Odisha Board Class 6 English Raghunath Murmu Question Answers Solution

Raghunath Murmu Question Answers – Odisha Board – Class 6 English

Odisha State Board Class 6 English all Question Answers for Raghunath Murmu. Here we have provided all questions Solution by Expert English Sir for OSEPA Class 6 Raghunath Murmu Question Answers Odia.

Raghunath Murmu Class 6 English Odisha Board

Board Odisha State Board
Class 6th
Subject English
Part Test – 1
Lesson 08
Topic Question Answers Solution



Raghunath Murmu


Comprehension Questions

1.) Who is the lesson about?

Answer:The lesson is about Raghunath and his visit to his village.


2.) What is the name of his village?

Answer:The name of his village is Dandbose.


3.) When would he come there?

Answer:He would come there on the Makar holidays.


4.) How far is it from Rairangpur town?

Answer:The village is few kilometers away from Rairangpur town.


5.) Where is Rairangpur?

Answer: Rairangpur is in the district of Mayurbhanj.


6.) Where was he working then?

Answer:He was working at Baripada then.


7.) Why was he popular in his area?

Answer:He was the only educated man in his area, so he was popular.


8.) Why did Santals come to him?

Answer:Santals came to him to solve their problems.


9.) Why did the old man come to him?

Answer:the old man came to him to read the letter for him.


10.) How did he carry the letter?

Answer:He carried the letter carefully by tightly tied to one end of his cloth.


11.) Who was the letter from?

Answer:The letter was from the old man’s cousin.



Comprehension Questions


1.) Could Raghunath read the letter? Why?

Answer:No, Raghunath couldn’t read the letter. The letter was in Bengali and Raghunath didn’t know Bengali well.


2.) Which language was used in the letter?

Answer:Bengali language was used in the letter.


3.) Why did the cousin write in Bengali Script?

Answer: The cousin wrote in Bengali Script because in those days there was no Santali Script.


4.) What surprised the old man?

Answer:When Raghunath told the old man that they didn’t have their own script so this surprised the old man.


5.) What made Raghunnath unhappy?

Answer:There was no script for Santali so this made Raghunnath unhappy.


6.) Who invented the Santali Script?

Answer:RaghunanthMurmu invented the Santali Script.


7.) What is the Santali Script called?

Answer:The Santali Script is called as OI Chiki.


8.) Do you think it would benefit the Santal and others? How?

Answer: Yes, it would definitely benefit the Santal and others. As the Santals would have their own script for communication purpose, it would benefit them.



Comprehension Questions


1.) Raghunath Murmu was the father of Santali Script. What else made him so famous?

Answer:Raghunath Murmu was also a great writer. He had written many plays, novels and poems in Santali.


2.) What did he write in Santali?

Answer:He wrote many plays, novels and poems in Santali.


3.) Which book is Raghunath’s most important play?

Answer:Raghunath’s most important play is “Kherwar Bir.”


4.) Who was Marting Orans?

Answer:Marting Orans was a foreign scholar and writer.


5.) Was he in high praise of Raghunath’s writings?

Answer:Yes, he highly appreciated writings of Raghunath Murmu.


6.) Which book is called the Santal Mahabharat?

Answer:“Kherwar Bir” is called the Santal Mahabharat.


7.) What did he Odisha Sahitya Academy award him for?

Answer:Raghunath Murmu was awarded with Odisha Sahitya Academy for his contribution to Santli language and literature.


8.) What has the Government of Odisha done in his honor?

Answer: The Government of Odisha has named the Medical College at Baripada after his name in his honor.


9.) Who is Raghunath Murmu compared to?

Answer:Raghunath Murmu is compared to Fakir Mohan Senapati.


10.) How are they equal?

Answer:Both Raghunath Murmu and Fakir Mohan Senapati gave their major contribution in the field of their respective languages.


11.) Do you like Raghunath Murmu?Why?

Answer: Yes, I like Raghunath Murmu. His significant contribution towards Sanatali language and literature is excellent.


2.) Comprehension Activites:

(a) MCQs:

Choose the right alternatives and complete the sentences.

1.) Raghunath would come to his village Dandbose on Makar holidays.

a.) every Sunday

b.) on Makar holidays

c.) every holiday

d.) everyday


2.) Raghunath was the only educated man inhis area.

a.) his area

b.) Odisha

c.) West Bengal

d.) Bihar


3.) The old man asked, “Why didn’t he write in Santali script?”

a.) old man’s cousin’

b.) students in Badamatolai school

c.) old man

d.) person who couldn’t read the letter


4.) Ten years after meeting the old man, Raghunath invented O1 Chiki.

