Prepositions Class 10 English Grammar Odisha Board Solution

Prepositions Class 10 English Grammar Odisha Board Solution

Prepositions Class 10 English Grammar Odisha Board Solution Activity Question Answers by Grammar Sir here in this page. Odisha Board 10th Class English Grammar Prepositions Exercise Questions and Answers, Notes BSE Odisha.

Learn and Practice Grammar Class 10 English BSE Odisha Questions Answers have total 9 Activities. Here students of Board of Secondary Education, Odisha Class 10 can solve all their doubts in each questions and prepare for exams.




Activity – 1


Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with appropriate prepositions :

(i) The young men are swimming in the sea.


(ii) There is a label on the medicine bottle.


(iii) There is a TV set at the corner of the room.


(iv) London is on the Thames.


(v) John was brought up in a farm, but at the age of sixty he was sent to work at a shop.


(vi) When we visited Hyderabad, we stayed at the Just a Hotel.


(vii) I would prefer to work at a factory.


(viii) He told me that he lived at 25 Ashok Nagar, Bhubaneswar.


(ix) My father is employed as a cashier in the local branch of the Allahabad Bank.


(x) He was below me at school. (Suggesting ‘lower than’)


(xi) My hat fell under a chair as I was leaving the room.


(xii) He has ten men working for him.


(xiii) They were standing at the hillside.


(xiv) They were walking together on the beach.


(xv) He waited half an hour at the corner of the street.


(xvi) She divided the cake among her five children.


(xvii) I can’t see any difference between these two books.


(xviii) She met him at the front door.


(xix) I was getting late, so we set off for home.


(xx) He couldn’t keep himself from falling off the wall.


Activity – 2

Fill in the following blank spaces with appropriate prepositions.


(i) The meeting started at ten o’clock.


(ii) The house should be finished by next month.


(iv) He has been sick since the day he arrived.


(v) He came here during a winter evening.


(vi) He has been ill for the last month.


(vii) He has been ill since last month.


(viii) The train never arrives on time.


(ix) The Second World War ended in 1945.


(x) We leave for France on Friday.


(xi) We are having a party on New Year.


(xii) The work must be finished till December.


(xiii) He started his journey during daybreak.


Activity – 3

(i) He went to America on an aeroplane.


(ii) He went to Howarh in the Coromondal Express.


(iii) He sent the books by registered parcel.


(iv) He dug the pit with a shovel.


(v) He talked to his friend on telephone.


(vi) He paid his dues in cash.


(vii) If you haven’t got any cash on you, you can pay by cheque.


(viii) The answer was written with a pencil.


(ix) The answer was written in pencil.


Activity – 4

Supply appropriate prepositions in the following blanks.


(i) His decision took me by surprise.


(ii) He is very kind at heart.


(iii) Rabi has been on holiday for the last two weeks.


(iv) The house is on sale.


(v) There were one hundred people there in all.


(vi) I was able to know by sight.


(vii) He acted at once to save the boy’s life.


(viii) When I arrived in his house, he was at lunch.


(ix) He is on a visit to Delhi.


Activity – 5

Insert appropriate prepositions in the following blank spaces :


(i) Let us invite them all for dinner.


(ii) I hastened to assure him with my support.


(iii) He borrowed a pen from me.


(iv) His failure has completely discouraged him on trying again.


(v) I like to indulge in a hot bath.


(vi) We congratulate you on becoming a father.


(vii) Students should concentrate on studies.


(viii) Everybody has been warned of the danger.


(ix) They reminded me in the meeting.


Activity – 6

Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions :


(i) Don’t be impolite with your elders.


(ii) You shouldn’t be rude with them.


(iii) Some people are cruel with animals.


(iv) Are you angry at what happened ?


(v) The old man is very furious at me.


(vi) I am contented with what I have.


(vii) I am tired of arguing with you.


(viii) The diet here is deficient of vitamins.


(ix) I am very glad to seeing you.


(x) You must be conscious of your speech and action.


(xi) I am now short on funds.


(xii) His income is sufficient with his needs.


Activity – 7

Fill in the blank spaces with appropriate prepositions.


(i) I have a good relationship with my neighbours.


(ii) There is a sharp fall indemand for gold.


(iii) There is no difference between a steam engine and an oil engine.


(iv) What is your reaction on the news?


(v) His progress in studies is very satisfactory.


(vi) They had a discussion on the topic.


(vii) His familiarity about the place saved him from a lot of troubles.


(viii) He has a great admiration formy talent.


(ix) He is in agreement with my views on this subjects.


(x) His performance made an impression on me.

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