Paragraph on Good Food

Paragraph on Good Food

There is a famous saying that if “we eat foods as medicine then we don’t need to eat medicines as foods”.

It is not necessary to tell that, in all over the world, all the human beings are focusing on the strong immune system.

It has become our own aim .A good immune system has become the base of our health.

For fighting against the disease ,we should have the strong immune system . Day by day we are seeing that the lot of people suffering from the health issues . For stopping all of this, we need Good Food.

We have to be aware from the unhealthy foods . There are a lot of natural foods sources we have Such as , green leafy vegetables , non-leafy cruciferous vegetables , so many types of fruits , dry fruits and so on. Quality foods are good for our health . It makes us feel good and gives us lots of energy .

Every individuals needs good foods for a healthy body . We have to take good food in a balanced ratio . Such as, fruits , green vegetables , pulse , and so on .

Good food is the one that gives us the right amount of nutrients to keep ourselves healthy and fit.


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Updated: June 23, 2021 — 2:12 am

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