Odisha Board Class 6 English The Foolish Son-In-Law Question Answers Solution

The Foolish Son-In-Law Question Answers – Odisha Board – Class 6 English

Odisha State Board Class 6 English all Question Answers for The Foolish Son-In-Law. Here we have provided all questions Solution by Expert English Sir for OSEPA Class 6 The Foolish Son-In-Law Question Answers Odia.

The Foolish Son-In-Law Class 6 English Odisha Board

Board Odisha State Board
Class 6th
Subject English
Part 2
Lesson 02
Topic Question Answers Solution






Comprehension Questions:

1.) Who are there in this part of the story?

Answer: A son-in-law and man from his village are there in this part of the story.


2.) What was the son-in-law’s plan?

Answer: The son-in-law’s plan was to visit his in-law’s house for the first time.


3.) Who advised him about some dos and don’ts at his in-law’s house?

Answer: A man from his village advised him about some dos and don’ts at his in-law’s house.


4.) Make a list of all the advice.

Answer: Dos- use big and high sounding words in in-law’s house and always sit on a high place.

Don’ts –Say no to food given to you



Comprehension Questions:

1.) What type of words did he use in speaking?

Answer: He used long and high sounding words in speaking.


2.) What did he tell his mother-in-law?

Answer: He praised his mother-in-law by saying that she was the sweetest, kindest, greatest and gentlest lady.


3.) Was she happy?

Answer: His mother-in-law was indeed happy.


4) What did she do?

Answer: She praised her son-in-law in front of her neighbors for using high sound and appreciating her.


5.) Where did the son-in-law sit? Does the sight make others laugh?

Answer: The son-in-law sat over a paddy sack pile. Yes, it looks funny.


6.) What did he say when the rice pudding was served?

Answer: He refused to have the rice pudding.


7.) Did he want to eat the pudding?

Answer: Yes, when the two-three drops of the pudding fell on his plate, he tasted it. The delicious taste of the pudding made him to want to eta the pudding.


8.) Where was the pudding pot kept?

Answer: The mother-in-law kept the pudding pot on sikkai.e. high place.


9.) Could he eat it?

Answer: No, he could not eat it.



Comprehension Questions:


1.) What happened when the son-in-law tried to get the pot of pudding?

Answer: When the son-in-law tried to get the pot of pudding, it fell on his head.


2.) What did he look like when he turned on cotton?

Answer: When the pudding fell all over him he was smeared with rice pudding like gum. To dry it off, he slept on the cotton mat and this made him look like a lamb.


3.) What are the two funny sights? Do they make you laugh?

Answer: The first attempt of the son-in-law to dry the rice pudding sticked to his body made him look like a lamb. And when his first attempt was failed, he stayed in a cow-shed with the lambs. These two are the funniest sights.


4.) Where did the in-laws find him in the morning?

Answer: The in-laws found him the cow-shed in the morning.


5.) Who thought him to be foolish?

Answer: Everyone thought him to be foolish.


6.) Why was the father-in-law angry?

Answer:  The father-in-law was angry because his wife cared too much for his son-in-law and neglected him.



Comprehension Questions


1.) Why was not the son-in-law willing to go home?

Answer: The son-in-law lived in comfort at his in-law’s home, so that made him not willing to go to his home.


2.) Who went to bring lemon from the garden?

Answer: The mother-in-law went to bring lemon from the garden.


3.) Why did he beat his mother-in-law?

Answer: The son-in-law though that the person plucking the lemon was a thief. He didn’t know that it was his mother-in-law who was plucking the lemon, so he beat her thinking that it was a thief.


4.) What made him leave for his home?

Answer: He was ashamed of his act of beating his mother-in-law, so he left for his home.


5.) Is there anything funny in this part?

Answer: Yes, the son-in-law beating the mother-in-law without checking once is the funny part.


6.) Was his father-in-law happy? Which expression(words) in the text tells you so?

Answer: The father-in-law was very much happy when his son-in-law finally left the house. The father-in-law heaved a great sigh of relief- this line clearly tells how much happy he was.


2.) Comprehension Activities:

(a) Choose the right answer from the options.


1.) The son-in-law was not advised to watch the garden.

(a) use big and high sounding words.

(b) sit on a high place.

( c) watch the garden.

(d) say ‘no’ to any food given to him first.


2.) The son-in-law thought it would be impolite ask for pudding.

(a) impossible

(b) important

(c ) impolite

(d) impatient


3.) Everyone, except the mother-in-law thought him to be foolish.

(a) the father-in-law

(b) the mother-in-law

(c ) the brother-in-law

(d) the sister-in-law


4.) The father-in-law planned to drive out the son-in-law because his wife take too much care of him of her son-in-law neglecting him.

(a) he sat on a high place.

(b) he beat his wife.

(c) he ate all the rice pudding

(d) his wife take too much care of him of her son-in-law neglecting him.


(b) Match the part number under A with their content in B.

Part- 1 Son-in-law plans to visit
Part- 2 Follows the advice
Part- 3 Suffers for foolishness
Part- 4 Leaves the in-law’s house


5) Vocabulary

(a) Some words in English are made by joining ‘in-laws’ after them. For example. Father-in-law


Make 5 more words in this way.

1.) Mother-in-law

2.) Sister-in-law

3.) Brother- in-law

4.) Sister-in-law

5.) Daughter-in-law


(b) Rewrite the sentences using ‘look like’.


(i) At sunset or morning the sun looks like a big ball.


