PSEB Class 6 English Chapter 12 Rosy’s Meeting with Nessy Solution

PSEB Punjab Board Class 6 English Textbook Solution Chapter 12 Rosy’s Meeting with Nessy Exercise Questions and Answers, Grammar, Composition Writing.

PSEB Class 6 English Chapter 12 Rosys Meeting with Nessy Solution

Rosy’s Meeting with Nessy

Activity 1

Look up the following words in a dictionary. You should seek the following information about the words and put them in your WORDS notebook


Ripples – verb

dangerous – adjective

run past – verb

merged – verb

herbivore – noun

creature – noun

scared – adjective

monster – noun

Activity 2

Given below are some words from the lesson. Guess their meaning taking hints from the story. Write the meaning in the blanks.


Monster- giant creature

creature- an animal, as distinct from a human being

merged- joined together

herbivore- animals who eat grass

dangerous- unsafe

Activity 3

For each word given below, find a word from the lesson that sounds the same.


1.) wood — would

2.) two — too

3.) board — bored

4.) site — sight

5.) no — know

1.) Write 5 more pairs of homophones.


  • Altar/ Alter.
  • Berth/ Birth.
  • Cast/ Caste.
  • Days/ Daze.
  • Earn/ Urn.

2.) Choose the correct word for each.

(a) Give me _______ address. (there/their)

(b) He _______ the ball. (caught/cot)

(c) We _______ with our eyes. (sea/see)

(d) I have only ______ pen. (won/one)

(e) Please give me _____ sugar. (some/sum)


(a) their

(b) caught

(c) see

(d) one

(e) some.

Activity 4

Answer the following questions:

1.) Where did Rosy go?

Ans: Rosy went to meet her Aunt Tina in Scotland, in the north of United Kingdom.

2.) What is Loch Ness?

Ans: Loch Ness is a deep and dangerous lake. Rosy’s aunt lived near Loch Ness.

3.) Where did Rosy go when she felt bored?

Ans: Rosy went down to the lake “Loch Ness” when she felt bored.

4.) What did Rosy want to do at the lake?

Ans: Rosy wanted to throw stones into the lake of the water and enjoyed the scene of ripples.

5.) Who did she find in the lake?

Ans: She found a huge animal, which was green, had small little horns which looked like a dinosaur.

Activity 5

Say ‘True’ or ‘False’ for the following statements.


1.) Rosy went to visit her Aunt Teena in Scotland. — (True)

2.) Aunt Teena told her to go out and throw stones into the lake. — (False)

3.) Rosy met Nessy who wanted to eat her. — (False)

4.) Nessy was a herbivore. — (True)

5.) Rosy went around the lake on Nessy’s back. — (True)

Activity 6

Read the statements given below. Three options are given. Tick the right option.

1.) Scotland is in the _______ of the United Kingdom.

(a) South

(b) West

(c) North.

Answer: (c) North.

2.) The lake is ________.

(a) nice and blue

(b) deep and dangerous

(c) black and dirty.

Answer: (b) deep and dangerous.

3.) Rosy gathered some stones because _______.

(a) she wanted to count them

(b) she wanted to put them in her pocket

(c) she wanted to throw them into the lake.

Answer: (c) she wanted to throw them into the lake.

4.) The stone made a _______ sound when they touched water.

(a) splash

(b) ouch

(c) eeks.

Answer: (a) splash.

5.) Nessy was a _______ creature.

(a) huge

(b) small

(c) bad.

Answer: (a) huge.

6.) Nessy looked like a _____.

(a) rhinoceros

(b) dinosaur

(c) crocodile.

Answer: (b) dinosaur.

7.) Nessy offered Rosy ________.

(a) a ride on its neck

(b) some fruits from the lake

(c) more stones to throw

Answer: (a) a ride on its neck.

8.) People called Nessy a monster because ________.

(a) they were scared of its size

(b) they did not know her

(c) she talked like humans.

Answer: (b) they did not know her.

9.) Rosy caught onto Nessy’s strong _____ to sit on her back.

(a) neck

(b) horns

(c) humps

Answer: (b) horns

10.) Rosy did not see Nessy’s cave because _______.

(a) she was scared to go underwater

(b) she had to go to Edinburgh

(c) her aunt was waiting for her.

Answer: (c) her aunt was waiting for her.

Activity 8

Given below are some newspaper headlines. Change them into Simple Past.

1.) A strong earthquake jolts Uttarakhand.

2.) Amitabh Bachchan wins the best actor Filmfare award.

3.) India outplays West-Indies in cricket.

4.) Salman Ali wins the Indian Idol.

5.) Bachendri Pal becomes the first Indian woman to scale Mount Everest.


1.) A strong earthquake jolted Uttarakhand.

2.) Amitabh Bachchan won the best actor Filmfare award.

3) India outplayed West-Indies in cricket.

4.) Salman Ali won the Indian Idol.

5.) Bachendri Pal became the first Indian woman to scale Mount Everest.

Activity 9

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:

1.) New answer the questions :

(a) Which are the highest mountains in the world?

Answer: The Himalayas

(b) What is the height of the highest peak in the world?

Answer: 8848 metres above the sea level.

(c) Who were the first people to set foot on Mount Everest?

Answer: Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hilary.

(d) What was the name of the first Indian to scale Everest?

Answer: Avtar Singh Cheema.

(e) What is the name given to the snowman that some people believe lives there?

Answer: Yeti.

2.) Give meanings of the following words :

(a) myth : an imaginary story which is believed by everyone

(b) footprints : marks of the foot

(c) climbers : people who climb mountains and hilly areas.

Activity 10

Match the following phrases with the right pictures and write them in the space given under the pictures/symbols.

Answer: Answers are given in clockwise direction:-

Go down (the road), go straight ahead, go past (the toy shop), turn right, turn left, take the exit.

Activity 11

Listen carefully to two phone messages that were there in your voicemail. Your teacher will read them twice.

Write the following sentences from the messages in the correct group (Message 1 and Message 2).


Message 1

Message 2

The woman says thank you for the birthday message.
The woman talks about a swimming pool.
The message was at a quarter to five.
The Woman describes the house.
The woman gives directions.
The woman talks about a bank.

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