PSEB Class 6 English Chapter 11 I am Happy with who I am Solution

PSEB Punjab Board Class 6 English Textbook Solution Chapter 11 I am Happy with who I am Exercise Questions and Answers, Grammar, Composition Writing.

PSEB Class 6 English Chapter 11 I am Happy with who I am SolutionI am Happy with who I am

Activity 1

Look up the following words in a dictionary. You should seek the following information about the words and put them in your WORDS notebook


Mirror – noun

index finger – noun

confident – adjective

precious – adjective

being – noun

matter – noun

Activity 2

Pick up words from the text that match the rhyme of the following words.


1.) Me- see, be

2.) Mirror- matter, colour, better, finger

Activity 3

Read the following words and use them in meaningful sentences.


1.) Precious- The diamond ring is very precious.

2.) Confident- John is a confident man.

Activity 4

Read the poem and answer the following question:

1.) What does the poet see in the mirror?

Ans: The poet sees herself

a.) looking back at her,

b.) showing the index finger.

c.) saying no one can be like her.

Activity 5

Make a list of the things that the poet says about herself.

Answer: The poet says that

(a) She believes in herself, her being, her size, her shape, her colour.

(b) She is happy with who she is.

(c) She is unique and precious.

Activity 9

Write a short paragraph on ‘What I like about myself’. You may use the sentences given in the chart for guidance.


God gave my parents the beautiful gift of me. God has blessed me with a lot of good things. I am strong. I’m witty. I’m a hearty person. I am useful. I am kind and compassionate. I strive because I have faith in my abilities. I have a lot of confidence. I bravely take on every challenge. I am a wonderful guy all around. There is no one else like me, so I am unique. Because I can improve the world, it needs me. I obviously stand out. No one can make me change who I am.

Activity 10

Complete the following worksheet.


My Name : Aryaman Sinha

My age : 12 years

My height : 5 feet 5 inch

My colour : fair and white

My hair : black

My hobby : playing guitar

My favourite Book : Tintin

My favourite Sport : football

My dream : to become a footballer.

Share your sheet with your partner. Are your answers the same? Are they different? In what ways are you both different from each other? The beginning is given:


Our names are different. My name is Aryaman. His name is Amrinder. Our age is different. My age is 12 years. His age is 11 years. Our heights are different. My height is 5 feet 5 inch. His height is 5 feet 2 inches. Our colours are different. My colour is fair. His colour is a little dusky. Our hair are different. My hair is black and curly. His hair is blackish brown and plain. Our hobbies are different. My hobby is playing guitar. His hobby is cooking. Our favourite books are also different. My favourite book is ‘The Adventured of TinTin’ whereas his favourite book is ‘The Famous Five’. We like to play different games. My favourite game is football. But his/her favourite game is cricket.


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