PSEB Class 6 English Chapter 1 The Farmhouse Cows Solution

PSEB Punjab Board Class 6 English Textbook Solution Chapter 1 The Farmhouse Cows Exercise Questions and Answers, Grammar, Composition Writing.

PSEB Class 6 English Chapter 1 The Farmhouse Cows SolutionThe Farmhouse Cows

Activity 1

Look up the following words in a dictionary. You should seek the following information about the words and put them in your WORDS notebook.


1.) appreciate- verb.

2.) loaf- noun.

3.) lump- noun.

4.) creature- noun.

5.) moving- adjective.

6.) cheese- meaning.

7.) delicious- adjective.

8.) underneath- preposition.

Activity 2

Choose sounds of animals from the given box. Write in the given blank. Two examples are given below.

a cow moos

a lion roars.

[neigh, quack, croak, bray, bleat, caw, hoot, talk]


1.) a horse – neighs

2.) an owl – hoots

3.) a goat – bleats

4.) a crow – caws

5.) a parrot – talks

6.) a frog – croaks

7.) a donkey – brays

8.) a duck – quacks

Activity 3

Fill in the blanks. Select suitable words from the story.

1.) Rajinder was ________ because his parents had moved to the village.

2.) Cows moo and lions ________

3.) Cows send us a lot of _______

4.) Rajinder pours ________ on his apples.

5.) Mother eats a piece of _______ at teatime.


1.) happy

2.) roar

3.) gifts

4.) all the cream

5.) cheese.

Activity 4

Read each sentence. If it is correct, write ‘yes’ or if it is not correct then write ‘no’ in the given space:

1.) Rajinder’s family moved from country to town.

2.) A cow moos.

3.) A cow gives us a lot of presents.

4.) Rajinder appreciates the cows in the end.

5.) Rajinder’s mother says that cheese is a delicious thing.


1.) No.

2.) Yes.

3.) Yes.

4.) Yes.

5.) Yes.

Activity 5

Read the story and answer the following questions:

1.) What is the name of the boy in the story?

Ans: The boy’s name in the story is Rajinder.

2.) Where did the boy and his family come from?

Ans: The boy and his family came from a city.

3.) Where does the milk come from?

Ans: The milk came from cows present there.

4.) What present does the Mother get from the cow?

Ans: The Mother got cheese in the form of a present from the cow.

5.) What does the boy say about the cow at the end of the story?

Ans: I did not know the cows were so kind, the boy said at the conclusion.

Activity 6

Look at the table given below. All the words are nouns. Add some more to the table.


Place: Kolkata, Germany, Italy, hospital

Person: men, women, Rajesh, Meghna

Things: box, pen-stand, television, iPhone, laptop

Animal: wolf, lizard, The King Cobra, frogs

Activity 7

Write common nouns in the space given and make small sentences.


1.) Common Noun:rats

Sentence: I have so many rats.

2.) Common Noun: bat

Sentence: I have bought a new MRF bat.

3.) Common Noun: books

Sentence: I have so many books left to read.

4.) Common Noun: body

Sentence: My body is paining today.

5.) Common Noun: watch

Sentence: You have a beautiful watch.

Activity 8

Underline proper nouns and encircle common nouns in the story given below:


Proper nouns are indicated as – Atal Park

Amit sells (ice-cream) in the Atal park. (His) (ice-creams) are of different flavours (strawberry, vanilla, chocolate) and many more. Harjot wants some (ice-cream). (He) tells his (mother), “I want to go to the (park) to buy (ice-cream).” Harjot’s sister Joyti laughs and claps her hands. She also loves (ice-cream). Mother says, “(I) have to go to the grocer’s and also to the (supermarket). So let’s go by (our jeep). (We) will go to the park by Gandhi Road. There is less traffic there. We will reach the (park) soon and then we can buy (ice-cream)there.” Harjot and Jyoti are very happy.\

Activity 9

Look at the picture given and list the common and proper nouns in the table given below:


Common Nouns

Proper Nouns



















Activity 10

Choose the correct option :

1.) Brushing must be done at least:

(a) three times a day

(b) once a day

(c) twice a day

(d) twenty minutes a day.

Answer: (c) twice a day.

2.) We should change our toothbrush every ________ months.

(a) five

(b) three

(c) four

(d) six.

Answer: (b) three.

3.) We should use large-headed toothbrush.

(a) true

(b) false

(c) not given

(d) none of these.

Answer: (b) false.

4.) We should brush our teeth for about _______.

(a) two minutes

(b) 2 hours

(c) 15 minutes

(d) 30 seconds.

Answer: (a) two minutes.

5.) Brushing of tongue removes _______.

(a) virus

(b) bacteria

(c) saliva

(d) none of these.

Answer: (b) bacteria.

Activity 12

Speak five sentences about cow in your group using the following hints:

milk, cream, butter, moo, kind animal, delicious things, horns.


1.) The cow is a very kind animal with big horns.

2.) It gives us milk

3.) With milk we can make many delicious things, like cream, butter.

Activity 13

Fill in the blanks using the information given in Activity 12.


1.) A cow is a kind animal.|

2.) Cow gives us a lot of milk.

3.) Cows gives us other gifts too.

4.) We can make many delicious things from cow’s milk like custard and cream and butter.

5.) Though it has big horns we should not be afraid of it.

6.) It is a friendly animal.

Now remove the numbers and put the sentences above in a paragraph form.


A cow is a kind animal. It gives us a lot of milk. It gives us other gifts too. We can make many delicious things from cow’s milk like custard and cream and butter. Though it has big horns, we should not be afraid of it. It is a friendly animal.

Activity 14

Have you seen a buffalo? How does it look like? Write 5 sentences on a buffalo of your own.



1.) I have a black buffalo.

2.) The majority of buffaloes have black or dark grey coats.

3.) A buffalo is a big creature. It resembles a bison.

4.) It has a bushy tail and has huge, dangerous horns.

5.) It gives us a lot of delicious milk.


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