pH in Everyday life

pH in Everyday life

pH Change leads to tooth decay;

  • The bacteria present in our mouth break down the sugar to form acid. This acid lower the pH in our mouth is to clean the mouth thoroughly after eating food.
  • Tooth enamel is made up of calcium phosphate and is the hardest substance in the body . If the pH inside the mouth decrease below 5.5 the decay of tooth enamel begins.
  • Most common tooth paste are basic in nature so by using these for cleaning the teeth the excess acid get neutralized there pH become greater than 5.5 and tooth decay is prevent.

pH of the Soil and plant growth:

  • Every type of plant require a specific pH range for healthy growth , there for the nature of the soil known first by testing its pH and then a particular plant is grown in it.
  • It is also suitable for selecting the fertilizer for a Particular crops by knowing the pH of the soil.
  • Most of the plant grow best when pH of the soil is close to rang 7.
  • If the soil is too acidic ( having low pH) then it is treated materials like quicklime ( calcium oxide) or slaked lime ( calcium hydroxide) or chalk ( calcium carbonate) .
  • If the soil is too alkaline then its alkalinity can be reduced by adding decaying organic matter. (manure or compost) which contain acidic materials.

pH in plant And animals ( through chemical warfare)

  • Many animal and plant protect themselves from their enemy by injecting painful and irritating acid and bases into their skin.
  • When a person happen to touch the leaves of nettle plant accidentally the stinging hairs of  nettle leaves inject methanoic  acid into the skin of the person causing burning pain.
  • Honey bee sting a person it inject acid liquid into the skin which cause immense pain and irritation. And ant’s sting inject the methanoic acid into the skin of person causing burning pain.

Plants and animals are sensitive to pH change;

  • Living organism can only survive in narrow range of pH values.
  • Like our body can work within 7.0 to 7.5 pH range .
  • When pH rang rain water is below 5.6 ( due to absorption of acidic gases like CO2 , SO2  , NO2 Present in atmosphere) . It is known as, acid rain.
  • Which flowing into the river and lower the pH of rivers water .
  • Thereby survival of aquatic life in such rivers becomes difficult.

Question answer

1) Explain the pH change leads to tooth decay

2) Explain the pH of soil and plant growth?

3) Explain the self defence of animals and plant by chemical warfare?

4) Explain the sensitive pH change for plant and animals?

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