PSEB Class 10 Computer Science Chapter 7 Microsoft Publisher Solution

PSEB Punjab Board Class 10 Computer Science Textbook Solution Chapter 7 Microsoft Publisher Exercise Questions and Answers

Q1) Multiple Choice Questions :-

1) Choose an application used to design and produce attractive advertising and promotional material.

a) Word Processor b) Spreadsheet c) Publisher d) Presentation

2) is the predefined model of publication

a) Template b) ClipArt c) Object d) Style

3) Nowadays, brochures are also available in electronic format are called

a) E-brochures b) m-brochures c) t-brochures d) k-brochures

4) is stationary with a printed heading. The heading usually consists of a name, an address and a logo.

a) Letterhead b) Program c) Invitation Card d) Catalogue

5) What are longer than resumes-at least two or three pages?

a) Curriculum Vita (CV) b) Banner c) Invitation card d) Catalogue

Q2) Fill in the blanks :-

1) Advertising means how a company encourages people to buy their products services or ideas.

2) A newsletter is a printed report containing news or information of the activities of a business or an organization.

3) Business cards are cards bearing business information about a ………………. or ………………

4) A resume provides a summary of our education, work history, credentials and other accomplishments and skills.

5) Resumes is the most common document requested of applicants in job applications.

Q3) Write True or False :-

1) A Template is a tool used in Publisher to help us easily create basic publication. True

2) Before exiting Publisher, we should close all the publications. True

3) A compliment card is a piece of card or high-quality paper used for promotional purpose. False

4) Certificates of achievement, merit and honour given to a person can be proved powerful tools for him when given at the right time and presented in the right way. True

5) Brochures are promotional documents, primarily used to introduce a company, organization, products or services to the public. True

Q4) Short Answer Type Questions :-

1) What is a Publisher

Ans :- Publisher is an application which is used for creating or designing the material in an attractive manner which can be used for advertising or promotion.

2) How to start publisher using Run command

Ans :- To start the Publisher by using Run command is :-

  • Press the Windows key along with R form the keyboard, which will help to open the Run command box.
  • Type MSPUB in the Run command dialog box.

  • Now press Enter key from the keyboard or click on the Ok button of the Run command dialog box. After which you may notice that the Microsoft Publisher window will appear on the screen.

3) Define templates

Ans :- In the Microsoft Publisher Template is the predefined model of publication. This tool in Publisher is used for creating basic create basic publication in a very easily manner.

4) Which type of publications can be used for advertisements.

Ans :- Brochures, News letters, banners, Business cards etc are the different types of publications which can be sued for advertisements.

5) What is Banner

Ans :- It is a long strip of cloth consisting of slogans or designs which is displayed or hanged in the public places. A banner can be a flag or a cloth which contains the logo, symbols or slogans etc.

Q5) Long Answer Type Questions :-

1) Write about the main components of public window

Ans :- The window of the MS Publisher has three parts/components which are explained below in detail :-

a) The Quick Access Toolbar :- In the Quick Access toolbar, you may find only commands that we want to make use frequently. This toolbar can be placed above or below the ribbon. If you’ll click on the place of the Quick Access toolbar, then you have to click on the small arrow which is at the end of toolbar, and click on the option as show Below the Ribbon. If you want to add any item, then that particular item will be added to the Ribbon.

b) The Ribbon :- At the bottom of the tabs you see small pictures/icons in the panel . There are 6 tabs which are Home, Insert, Page, Design, mailings, review and view. Every tabs are been divided into the groups.

c) Tabs :- In MS Publisher, you may see that there are 6 tabs which are explained below. Every tabs are been divided into different groups and placing Ribbons under them. For working on any of the tab, then the user needs to click on the tab name.

  • Home :- Clipboard, font, Paragraph, Styles, Objects, Arrange, Editing.
  • Insert :- Pages, Tables, Illustrations, Building, Blocks, Text, Links, Header and Footer.
  • Page Design :- Template, Page Setup, page Layout, Schemes, Page background.
  • Mailing :- Start, Write and Insert Fields, Preview Results, Finish.
  • Review :- Proofing Language
  • View :- Views, Layout, Show, Zoom, Window.

d) The File Window :- In the File menu, you may see some options. After clicking on these options you may notice that the screen of the File menu changes.

