PSEB Class 10 Computer Science Chapter 6 Desktop Publishing Solution

PSEB Punjab Board Class 10 Computer Science Textbook Solution Chapter 6 Desktop Publishing Exercise Questions and Answers

Q1) Multiple Choice Questions :-

1) Programs that can be used to create books, magazines, newspapers, flyers, pamphlets, and many other kinds of printed documents are called

a) Desk Publishing b) Desktop Publishing c) Top Publishing d) Publishing

2) enables us to use on the display screen exactly what will appear when the document is printed.


3) are external output devices that takes data from a computer and generate output in the form of graphics/text on a paper.

a) Frames b) Printers c) Fonts d) Plotters

4) are rectangular areas which are meant for inserting graphics and text.

a) Rectangles b) Frames c) Structures d) Fonts

5) is a visual representation of objects.

a) Charts b) Graphics c) Frames d) Fonts

6) Which of the following is not an example of Desktop Publishing Software

a) Coral Draw b) Word Processing c) GIMP d) Adobe Photoshop

Q2) Fill in the blanks :-

1) Desktop Publishing is the use of the computer and software to create visual displays of ideas and information.

2) A Margin is the space between the main content of a page and its edges.

3) A font is a graphical representation of text that may include a different type face, point size, weight, colour, or design.

4) In Graphics software layers are the different levels at which one can place an object or image file.

5) In Impact Printers, characters or graphics are printed by striking print-head on the paper.

Q3) Write the Full Forms :-

1) DTP : Desktop Publishing

2) WYSIWYG : What You See Is What You Get

3) 3D : Three Dimensional

4) GIMP : GNU Image manipulation Program

5) DMP : Dot Matrix Printer

Q4) Short Answer Type Questions :-

1) What is Desktop Publishing?

Ans :-

The short abbreviation of Desktop Publishing is DTP. It is the software which allows the user to create the documents with different forms of designs by making inclusion of text, images, graphics and many colours. It is Graphics based software. We can also create different types of newsletters, brochures, magazines, advertisements etc. this software mostly accepts/works on both i.e is text and graphics. For using this Desktop Publishing software many different softwares like Adobe Page Maker, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Photoshop etc.

2) Write the names of various types of printers

Ans :- There are two types of Printers which are Impact Printers and Non- Impact Printers. Impact Printers include Dot Matrix Printer (DMP), Daisy Wheel printers, Line printers, etc whereas The Non-Impact printers includes Ink -jet printers, Laser printers, etc.

3) What are Margins

Ans :- It is the empty space that appears in between the main contents of the page and the edge of the page. Margins helps us to identify that the starting point of the line and the ending point. As per the need, the user can adjust the margin size.

4) Define Graphics

Ans :- The Graphis is a image or virtual representation of the object. This image are displayed on the screen of the computer. This type of graphics contrasts with the text, which contains the characters such as numbers, letters or images. Graphics can be of Two dimensional (2D) and three dimensional (3D).

5) What do you mean by the term “WYSIWYG”?

Ans :- The abbreviation of WYSIWYG is What You See Is What You Get which means it will show you the print preview of the document how it will look at the after making sue of the print command.

Q5) Long Answer Type Questions :-

1) Explain Vector Graphics and Bitmap Graphics

Ans: :-  i) Vector graphics –  This type of graphics are the computer graphics that makes use of the points by connecting them to the curves or line to form polygons or other shapes. We can resize the resolution of the vector graphics without disturbing its quality. The directions of the strokes, color, shape, curve, thickness, and fill can be determined by the points. In this type of graphics, we can easily and independently edit the shape or object such as outine type (stroke), fill, size, positions etc. The USSAGE Air Defence Systems first used the Vector Graphics displays in the year 1958. You may even find the vector graphics in the SVG (Scalable Vector

Graphics), PDF (Portable Document Format), CDR(CorelDraw File extension) and AI types of graphics files.

ii) Raster or Bitmap Graphics :- The other name of raster graphics is Bitmap graphics. This image which makes use of the small pixels of rectangles shape or the picture elements which are arranged in the form of grid as a representation of an image. The very small dots in the Bitmap graphics are called as Pixels. The bitmap graphics software like Adobe photoshop is much helpful in editing every single pixel. The amount of detail that we can draw completely depends upon the pixels per square inch (PSI). the bitmap graphic file size is very large because in the image, computer stores the information related to every single pixel. There is a possibility of the Bitmap graphics to lose its quality when we try to resize the file. The scanned images or digital photos are the examples of the Raster or Bitmap graphics. The file formats like JPEG<, PNG, GIF, BMP, MPEG4 are some of the commonly used Raster Graphics images.

2) What is Desktop Publishing Software? Write about any two Desktop Publishing Softwares.

Ans :- This software is used for making the simple contents into the layouts which can be published such as books, newspapers, magazines etc. After the finalization of the layout, it is then uploaded to the website or been sent to the printer for printing on the paper. As per the need of the project, the users can edit the every single page by make use of the built-in templates or create the pages by using scratch. Desktop Publishing comes up with two tools such as drawing or photo editing tool which can be used by the user. The two Desktop Publishing Software are as follows :-

a) Microsoft Publisher :- The Microsoft Publisher is the desktop publishing application which differs from the Microsoft Word. In the Microsoft publisher, on the layout and design the emphasis is been placed, instead of text composing and proofing. Microsoft Publisher is similar to Microsoft Word but it differs in the matters of Microsoft Word provides the tools in relation to text whereas Microsoft Publisher provides the tools in relation to page layouts and visual contents. Microsoft company introduced the first version of Microsoft Publisher in the year 1991.

b) Corel Draw :- The Corel Corporation developed the graphics editing software named as Corel Draw. In Corel Draw, we can edit or design the 2D’s such as logos and posters. Corel Draw software works on both operating systems that is Mac OS and Windows. Michel Bouillon and pat Beirne first developed and released the initial version of Coral draw in the year 1989. In the March 2021, the new version of Corel Draw i.e is Coral Draw Graphics Suite 2021 was been introduced.

3) What is differences between Impact and Non-Impact printers.

Ans :- The difference between the Impact Printer and Non-Impact printer are as followed :-

Sr. No Impact printer Non-Impact printer
1 Impact printers prints the characters, graphics on the

paper in the form of striking.

Non-Impact printers print the characters, graphics on the paper without striking.
2 Printing is done in the form of

striking the metal pin or character dye.

Here, in this printer printing is done by spraying ink on the paper.
3 The printing speed is slow Printing speed is fast
4 Electro-mechanical devices are

been used for printing.

No use of electro-mechanical device in


5 This type of printers makes noise while printing on the


This type of printers does not makes noise while printing on the paper.
6 Dot Matrix Printer (DMP), Daisy Wheel printers, Line printers, etc are the examples of Impact


Ink -jet printers, Laser printers, etc.are the examples of Non-impact printers.

4) Give any difference between Desktop Publishing and Word Processing Software.

Ans :- Following is the difference between the Desktop Publishing and Word Processing Software

Sr. No Word Processing Desktop Publishing



The other name of Word Processing Software is Word Processor which sued for creating and manipulating the

text containing documents

Desktop Publishing (DTP) is the software which allows the user to create the documents with different forms of designs by making inclusion of text, images,

graphics and many colours.

2 It is cheaper This software is more costly as compared

to Word Processing Software

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