Practical Geometry Extra Questions Solution for Class 7

Practical Geometry Class 7 Mathematics Extra Question and Answers for CBSE / NCERT Board Students

Practical Geometry Extra Questions and Answers for Class 7 Level Students of CBSE / NCERT Board Published in this Page. Here we Provided 01 Marks that’s mean MCQ Type Questions and their Solution And Long Answer Type Questions & Solution. Class VII Students can follow this Page.

Long Answer Type Extra Questions

(1) Construct a ABC, Where AB = 2.5 cm, BC = 6 CM and AC = 6.5 cm.

(2) Construct the right angled  PQR, where <Q = 900 , OR = 8CM AND pr = 10 cm.

(3) Construct a triangle ABC with AB = 6cm, BC = 7CM and  CA = 8cm ruler and compass, draw (i) the bisector AD  OF DA (ii) perpendicular AL from A on BC. Measure <LAD.

(4) Construct a triangle with adjacent as 300 and 600 and the side between them being 5.8 cm long.


MCQ Type

(1) What is the relationship between the three sides of a triangles ?

(a) sum of 2 sides is less than 3rd

(b) sum of 2 side is greater than 3rd

(c) sum of 2 sides is equal to 3rd

(d) Difference of 2 sides is less than 3rd

(2) The square of length of hypotenuse of this triangle is equal to the sum the square o the lengths of the other two sides. Name the triangles.

(a) Acute angled triangle

(b) obtuse angled triangle

(c) right angled triangle

(d) Scalene triangle

(3) A right has side 12 m, 5cm. What is the third side ?

(a) 13 cm

(b) 119 cm

(c) 169 cm

(d) none of these

(4) In a triangle ABC,AB  = 5.5 cm, BC = 4.6cm and <B = 1100 , triangle can be constructed according to which criteria?

(a) SSS

(b) SAS

(c) ASA

(d) RHS

(5) Name the triangle if base angles opposite to equal to equal sides of a triangle are equal.

(A) Isosceles

(b) Scalene

(c) Right angled

(d) Equilateral

Short Answer Type Extra Questions

(1) Construct a triangle with two adjacent sides as 3 cm and 5 cm and the angle between them as 450

(2) Construct an equilateral triangle PQR with equal sides as 5.5 cm each.

(3) Draw a line I. Draw perpendicular of at P. Take a point x, 4 cm from line I on perpendicular. Through x, draw line m parallel to line I.

(4) Construct a triangle ABC in which AC = 5cm, BC = 7.5 cm and <C = 600

(5) Draw a line PQ of length 6.2 cm. Take a point A not lying on PQ. Through A draw a perpendicular to PQ at point R using compass and ruler.

Solution MCQ & Short Answer Type:

Very Short Answer Type Extra Questions

(1) How many perpendicular can be draw on a line ?

(2) How many lies can be draw parallel to a give line, from outside the given triangle?

(3) For construction of a triangle, what is the of three angles of a triangle ?

(4) In a right angled triangle which side is opposite to the right angle?

(5) To construct a triangle, how many minimum parts a triangle should be known?


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