Paragraph on Load Shedding

Paragraph on Load Shedding

The electricity has become a spinal cord for a human being. The suspension of the supply of electricity is known as Load shedding. It is common affair in our nation.

Nowadays it has become a major problem. It is a burning question in the society. Without solving this problem, we cannot lead a normal life for this problem .

This problem is getting worse day by day. There are so many causes of load shedding like example misuse, illegal connection , insufficient productions etc. There are so many discount persons who doesn’t pay bill or not even visit to the Electricity office also. But uses the electricity by illegal way. Our government are also taking the necessary steps to solve this problem. It’s our duty to remove the problem. It is being very needed to make people aware from it . Social media plays a vital role in this.

We can make people aware from misusing the electricity . Via telling themselves that . If they caught at red handed at once then they just have to pay the penalty as well as have to go to the jail also as per the IPC rule.


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Updated: June 20, 2021 — 3:14 pm

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