Below are the options that you see in the File Menu :-

  • Save :- This option in the File menu is sued to save the changes made to the file after saving it by the name.
  • Save As :- This option is used for saving the name of the file in different formats or file extensions i.e is PDF, Word etc.
  • Open :- This option in the File menu of the Publisher is used to open the existing Publisher file.
  • Close :- This is used for closing the Publisher file.
  • Info :- With the help of this option, we can Edit Business Information, Run, Design, Checker, and set Commercial Print Settings.
  • Recent :- This option helps to view the list of the files which are been recently used.
  • New :- It is sued for creating New file in Publisher.
  • Print :- After clicking on this option, the Print dialog box gets open. Make necessary print settings and then click on Print button. With the help of this option, one can make the print of the Publisher file.
  • Save and Send :- This option helps in saving the file and send it through the e-mail.
  • Help :- In this option, the gets the help in relation to the Publisher program/application.
  • Options :- This option sets the options as default.
  • Exit :- It is used for exiting the application/program comlpletely.

2) How to Print Publications? Write its steps.

Ans :- There are two steps in which we can print the Publications. The steps are as followed :-

  • Make a click on the file menu.
  • Select the print option, after which the Print window gets opened up.
  • Choose the number of copies that you want to print and make other settings adjusted if its required.
  • Click on Print button


  • Make a shortcut key combination of Ctrl+ P from the keyboard by pressing them.
  • After which the Print window gets opened up, make necessary settings and then click on print button.

3) What are Advertisements? Explain various print media used for advertisements.

Ans :- Advertisements means provoking/forcing/attracting the people to buy their products or services. The short abbreviation of Advertisement is Ad which is referred to as the task of attracting or drawing/gaining the attention of the people towards their product/services. Generally the advertisements are been carried out by the agencies called as Advertisement agencies. This advertisements are mostly published or displayed in the magazines, newspaper, televisions etc. Advertisements are of two forms Visual or Audio Advertisement relates to the management of business which consists of the persons who wishes to sponsor, and a indirect message to the

people in promotion of selling the product, services or ideas. Sponsors are the persons who wishes to promote their products or services. Advertisement is the communication for promotion of products or services done through the old mass medias like radio, newspapers, magazines, televisions etc or by the new means of mass medias like search results, blogs, websites, text messages etc. Advertisement or Ad refers to the actual presentation of message. Advertisements related to political parties, interest groups, religious, organizations, governmental etc falls under the category of non-commercial advertisements.

In the Publisher you may find various print media for advertisements and can be created in Publisher are Brochures, newsletters, Banners, Business Cards etc.

Various print media used for Advertisements

 Brochures :- It is informative papered document which is sued for advertisements and can be folded in the leaflets or pamphlets. This promotional document is used for promoting/introducing the company, organization, products or services etc to the people. This brochures are been distributed in newspapers, or handed out separately by the person in the public place or it is hanged in the brochures rack in the high traffic places. Nowadays, as this era is the era of technology/digital, you may find the brochures into the digital/electronic form i.e is known as e-brochures. Bi-fold (folded into haves on both sides of the single sheet) and Tri-fold (folded into the three on both sides of the single sheet printed) are the forms of the single-sheet brochures.

 News letters :- It is the activity of the business organization presented into the format of report and is been sent regularly to the members, customers, employees etc of the organization/business through e-mail. In the newsletter, there is the existence of the topic which of recipients interest. A newsletter is also known as grey literature.

 Banners :- Banner is a long strip of cloth, containing the slogan or design which is used for demonstrating or for processions in a public places. Banners can be a flag or cloth consisting of symbol, logo, slogan or any marketing message etc. In the online banner (graphic image), we can see the name of the site is been displayed. Online banner is the rectangle shape and is placed on the website’s main content where it is linked with the advertiser’s own website.

 Business cards :- A business card is a small card on which you see the name of the person, his/her contact details, occupation, address etc. This cards are generally used during the formal introductions between persons. In this card, there will be givers name and contact details like contact numbers, street, address, fax number, email address , website etc business affiliation or company name along with the logo. In the modern era, some of the business cards also have social media addresses like Twitter and Facebook. Traditionally business cards used to come in black and white colours but nowadays it comes into various one or more visual designs.

Dear Student, I appreciate your efforts and hard work that you all had put in. Thank you for being concerned with us and I wish you for your continued success.

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