Physical Properties of Metals

1.) Metals are solid in nature at room temperature( except mercury it is liquid in state.)

2.) Metals are generally hard and strong ( except lithium, potassium, sodium they can be cut by knife)

3.) Metals have metallic cluster i.e they are shiny and reflect light.

4.) Metals are ductile.( the property by which metal can be drawn into wires is called ductility

5.) They are malleable (the property by virtue of which metal can be beaten into thin sheets is called malleability).

Aluminum foil use to pack food.

6.) Metals are good conductor of electricity.  (silver and copper are good conductor)

7.) They are good conductor of heat (best conductor are silver and copper bad conductor are lead and mercury )

8.) Metals have high melting points (but gallium and cesium have low melting points. They melts in the palm of hands).

9.) They have high boiling points.

10.) Metals are sonorous (they produce sound when beaten )

11.) Metals are high densities.

12.) Most of Metals have high tensile strengths

  • Questions:

1) Which metal use in thermometer?

– Mercury is use in thermometer.

2) Name the metal in which are soft in nature?

– Potassium and sodium are soft in nature

3) Name the property by which metal can produce sound

– Sonorous

4) What is mean by malleability?

– Malleability is physical property of metal which they can be converted into another shapes such as thin sheets or foils without any braking.

5) What is mean by ductility?

– The property by which metal can be drawn into wires is called ductility .

6) Give some common property of metals?

– Shiny , malleable, ductile, electricity and heat conductor this is common property of metal .

7) Which metal is used for wrapping food?

– Aluminum.

8) Why metals are shiny ?

– metals show metallic lustrous due to this metals are shiny

9) ———– and ———- are kept in kerosene .

– Sodium and potassium.

10) Which metal is good conductor of heat

– Silver and copper are good conductor of heat.

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