PSEB Class 10 English Supplementary Reader Lesson 4 The Dying Detective Solution

PSEB Class 10 English Supplementary Reader Lesson 4 The Dying Detective all Question and Answers Solution

PSEB Class 10 English Supplementary Reader Lesson 4 The Dying Detective Solution: Punjab Board (PSEB) 10th Class Lesson 4 all questions of Supplementary Reader answers are in this page.

PSEB Solution Lesson 4 The Dying Detective

Punjab Board Class 10 English Literature (Supplementary Reader) Lesson 4 The Dying Detective Solution. Also known as PSEB The Dying Detective Solution.




1.) Who was Mrs. Hudson? Why did she go to Watson’s house?

Answer: Mrs. Hudson was Sherlock Holmes landlady. She went to Watson to tell him that his friend, Sherlock was seriously ill and dying. He did not want to see any doctor but only Watson. She wanted him to come with him to help Sherlock.


2.) Where did Holmes get the illness from? When did he get it?

Answer: He supposedly got the illness from Chinese sailors. He got it when he was functioning on a case at Rotherhithe, near the river. But it was all pretension laying a trap to catch a murderer.


3.) What was Holmes condition when Watson saw him?

Answer: When Watson saw Holmes, he noticed that he lay listless and was a sad sight. His face was haggard, cheeks were flushed, eyes had the brightness of fever, and his hands twitched all the time.


4.) Why did he not let Watson examine him?

Answer: He did not let Watson examine him because he was only pretending to be ill and knew that Watson, a doctor, would find this if he diagnosed him.


5.) Till when was Watson asked to stay in Holmes house?

Answer: Watson was asked to stay in Holmes house till 6 o’clock.


6.) Why did Holmes not let Watson touch his things? What did Watson think about Holmes then?

Answer: Watson did not let him touch his things because he did not want the trap he had laid to catch the murdered to be spoil. Watson thought that Holmes was ill in his mind.


7.) What did Holmes ask Watson to do before leaving his room?

Answer: Holmes asked Watson to half-light the gas lamp, place some letters and paper on the table within his reach, and then place the ivory box on the table and slide its lid a bit with tongs.


8.) Who was Culverton Smith? Why did Holmes want him for the treatment of his disease?

Answer: Culverton Smith was a planter who lived in Sumatra. Holmes wanted him for the treatment of his illness because he knew about Eastern disease.


9.) What did Holmes ask Watson to say to Mr. Smith?

Answer:Holmes asked Watson to tell Mr. Smith that he was critically ill and dying, and persuade him to come to Holmes place to cure him.


10.) Did Smith welcome Watson calling on him? How do you know?

Answer:Smith did not welcome Watson calling on him. It appears so because he told his butler to tell Watson that he was not at home.


11.) Why did Watson not come back with Smith?

Answer:Watson did not come back with Smith because Holmes had especially told him to do so.


12.) Why did Smith ask Watson when he finally met him?

Answer:Smith asked Watson if he had come from Sherlock Holmes and how Holmes was.


13.) Did Smith go near Holmes to examine him? How do you know?

Answer: No, Smith did not go near Holmes to examine him. Smith himself had plotted to kill Holmes and wanted him to die as Holmes knew that Smith had killed his nephew.


14.) Who was Victor Smith? What had happened to him and how?

Answer: Victor Smith was Culverton Smith’s nephew. Culverton had murdered victor by poisoning him.


15.) “You did it. I’ll forget everything.” Holmes said to Smith. What did Smith do and how? Did Holmes really mean what he said? Give examples in support of your answer.

Answer: Smith had plotted to kill Holmes by poisoning him by sending him a poisoned spring box. No, Holmes did not mean what he said. Holmes was shamming poisoning symptoms and getting Smith to confess to the crime. He said that he had received a box by post, and blood came when a sharp spring pricked him on opening it.


16.) Why did Smith send infected sharp spring in an ivory box?

Answer: Smith sent an infected sharp spring in an ivory box to kill Holmes. Smith knew that Holmes knew that he had murdered his nephew, and saw Holmes as a threat to himself.


17.) Why did Holmes ask Smith to turn up the gas?

Answer: Holmes asked Smith to turn up the gas because it was signal for inspector Morton to come in and arrest Smith.


18.) Who arrested Smith? What were the charges against him?

Answer: Inspector Morton arrested Smith. The murder of victor Smith and the attempted murder of Sherlock Holmes were the charges against him.


19.) Why did Holmes pretend to be ill? What did he do and say to appear ill?

Answer: Holmes pretended to be ill to get Smith to cure him and, thus, catch him. He fasted for three days, did the necessary make-up and spoke deliciously to appear ill.


20.) Should Holmes have spoken so rudely to Watson? Why?

Answer: Holmes speaking rudely to Watson was merely acting; to make him believe that he was critically ill and dying. He put up this act because he wanted Culverton Smith to come to him and cure him.


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