PSEB Class 10 English Supplementary Reader Lesson 2 Half A Rupee Worth Solution

PSEB Class 10 English Supplementary Reader Lesson 2 Half A Rupee Worth all Question and Answers Solution

PSEB Class 10 English Supplementary Reader Lesson 2 Half A Rupee Worth Solution: Punjab Board (PSEB) 10th Class Lesson 2 all questions of Supplementary Reader answers are in this page.

PSEB Solution Lesson 2 Half A Rupee Worth

Punjab Board Class 10 English Literature (Supplementary Reader) Lesson 2 Half A Rupee Worth Solution. Also known as PSEB Half A Rupee Worth Solution.



1.) How did Subbiah manage to get rice during the drought?

Answer: During the drought, when paddy did not come up, the rice mills were inactive, and people starved; Subbiah thoroughly searched the countryside and bought whatever rice he could to sell letter at a very high price.


2.) ‘Those were the days when Subbiah loathed the rice bags’ Which were those days? Why did he dislike the rice then?

Answer:Subbiah loathed the rice bags in those days when he worked as an unpaid apprentice. He dislikes the rice then because, like other boys his age, he longed for the crowded streets, cinemas, football matches and wrestling tournament, but his father would not let him leave the shop.


3.) ‘Rice was in his blood’ means

(a) he ate nothing but rice

(b) he liked the smell of rice

(c) he knew all about rice

Answer:(c) he all knew all about rice


4.) How did Subbiah’s profits increase during the war? Did he follow the rules laid down by the government? How did he tackle the officers?

Answer: Subbiah’s profits increased during the war because the scarcity of arise raised the worth of the stock he held. People flocked to his shop day and night, and he made huge profits, No, he did not follow the rules laid down by the government. He tackled the officers by keeping his paper work perfect and bribing them.


5.) Besides selling rice what else did Subbiah do to earn more?

Answer: Besides selling rice, Subbiah lent money at exorbitant interest rates, and if people defaulted on payment, he acquired their houses. This venture added tremendously to his riches.


6.) Who came to buy rice one evening when Subbiah was about to go home? Did he give rice to him? what did he say?

Answer: A poor person came to buy rice one evening when Subbiah was about to go home. Initially, Subbiah flatly refused saying he was busy and had no time. Later he agreed to give only half of seer for a half rupee.


7.) How much rice did Subbiah agree to sell to him and for how much?

Answer: Subbiah agreed to sell half a seer for a half rupee.


8.) Why did Subbiah ask the man to wait? What reason did he give?

Answer: Subbiah asked the man not to follow him but to wait because he thought the man might come to know about his secret godown. He pretended to go to get the rice from another man. Subbiah said the man was suspicious and would not like to see anyone else with him.


9.) Where did Subbiah go to get rice?

Answer:Subbiah went to his secret godown in the back Street to get the rice.


10.) Did the man wait for Subbiah for long? How do you know?

Answer: Yes, the man waited for Subbiah for long. He waited till late into the night and finally went to his house. By six in the morning, Subbiah’s wife led the man to the secret godown.


11.) Where did the man go then? Where was he taken and by whom?

Answer:Then the man went to Subbiah’s home. There Subbiah’s wife told him that he had not come home at all. She then took him to Subbiah’s secret godown.


12.) How did Subbiah die?

Answer:Subbiah’s godown had rice bags piled up from the floor to the ceiling. While taking out rice, rice bags fell on him, and he got buried under the pile.


13.) Tick the qualities that Subbiah possessed.

(a) a hardworking man ✓

(b) a cruel father

(c) a miser ✓

(d) an obedient son

(e) a sympathetic shop keeper

(f) a religious man ✓

(g) an honest man

Answer :a hardworking man ✓

  •  a miser ✓
  •  a religious man ✓


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