Packing Extra Questions and Answers English Beehive Chapter 7

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Packing Extra Questions and Answers English Beehive Chapter 7

Packing Extra Questions and Answers Very Short Type

Question 1.

Name the writer of the story “Packing”?

Answer: The story “Packing” by Jerome K Jerome.

Question 2.

From where does the story has been taken?

Answer: The story has been taken from “Three men in a boat” by Jerome K Jerome.

Question 3.

“I said I’d pack” – Who is the speaker?

Answer: The writer Jerome K Jerome himself had declared that he would pack the luggage.

Question 4.

What are the names of other two friends?

Answer: One is George and the other one is Harris.

Question 5.

What was the two friends doing when Jerome was packing their luggages?

Answer: George was sitting comfortably on the easy chair and Harris was cocking his legs on the table.

Question 6.

“An irritating laughter made Jerome wild with anger” – > who laughed at him?

Answer: George laughed at him.

Question 7.

What was the horrible idea occurred to the writer?

Answer: The writer could not remember whether he had packed his toothbrush or not. This had considered as a horrible idea.

Question 8.

Write the meaning of “rummaged”?

Answer: It means searched in a hurried way.

Question 9.

Where did he find his brush finally?

Answer: Jerome found his toothbrush inside a boot finally.

Question 10.

What was thing Jerome did not care whether it was packed or not?

Answer: Jerome did not care whether the soap was packed or not.

Question 11.

Who had decided to pack the food basket?

Answer: George and Harris had decided to pack the food basket.

Question 12.

According to Jerome who is the world’s worst packer?

Answer: According to Jerome Harris is the world’s worst packer.

Question 13.

Where did the Harris pack the strawberry jam?

Answer: Harris packed the strawberry jam on the top of a tomato.

Question 14.

What did George do?

Answer: While packing George sat on the butter.

Question 15.

Finally from where did George and Harris get the butter back?

Answer: They finally got the butter from the back of Harris.

Question 16.

Where did George and Harris pack the butter?

Answer: They packed the butter inside the teapot.

Question 17.

What is the name of Jerome’s pet dog?

Answer: The name of Jerome’s pet dog is Montmorency.

Question 18.

What did Montmorency think that George and Harish were looking for?

Answer: Montmorency thought that George and Harris were looking for his cold wet nose.

Question 19.

 At what time they had finished to pack the hamper?

Answer: At 12:50 they had finished of packing the hampers.

Question 20.

What was the thing placed by Harris and Jerome next to the bed of George?

Answer: Harris and Jerome had placed the bathtub next to the bed of George.

Packing Extra Questions and Answers MCQ Type

Question 1.

George was sitting comfortably on the –>


(b) Ben

(c) Easy chair.


Answer: Easy chair.

Question 2.

“Ain’t you going to put the boots in?” – Who is the speaks?


(b) George


(d) The roommate of Jerome.

Answer: Harris.

Question 3.

Thing which always haunts the poet – >


(b) Comb

(c) Toothbrush

(d) Money

Answer: Toothbrush.

Question 4.

When did the author finally finish his packing?

(a) 10:30 p.m

(b) 10:05 p.m

(c) 11:05 p.m

(d) 9:06 p.m

Answer: 10:05 pm.

Question 5.

They had ______ hours left to leave for journey?

(a)Twelve hours

(b) thirty hours

(c) Eleven hours

(d) Twenty hours

Answer: Twelve hours.

Question 6.

What was the first thing broke by Harris and George?

(a) Dish

(b) Flower vase

(c) Cup

(d) Showpiece

Answer: Cup.

Question 7.

They used ________ to pick out the squashed tomato.

 (a) Tea spoon

(b) Hand

(c) Knife


Answer: Tea spoon.

Question 8.

Montmorency imagined the lemons as –

(a) Rats

(b) Bind

(c) Cats

(d) Food

Answer: Rats.

Question 9.

Harris used ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­________ to hit Montmorency.

(a) Plate

(b) Frying pan

(c) Cup

(d) Book

Answer: Frying pan.

Question 10.

They have decided to wake up at – >

(a) 6:30 a.m

(b) 7:30 a.m

(c) 6:30 p.m

(d) 7:30 p.m

Answer: 6:30 a.m.

Packing Extra Questions and Answers Short Type

Question 1.

The writer Jerome told his two friends that they had better leave the whole matter of packing entirely to him, because he had a better sense on it.- > What was the actual sense of the writer behind this  line?


The writer did not mean by saying that he would pack; his friends would sit and relax. He had meant that he would boss upon them and superintend them when they would do all the work. He would teach them and scroll them too for not knowing the work well. In shot he wanted to finish all the packing by them.

Question 2.

How did the man (roommate of the writer) use to make him mad?


The writer lived with a man, who always made him irritated by lying on the sofa and watching him doing all the work alone. Again the men used to make him mad by saying that he enjoyed watching him go around, doing all the work.

Question 3.

How does a toothbrush always make a mess in writer’s life while travelling?


Jerome told that his toothbrush was the only thing which always haunted him while travelling and made his life a misery. He always dreamt that he hadn’t packed it and woke up with cold perspiration and started searching for it. In the morning packed it before using it and unpacked it again. As it was the last thing that came out of the bag and he had repacked the bag, he forgot packing it again. Then he had to reach to his room to get it and finally wrapped it in his handkerchief and carried it to the railway station in his hand.

Question 4.

What are the things to be packed by Harris and George?


The things to be packed by Harris and George were pile of plates and cups, kettles, bottles, jars, pies, stoves, cakes and tomatoes.

Question 5.

What was the aim of Montmorency, the pet dog of Jerome?


Montmorency was the pet dog of Jerome. His only ambition in life to disturb everyone, create nuisance and get scolded. When people out of anger threw things on him, he thought his entire day was succeeded. And again when people got stumble over him and cursed him for an hour, he thought it was his highest achievement.

Question 6.

Describe the butter episode.


While packing the food hamper George at first trod on the butter and created a lot of confusion it from his sleeper and tried to put it inside the kettle. But he failed and put it on a chair. Harris sat on it and the butter stuck on his back. Both the boys started searching for it around the room and considered the incident to Harris’s back. They removed the butter and finally packed it inside the teapot.

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