(ii) The girl looks like a princess in her fancy dress.


(iii) Clouds in sky sometimes look like elephants.


(iv) The clear blue sky looks like an umbrella.


(v) Her face looks like a moon.


Session 7

(a) ‘Son-in-law’ is a long word. The head word is son. When we change son-in-law into plural, it becomes ‘sons-in-law’.


Singular (One)                                                                       Plural( many)

1.) son-in-law                                                                          sons-in-laws


2.) daughter -in-law                                                                daughter -in-law


3.) father-in-law                                                                      father-in-law


4.) mother-in-law                                                                    mothers-in-law


5) brother- in-law                                                                   brothers- in-law


6.) sister – in-law                                                                     sisters- in-law


Match the word in A with word in B. Words in B are opposite in meaning. Write the serial numbers of words in the boxes. One is done for you.

1.) High X low


2.) Pleased X displeased


3.) PoliteX impolite


4.) Careful X Careless


5.) Fortunate X Unfortunate


6.) Fresh X rotten


7.) Dry X wet


8.) Foolish X clever


9.) Innocent X guilty


10.) Comfort X discomfort


11.) Willing X unwilling


12.) Kind X cruel


Writing :

(i) Write answers to the following questions.


(i) What is the story about?

Answer: The story is about a foolish man who ended having getting in trouble because of his stupidity.


(ii) Who advised him what to do and what not to do?

Answer: A man from village advised him to what to do and what not to do at his in-law’s house.


(iii) Why did he want to have pudding?

Answer: As per the given advice, he first said no to whatever food was given to him. When two-three drops of the pudding fell on the plate, he tasted it and wanted to eat it.


(iv) Where was the pudding kept?

Answer: The mother-in-law kept the pudding on the sikka, in other words on a high place.


(v) What happened when he tried to get the pudding?

Answer: The son-in-law was very much tempted by the pudding so in the night, he tried to reach the pudding pot which was high. In his attempt to get the pot, it fell down and the pudding smeared on him. This made the pudding stick on him like glue.


(vi) Why was the father-in-law angry?

Answer: The father-in-law was angry because his wife cared too much for him and neglected the father-in-law. She made the son-in-law’s comfortable in their house.


(vii) Who planned a trick to drive him out?

Answer: The father-in-law didn’t like the foolishness of the son-in-law. The son-in-law’s comfortable living at their house made him not to go to his house. This made the father-in-law come with a plan to drive him away.


(viii) Why did he leave the in-law’s house?

Answer: To drive the son-in-law away, the father-in-law planned something. He told his son-in-law that their lemons are stolen by thieves every night. He asked him to keep an eye on the thieves and watch them.At the same time, the father-in-lawwished to waterrice and asked his wife to bring a fresh lemon from their plant. When she went to pluck the lemon, the son-in-law who was keeping an eye on the thief, beat her with club. He mistook the thief with the mother-in-law.He thought that the person plucking the lemon was the thief and when he realized that it was his mother-in-law, he felt ashamed. His act of beating his mother-in-law made him guilty and that is why he left the in-law’s house.


(ii) Stated below what the father-in-law said to his friend after his son-in-law had left. Read what he said and fill in the gaps consulting the story.

“Do you know how I drove away the son-in-law? He was foolish. But my wife thought him to be innocent. She gave her delicious food every day. And she neglected me. So, I thought of a plan. I asked my son-in-law to watch the lemon tree. I gave him a clubto beat the thieves. I asked my wifeto bring a lemon. When she plucked a lemon the son-in-law beat her. He felt ashamed coming to know that he had beaten his mother-in-law. Out of shame he left my home. I breathed a huge sigh of relief.


Do we laugh at the fool or his foolishness?

Answer: We laugh at his foolishness of the son-in-law. It was his foolishness that landed him in trouble.






Comprehension Questions:


1.) Who went to his father-in-law’s house?

Answer: A foolish Santal went to his father-in-law’s house.


2.) What curry did his mother-in-law make?

Answer: His mother-in-law made bamboo curry.


3.) Did he like it?

Answer: Yes, he liked it very much.


4.) Why did he carry bamboo with him?

Answer: He thought of making the curry from the bamboo door, so he carried bamboo with him.



Comprehension Questions:


1.) Who did he ask to prepare the curry?

Answer: He asked his wife to prepare the bamboo curry.


2.) How did he help the wife making the curry?

Answer: He helped his wife chopping the dry bamboo sticks.


3.) When the bamboo did not boil what did he ask his wife to do?

Answer: When the bamboo did not boil, he asked his wife to add more water and boil.


4.) Who came to son-in-law’s house?

Answer: The in-laws visited the son-in-law’s house.


5.) Where from the curry was made?

Answer: The curry was made from the soft bamboo pieces.



1.) Writing:

(a) Answer the following questions.


(i) What is this story about?

Answer: The story is about a Santal son-in-law who was a foolish. It is about his foolishness of making curry of wrong bamboo.


(ii) What curry did the mother-in-law prepare?

Answer: The mother-in-law made curry made from bamboo. It was a delicious Bamboo Curry.


(iii). Is the son—in-law foolish? Why?

Answer: Yes, the son-in-law was foolish. He liked the bamboo curry made by his mother-in-law so much that he made his wife to do it. He made curry from the bamboo of the door and thought that it would become soft after adding more water. But all his efforts got wasted because his in-laws told him that the curry was made from the soft bamboo shoot and not from the hard and dry bamboo pieces. His attempt proves that without thinking much, he started to make curry.

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