Odisha Board Class 6 English Test 2 Solution

Test 2 Solution Odisha Board Class 6 English

Odisha State Board Class 6 English all Question Answers for The Test 2 . Here we have provided all questions Solution by Expert English Sir for OSEPA Class 6 Test 2 Question Answers Odia.

Raghunath Murmu Class 6 English Odisha Board


Odisha State Board





Test – 2




Match the words which sound alike at the end.

1.) Key            –           He


2.) Too –           Zoo


3.) Train-         Drain


4.) Carry-         Marry


5.) Land-         Hand


6.) Mountain-  Fountain


7.) Find-          Rewind


8.) Run-           Fun


9.) Mail-          Tail


10.) Date-        Mate


Read the poem and answer the questions in complete sentences.


a.) What does the poet/child want to be?

Answer: The child/poet wants to be a driver of an express diesel train or be a lighthouse keeper. He wants to do many things.


b.) What does he want to drive?

Answer: He wants to drive express diesel train.


c.) What does a light-house keeper do?

Answer: A lighthouse keeper helps guide boaters on the water and takes care of the a lighthouse.


d.) Does the child/poet want to take up one or more jobs?

Answer: The child/poet wants to take up many jobs.


5.) How can one learn more?

Answer: One can learn more by exploring many things.


6.) What do you want to be? Why?

Answer: I want to be a film director. I love watching movies and would love to direct movies in future.


8.) Read the paragraph and answer the question in complete sentences.

a.) Where did the poor friend live?

Answer: The poor friend lived in a village.


b.) Where did the rich friend live?

Answer: The rich friend lived in a town.


c.) Who became deaf?

Ams. The rich friend man became deaf.


d.) Did the poor friend know this?

Answer: No, the poor friend know this.


e.) What did the rich friend come to know?

Answer: The rich friend came to know that his poor friend was seriously ill.


f.) What did he decide to do?

Answer: The rich friend decided to meet the poor friend.


9.) Read the following poem and answer the questions in complete sentences.

1.) What is the poem about?

Answer: The poem is about a child who runs playfully and happily.


2.) How many stanzas are there in this poem?

Answer: There are two stanzas in the poem.


3.) Where does the poet/child want to run in the first stanza?

Answer:  The poet/child wants to run in the raindrops, behind the trees in the first stanza


4.) Where does the poet/child want to run in the second stanza?

Answer: The poet/child wants to run down the hillside, up the lane and through the meadow in the second stanza.


5.) How many times ‘run’ is used in this poem?

Answer: Seven times ‘run’ is used in this poem.


6.) Who does the poet run races with?

Answer: With each little breeze, the poet run races with.


10.) Readthe paragraph below and answer the questions in complete sentences.


1.) Where did the bears live?

Answer: The bears lived in a house near a wood.


2.) Where was their house?

Answer: Their house was near a wood.


3.) How many bears were there?

Answer: There were three bears.


4.) Who was a middle sized bear?

Answer: Mama Bear was a middle sized bear.


5.) Who was the biggest of all?

Answer: Papa Bear was the biggest of all.


6.) Who was the smallest of all?

Answer: Baby Bear was the smallest of all.


7.) Where did they go one day?

Answer: They went for a short walk one day.


8.) Why did they go out to the wood?

Answer: They went out to the wood to take a short walk.


9.) What did Mama Bear cook?

Answer: Mama Bear cooked porridge.


10.) Why did she leave the porridge at home?

Answer: Mama Bear left the porridge to cool at home.

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