PSEB Class 6 English Chapter 6 The Peacock and the Crow Solution

PSEB Punjab Board Class 6 English Textbook Solution Chapter 6 The Peacock and the Crow Exercise Questions and Answers, Grammar, Composition Writing.

PSEB Class 6 English Chapter 6 The Peacock and the Crow SolutionThe Peacock and the Crow 

Activity 1

Look up the following words in a dictionary. You should seek the following information about the words and put them in your WORDS notebook


Feathers – noun

perching – verb

collected – adjective

reflection – noun

ignoring – verb

humiliated – verb

accepted – adjective

realized – verb

apologized – verb

Activity 2

Look at the following pairs of words. They have the same meaning but different forms. Column 1 has the second form and column 2 has the first form. Fill up blank spaces in Column 2 with the first form of the given words. A few have been done for you.


S. No.

Column 1 (second form words) Column 2 (first form words)
1.) lived



liked like
3.) wanted



looked look
5.) said



wished wish
7.) saw



got get
9.) collected



stuck stick
11.) flew



felt feel
13.) started



accepted accept
15.) thought


Activity 3

Read and write answers.

1.) What did the crow not like about himself?

Ans: The crow had black feathers which did not like about himself.

2.) Who did he want to be like? Why?

Ans: He wanted to be like a peacock because a peacock had colourful feathers and it looked beautiful.

3.) What did he say to the other crows?

Ans: He told the other crows to stay away from him because, he did not belong to them.

4.) What did the crow see on the ground?

Ans: One day, while perching of his tree, the crow saw many peacock feathers on the ground.

5.) What did he do with the peacock feathers?

Ans: The crow stuck the peacock feathers into his wings, his tail and on his head.

Activity 4

Who said to whom?

1.) “You look so dull and plain. Look how beautiful the peacocks are.”

2.) “Look at my beautiful feathers. I don’t belong to you anymore. So, stay away from me”.

3.) “Peacock feathers will not make you a peacock.”

4.) “We should accept ourselves the way we are.”

5.) “You will not be able to fly properly with these stuck on your body”.


1.) The crow to his fellow crows.

2.) The crow to his fellow crows.

3.) The peacocks to the crow.

4.) The old wise crow to the crow.

5.) The old wise crow to the crow.

Activity 5

Complete the sentences in the following blanks.

1.) One day perching on his tree _________.

Ans: the crow saw many peacock feathers on the ground.

2.) The crow flew to the river to _________.

Ans: see his reflection.

3.) The peacocks knew that ________.

Ans: he was not one among them. He was a crow.

4.) He tore off the entire peacock feathers __________.

Ans: that were stuck to his feathers.

5.) Then, he went to his friends _________.

Ans: and apologized for insulting them.

Activity 6

Put comma, fullstops, capitals, question marks in the sentences given below wherever required.

1.) my name is ali and i come form malerkotla

2.) my favourite color is blue what is yours

3.) i have a dog its name is Caesar

4.) my sisters name is manju she is sixty four.

5.) my phone number is 260086 ·

6.) her uncle hemant is from gurdaspur in Punjab

7.) i am not from chandigarh, i am from ludhiana in Punjab

8.) kumar is from australia he lives in Melbourne

9.) do you like tea or coffee

10.) please get biscuits vegetables fruits and some nuts from the market


1.) My name is Ali and I come from Malerkotla.

2.) My favourite color is blue. What is yours?

3.) I have a dog. Its name is Caesar.

4.) My sister’s name is Manju. She is sixty four.

5.) My phone number is 260086.

6.) Her uncle, Hemant is from Gurdaspur in Punjab.

7.) I am not from Chandigarh; I am from Ludhiana in Punjab.

8.) Kumar is from Australia. He lives in Melbourne.

9.) Do you like tea or coffee?

10.) Please get biscuits, vegetables, fruits and some nuts from the market.

Activity 7

Answer the following

1.) Who raised the cub?

2.) Why was the cub not happy?

3.) What did the cub do on seeing the lion?

4.) What did the lion do?

5.) What did the cub see in the river?


1.) A mother sheep raised the cub.

2.) The cub was not happy because the naughty lambs made fun of him.

3.) He started running with the herd of sheep.

4.) The lion caught the cub and asked him why he was running.

5.) The cub saw his reflection in the river.

2.) Fill in the blanks using a word from the passage.

1.) The cub realized that it was not a _______ but a ______.

2.) We should try to realize our ________ and ________ skills.

3.) One should keep _________ to realize one’s ________ and hidden _______.


1.) sheep, mighty lion,

2.) worth, hidden,

3.) trying, skills.

3.) Choose the correct option:

1.) The cub saw his reflection and realized that it was a _______.

(a) lion

(b) tiger

(c) sheep

(d) wolf

Answer: (a) lion

2.) The lion caught the cub. What did he say to the cub?

(a) Why are you running with the sheep?

(b) Please don’t kill me.

(c) I am a very young lamb.

(d) You are a lion.

Answer: (a) Why are you running with the sheep?

Activity 10

Look at the picture given below and describe it in your words.


This forest is beautiful. It is covered in a lot of giant trees. In a tree, a crow is seated. In its beak, he is holding a slice of cheese. Under the tree, there is a fox. The cheese fell to the ground. The crow went to pick it up and as soon as, the crow picked the cheese, it got taken away by the fox.


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