  1. five
  2. seven
  3. ten
  4. twenty


5.) Raghunath Murmu was awarded by the Odisha Sahitya Academy for his contribution to Santali language and literature.

a.) Santali language and literature.

b.) Santali novels.

c.) Santali poems.

d.) Santali plays.


(b) Match item under A with items under B.

1.) Kerwar Bar            –                          a famous Santali play


2.) Fakir Mohan-                                Odia language and literature


3.) Martin Orans-                                          a foreign scholar


4.) Raghunath-                                    Santali language and literature


5.) (a) Word – puzzle

1.) A set of letters (eg.a,b,c…) used for writing language- SCRIPT

2.) The tribal people who mostly live in Mayurbhanj- SANTAL

3.) a word made from ‘need’- NECESSARY

4.) We do it with our pen on paper- WRITE

5.) If someone does it, he/she is the first person to think and make it.-INVENT

6.) Change and make something better- DEVELOP

7.) The person who invented the Santal script- Raghunath


6.) Usage:

Mark the words underlined in the following two sentences. They take ‘-ly’ after them to say how something happens/ happened. There are eight sentences given below. Find the word in each which can take ‘-ly’ and then add ‘-ly’ to it. Rewrite the sentences correctly. One has been done for you.


i.) The old man brought out a letter careful.

Answer: The old man brought out a letter carefully.


ii.) He had tied the letter tight to one and office cloth.

Answer: He had tied the letter tightly to one and office cloth.


iii.) Raghunath replied sad.

Answer:Raghunath replied sadly.


iv.) Santals main live in Bihar.

Answer:Santals mainly live in Bihar.


v.) The old man went home happy.

Answer:The old man went home happily.


vi.) The boy came inside the class silent.

Answer:The boy came inside the class silently.


vii.) Ramesh works very slow.

Answer:Ramesh works very slowly.


viii.) He quick got into the room.

Answer:He quickly got into the room.



(a) Answer the following questions.


(i) Where was Raghunath Murmu from?

Answer:Raghunath Murmu was from village Dandbose which is few kilometers away from Rairangpur town in the district of Mayurbhanj.


(ii) Why would Santals from nearby villages come to Raghunath?

Answer: Raghunath Murmu was the only educated man in his area which made the people come to him with their problem to be solved.


(iii) What is the name of the Santali script?

Answer:The name of the Santali Script is O1 Chiki.


(iv) What did Martin Orans call “Kherwar Bir”?

Answer:Martin Orans was a foreign scholar and writer. He called “Kherwar Bir” as the Santal Mahabharata.


(v) Why was he awarded by Odisha Sahitya Academy?

Answer:Raghunath Murmu was Odisha Sahitya Academy for his significant contribution to Santali language and literature.



(b) Fill in the gaps in the paragraph given below with information under the stone idol picture of Raghunath Murmu.


Murmu’s stone idol (someone who is admired and respected) in Odisha, Bhubanheswar.


Name   –           Raghunath Murmu

Born on –         5 May 1905

Born at –          Dandbose in the district of Mayurbhanj

Occupation –  ideologist, playwright and writer

Invented –       Santal script

Died on –         1 February 1981

Age at the time of death- 81


Now use the facts and complete the paragraph on Raghunath Murmu.

The stone idol stands for Raghunath Murmu. He was born on 5 May 1905. He was born at Dandbose in the district of Mayurbhanj. He was an ideologist, playwright and writer. He invented Santal script.He died on 1 February 1981. He was 81years old at the time of his death. He is one of the most memorable persons in India.


Let Us Think:

How are scripts and language are related?

Script is a way of writing the language so that one can read and understand it. Language is means of exchanging thoughts and ideas. The language is depicted in the form of script on a paper or computer. Both are related in a way that the script is born from language.





Comprehension Questions

1.) What is the lesson about?

Answer: The lesson is about the evolution of language.


2.) Did human beings have the language from the beginning?

Answer: No, human beings didn’t have the language from the beginning.


3.) If not, how did they say what they wanted to say?

Answer: They said it through action and gesture.


4.) Did scripts come with writing or much later?

Answer: Scripts came much later after the language.


5.) From what did scripts develop?

Answer: The scripts developed from pictures.




(a) The given boxes are not in order. Number them in order 1, 2 …..one is done for you.


No languages- 1

Gestures –        2

Language –      3

Pictures-          4

Script-             5


Next write as suggested.

To begin with, there was no language. People said what they want to say through gestures. But there was no language. People started to write through pictures. Finally script developed from picture.

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