter mentioned in the poem. One is done for you.

Writing the date clearly….


Writing the right address, Salutation / e.g. Dearest Mummy, Contents or Body of the letter, Closing, Signature

Activity 14

You are the Principal of a school. You have received a phone call from a students’ father. The name of the student is Amrinder. He studies in 6th class. His father has said that Amrinder’s grandmother is not well and he should reach home quickly. Write a message for the student.



November 17, 2022

12 p.m.

This is to inform sixth-grade student Amrinder that his uncle is ill and his father wants him to return home as soon as possible.

Aryaman Sinha (Principal)


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